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Jem 101 Basic information, start here if you are new to Jem.
Photo checklists of all dolls, fashions, & playsets.
Fashion Piece Guides
Doll Markings
Doll Body Types
Boxes & Inserts
Cross-referencing guides (shoe guide, etc) & various doll articles
Super Stars
Other Dolls
Related-To-Jem Dolls
Jem behind the scenes
Integrity Jem
A timeline of licensed items available after the official demise of Jem, and current rebirth.
Cartoon & Advertising
Jem Characters Encyclopaedia A short description of the characters on the cartoon.  Small now, but I hope to have each named character on the show in this listing!
Jem Episode Synopses One screen capture and a short description for each and every one of the 65 Jem episodes.
Jem Cartoon Wardrobe Model sheets, drawings and/or screen captures of the fashions as portrayed on the cartoon.  Listed by episode and character.
Jem On Video, DVD All the US videos & DVDs that were made.
Television, Catalogues & Print Advertisements A very graphic intensive library of images from the Hasbro catalogues, stock number listing and more.  Plus, a small collection of Jem advertisements from print magazines.
Jem Sheet Music
Maggie R.E.A.F. VanRuthe has given Jem Vs Pranceatron the honour of hosting her personally transcribed sheet music for Jem songs. Dust of those Roland keyboards everyone!

Everything Else
Other Jem licensed products US Non doll-related items, like Jem view masters, watches, night-gowns... etc.
Jem in Print All US books, colouring books, etc. that I know of.
Jem all over the World A growing section of non-US Jem items, including dolls, videos, books & other items.
Doll related links Even more Jem!