Cartoon Wardrobe

You have to give those involved with Jem credit for the mind boggling array of fashions shown on the cartoon. They were nearly always consistent in look and who wore them, not to mention that each main character (there were up to 10 main characters per show!) changed an average of three times per episode, quite often more regularly than that. I'm not sure if there's another American TV cartoon out there that rivals Jem for the sheer diversity of fashions depicted on screen!
Whether any of these outfits were intended to be produced as toys or not is conjecture. At this point, I simply do not know. I am led to believe the people responsible for the cartoon-only fashion designs are Debbie Pugh and Paula La Fond, also mentioned in the credits are Stephanie Pyren & Alex Diaz. So a huge kudos for their inspiration and talent! 
Model Sheet Numbers

All fashions worn on the show had a model sheet number. While the first 5 episodes (The Beginning to The Battle of the Bands) started out fairly simply, with the character's name and a number to signify the fashion, by the Starbright series they had a more precise numerical system for designating the Marvel Production code, and they proceeded to backlog the older fashions in the new format -making some artistic changes along the way; for example, Roxy's main outfit change. The top left corner had a small box with several numbers. "5205" was the number for the Jem series in general.  Following that was the number that designated the episode; for example, Hot Time in Hawaii's production code is MP 5205-18. Since the numbering system occurred around the Starbright era, the system is slightly anachronistic as far as the first 13 episodes are concerned, but by the time of The Music Awards, the numbers sort themselves out and the production codes numbers are roughly in line with the airing order. Following the production code and episode number came the abbreviation of the character's name (JR would be Jerrica, J is Jem, RX is Roxy and so on) a dash and the fashion number. The fashion number would get higher as the series continued, so J-1 would *always* mean Jem's original pink outfit, no matter which episode it was shown on. By the time we get to episode 43 (Middle of Nowhere), Jem is already up to her 80th- 80th!- unique fashion. Usually, elsewhere on the model sheet, would be the same numbers in a slightly revised order. The model sheet shown left shows the hand written fashion number in the middle of the page J (for Jem)-41 (for the 41st Jem fashion) -18 (the episode number). The J-41-18 number would then be used by the storyboard artists as shorthand, to explain to the animators which fashion they wanted Jem to be wearing in that particular scene.The "videos" often had fashions in them that would be needed only for the narrative for that specific video and would more often than not never be seen or used again. They were also often created by the videos' directors, not the main fashion designers for the show. Many of the "video" model sheets are designated with a "SONG" # in their codes. Of course with any project that has as many people working on it as Jem did, there are a few goofs such as the same fashion number being used twice, Jetta/Raya episodes having earlier production codes than the Talent Search episodes - but for the most part it's a fairly consistent system! Of course, this is all just general terms - the system if far from being 100% foolproof. It should be noted that post-"Glitter and Gold" (or MP 5205-26, if you've been paying attention!), model sheets have been very difficult to find so I really can't comment too authoritatively about them, yet. 

On this website there are two ways to view the cartoon wardrobe; 
by episode and by character.

By Episode- You'll notice a certain logic in which episodes went where- each "batch" starting with a 2 or 3 parter by Christy Marx, the head writer. You'll also see where the art changes dramatically, for instance the first five episodes compared to the Starbright episodes and when they started recycling songs & using B team animators (a Korean studio, as opposed to the Japanese studio). I believe what happened was that the first 5 shows listed here (Beginning through Battle of the Bands) were not turned into episodes until the series was picked up after the success of the Super Saturday 7 minute clips- which explains the unusual production codes that Sunbow assigned them. 
Please note this section is still under major construction (ie: the links in "bold" font), it will be some time before it is complete! 

Season 1:  Episodes comprised of the Super Saturday 7 minute clips

1.  The Beginning (Sunbow #008)
2.  Disaster (Sunbow #009)
3.  Kimber's Rebellion (Sunbow #010)
4.  Frame Up (Sunbow #011)
5.  The Battle of the Bands (Sunbow #012)
Season 2
6.  Starbright Part 1: Falling Star (Sunbow #001)
7.  Starbright Part 2: Colliding Stars (Sunbow #002)
8.  Starbright Part 3: Rising Star (Sunbow #003)
9.  The World Hunger Shindig (Sunbow #004)
10.  Adventure in China (Sunbow #005)
11.  Last Resorts (Sunbow #006)
12.  In Stitches (Sunbow #007)
13.  The Music Awards Pt.  1 (Sunbow #014)
14.  The Music Awards Pt.  2 (Sunbow #015)
15.  The Rock Fashion Book (Sunbow #013)
16.  Broadway Magic (Sunbow #016)
17.  In Search of the Stolen Album (Sunbow #017)
18.  Hot Time in Hawaii (Sunbow #018)
19.  The Princess and the Singer (Sunbow #019)
20.  Island of Deception (Sunbow #020)
21.  Old Meets New (Sunbow #021)
22.  Intrigue at the Indy 500 (Sunbow #22)
23.  The Jem Jam Part 1 (Sunbow #23)
24.  The Jem Jam Part 2 (Sunbow #24)
25.  Culture Clash  (Sunbow #25)
26.  Glitter And Gold  (Sunbow #26)
Season 3. 
The Talent Search Part 1  (Sunbow #30)
The Talent Search Part 2  (Sunbow #31)
Scandal  (Sunbow #28)
One Jem Too Many  (Sunbow #38)
The Bands Break Up  (Sunbow #34)
The Fan  (Sunbow #36) 
Father's Day  (Sunbow #40)
The Treasure Hunt  (Sunbow #32)
Aztec Enchantment  (Sunbow #45)
Music is Magic  (Sunbow #39)
The Jazz Player (Sunbow #41)
Danse Time  (Sunbow #35)
Roxy Rumbles  (Sunbow #44)
Alone Again  (Sunbow #49)
KJem  (Sunbow #46)
Trick or Techrat  (Sunbow #33)
The Presidential Dilemma  (Sunbow #29)
Rock N' Roll Express  (Sunbow #42)
Mardi Gras  (Sunbow #50)
The Middle of Nowhere (Sunbow #43)
Renaissance Woman   (Sunbow #48)
Journey to Shangri-La   (Sunbow #37)
Journey Through Time   (Sunbow #52)
Britrock   (Sunbow #54)
Out of the Past   (Sunbow #55)
Hollywood Jem Part 1: "For Your Consideration..."   (Sunbow #56)
Hollywood Jem Part 2: "And the Winner Is..."   (Sunbow #57)
The Stingers Hit Town Part 1   (Sunbow #58)
The Stingers Hit Town Part 2   (Sunbow #59)
Video Wars   (Sunbow #47)
Beauty and the Rock Promoter   (Sunbow #53)
Homeland, Heartland   (Sunbow #51)
Midsummer Night's Madness   (Sunbow #60)
The Day the Music Died   (Sunbow #61)
That Old Houdini Magic  (Sunbow #62)
Straight From the Heart  (Sunbow #63)
A Change of Heart   (Sunbow #64)
Riot's Hope   (Sunbow #65)
A Father Should Be...    (Sunbow #66)

By Character (this section will be behind the show wardrobes until I'm finished). Column one has full sized drawings, in airing order. Column two is by model sheet number without revisions added, thumbnail sized.

Episodes 1-10
Episodes 11-16
Episodes 16-26
Episodes 26-44
Episodes 44-63
Episodes 6-64
Episodes 14-58
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Episodes 46-
Episodes 1-10
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Episodes 16-25
Episodes 25-38
Episodes 42-
Episodes 1-12
Episodes 13-23
Episodes 23-
Episodes 46-end
Episodes 6-56

Thanks very much to everyone who has helped, I hope to have credited you all correctly in the appropriate pages. Special thanks to Walter, whose production model sheets have been an inspiration (and some I've actually used here, coloured in). As well, some of the faces have been taken from his production sheets as well, the rest (vast majority) outfits have been hand drawn by me. A huge thanks also to Cosmic Falcon and sunnday for generously allowing me to use so many of her drawings here and letting me slack off from drawing myself a bit ;) It is so much appreciated!  Thanks also to Sarah & Tiffany for various emails and fine tuning on this page. Thanks also to Will Meugniot for making so many of these model sheets and storyboards available in the last few years. It has been enormously helpful!