1st Year, 1986
First run of 8 Jem dolls debuted in spring 1986. They came in rectangular boxes with a side flap. The dolls themselves are stamped 1985 on their backs.
Kimber Aja Shana

Pizzazz Roxy Stormer
2nd Year, 1987
The second and final Jem year. Every doll was re-released in some form or another this year, some with huge differences; and then nine new characters as well. With the exception of The Starlight Girls (dated 1987), the dolls themselves still had a copyright date of 1985 on their backs. Rock N' Curl Jem and the Starlight Girls were sold in rectangular boxes with no side-flaps; the rest were sold in larger, diagonal-edged boxes.
Jetta Clash
Flash 'n Sizzle Jem/Jerrica

Kimber Aja Shana
Krissie Banee Ashley
Glitter 'n Gold Jem Glitter 'n Gold Rio
Danse Raya Synergy Video
Rock 'n Curl

Mail in Offer Rama Llama