Doll Name Rama Llama
Stock #  P/N 12445 (at least this number is written on the bag)
Package contents listing none - came in a clear plastic mailer, contents are listed below.
Comments/Trivia I've waffled on putting Rama Llama in the regular doll section of this page, however, since she *was* available through a mail in rebate during Jem's run, I will consider her part of the regular Jem line.
In order to get Rama Llama, first you'd have to buy Glitter 'n Gold Jem, Rio or Roadster, and then get a coupon for a mail in rebate (back, instructions) offered at various toy retailers. There is no mention of the llama on this coupon! When you received the rebate cheque in the mail, you'd also receive an offer for Rama Llama. The story on the offer reads "On her recent tour of South America, JEM was presented with this magnificent pet Llama. Rama Llama is sizzling hot pink, has long hair to comb and style, and comes with a grooming brush and blanket. As the bands' official mascot, she travels everywhere with JEM and the Holograms. NOT AVAILABLE IN ANY STORE!" She cost $8.50 total and was available until March 31, 1988, or while supplies lasted. Well, the supplies must have lasted, as there were several left over Llamas that would become known to Canadian My Little Pony collectors as "Pony Friend Llama," or simply "Llama" (see page 1 and page 2 of the order form). I don't believe she was available in the US as a My Little Pony offer; in fact she probably wasn't available to Canadians as Rama Llama either!
TriviaA contributor to the site, who was in contact with some people at Sunbow at the time was given a very rare mail in offer in the shape of airline tickets entitled "Glitter n' Gold World Tour/Rappin' Airlines." (3 more pages) It seems likely Hasbro never went through with the promotion and these were not mass distributed. The concept behind the offers was that Jem was on a tour of 5 continents collecting souvenirs, Rama Llama being the one from South America. 
TriviaI have emailed the designer of Rama Llama and she believes that the idea of a "pet" for Jem came from Hasbro, as opposed to being from Sunbow, the cartoon people. Some pictures of the prototypes of her with yellow hair were test shots only, she was always going to be pink. Her original name was Dolli Lama and at one point in her development would have come with more accessories.

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Rama Llama: is a bit larger than typical My Little Pony figures, and is covered with coarse, hot pink fun fur. It is marked on the hooves Made In China/1987 Hasbro. It is referred to as a "she" on her order form. 

Blanket: Velveteen, vibrant South American-style print. The back is white, the edges are cut to resemble fringe.

Brush: dark pink Llama-shaped brush.

Credits: Thanks to Timothy for the baggie Rama Llama photo. Thanks to Walter for the rebate coupon scans. Thanks to RHC for the yellow furred prototype photos. Also check out Totally Jem's rebates page for more photos!