Hollywood Jem Part 1: For Your Consideration...

Episode Synopsis: Jem is nominated for an Oscar, and one of her running mates slags her in the press for not being a trained actress. Kimber becomes heavily involved with both Sean Harrison and her old boyfriend Jeff the stunt man. 

Jem Wedding Guest Dress
First appears in Hollywood Jem Part 1 and again in:

Hollywood Jem Part 2, The Day the Music Died

Model sheet number Unknown
Hasbro did not produce this fashion but there was a prototype made.

Jem Beverly Hills Party Dress
First appears in Hollywood Jem Part 1 and again in:

Midsummer Night's Madness.

Model sheet number Unknown. 
Hasbro did not produce this fashion.
CreditsThanks to sunnyday for donating this drawing to the wardrobe section!

Also featured in this episode (debuted earlier in the series) are the following fashions, not including recaps:

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