Doll Name Rio
Stock # (US) #4015
Hasbro package contents listing Contains: 12 1/2" fully poseable Rio doll with fashion, briefcase, poster, hairpick, cassette and figure stand.
  • Apparently the last of the 8 dolls to hit store shelves in 1986.
  • I used to write that he was Hispanic, now I'm not so sure, given that Christy Marx has not defined him as such; "I never specified an ethnicity for Rio, and he certainly was NOT set out as Puerto Rican.  If anything, he might have some Hispanic blood a couple generations back mixed with who-knows-what." -from TrulyOutrageousJem, digest # 2121)  Which doesn't necessarily mean the *doll* isn't Hispanic... but you gotta wonder about that tan if he's not!
  • There is an 80's song called "Rio" by Duran Duran.  However, the "Rio" in the song is a woman.
Produced Variants So far, I know of dolls marked on their backs with one of the following places of manufacture, and there are slight variations among them:
  • Hong Kong (doll featured on this page is this issue)
To learn more about these body types and slight differences, please see the body variations page.
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12 1/2" fully poseable Rio doll: Male doll, bright purple rooted hair (sticks out about 1/2" - 3/4" all over). 
  • He is differentiated from Glitter N' Gold Rio by hair colour- this Rio's hair is much brighter (no black streaks) and usually longer.
  • Some Rio's came with longer hair.  Not sure which is rarer. The longer hair version I have has lighter eyes and thinner eyebrows.
  • Another make-up variation, paler lip paint, and thinner eyebrows. 
  • His head often does "sweat" a bit, unfortunately. I'm afraid this may be the cause of the paler make-up version.

fashion: Made up of 4 pieces itemized below.

fashion part 1, Purple "linen" blazer with multicoloured vertical stripes, one decorative aqua blue button in front, sleeves are rolled up to elbows
  • Very Miami Vice!

fashion part 2, Muscle shirt: yellow cotton sleeveless t-shirt with '80's style splash design on front, two velcro closures in back.

fashion part 3, Peg pants: plum spandex pleated pants, tapered at hems.  The belt is sewn in at the back, made of white ribbed material with a gold "buckle" sewn in the front.  Velcros in the back.

fashion part 3, sneakers: Lavender rubbery sneakers with circle tread on the soles.

briefcase: very pale lavender plastic, does actually open and close!  Sticker decal with paint splash design on front.

poster: rolled, first year Jem illustrated poster, first year Jem catalogue poster on the reverse.  (See more on posters

hairpick: slightly darker mauve than his sneakers. 
  • As far as I know, he's the only one that comes with this colour hair pick.
cassette tape: Says Rio- "JEM Theme, Deception, I Got My Eye on You."
  • The only Jem tape with this colour of writing.

figure stand: clear mauve with fatter "Rio" leg holder. 
  • My doll's stand base came in a plastic baggie.
  • Rio is the only doll to get a clear mauve stand.

Items not listed in Hasbro's box contents 
*Variation* Some people have said their 1st Edition Rio's came with the mauve sunglasses that came with Rappin'.  (The doll on this page didn't.)

Box, liner and inserts not previously noted in Hasbro's box contents above.
*not all fashions came with the same posters and inserts, this is a listing of what I got personally with the doll listed on this page.
box - First Year Rio box with flap, US issue, Made in Hong Kong, H-1
box liner: hot pink (see more on Box Liners)
MTV offer (US version)

Packaging Variants: A listing of the packaging that Rio can be found in (All that I know of, so far!) Anything in Italics I haven't actually seen but have good reason to believe exists.  If you have any photos or information/corrections to share, I'd love to hear about it!

Canadian Issue

Dutch Issue

French Issue

German Issue, © 1986 Milton/Bradley GmbH under/Berne & Universal/Copyright Convention/Made in Hong Kong H-1
Italian Issue, © 1986 MB Italy S.r.l./under Berne & Universal/Copyright Convention/Made in Hong Kong H-1
US Issue, has name written on box side, top and bottom panels; 4015 © 1985 Hasbro, Inc./Pawtucket, RI 02862/All Rights Reserved/Made in Hong Kong/Printed in Hong Kong H-1.  

*notably absent is a Mexican and Made in Spain Rio.  If you have ever seen these and have photos or information to share, please contact me!

Other images of 1st Edition Rio (generally unproduced/prototypes/promotional figures) Differences from produced doll (if any)
1986 US Hasbro Toy Fair Catalogue 1st edition Rio's photo is flipped, so most obviously his t-shirt and briefcase design appear flipped. He is also shown with
  • bendable-arm sunglasses 
  • jacket's stitching is darker and a different pattern; there is a small green sparkly sticker on his lapel. The lapels are also much longer. It appears as though there is no button. 
  • the belt's buckle is silver and loops through, rather than being part of the pants that velcros together.
1986 Belgium, New Zealand, and Italian Hasbro Toy Fair Catalogue (probably other non-US countries as well) 1st Edition Rio has an alternate photo of what looks like the same doll from the photo shoot used for the US catalogue (above) and so, has the same variations, but the sunglasses are not shown at all.
Topolino Magazine  Issue 1611, October 12, 1986 1st Edition Rio, in the photos I've noticed, seems to be wearing his typical produced fashion.
1986 German Leaflet 1st Edition Rio is not shown in his doll outfit, only the other Smashin' Fashions.
Eatons Canada 1986 Christmas booklet 1st Edition Rio doesn't have any obvious differences that I can see.
Prototypes (from Hasbro employees, etc)
Commercials Rockin' Roadster commercial
Other Print advertisements
Illustrations: Hasbro Box art 1st Edition Rio has a smaller, purple button rather than the turquoise one the doll came with, on the jacket. The belt also appears to have an actual buckle that is metallic and silver. 
Illustrations; Hasbro Promotional art
Illustrations: Cartoon  (shown left) I can only imagine this must be Rio's "main" outfit, though it's not really anything like the fashion that the doll was packaged with.
Illustrations: UK Comics
Illustrations: Colouring & Activity Books It is featured in the Golden book, Surprise at Starlight Mansion.

Credits: Thanks to Jean-Nicolas from Québec, Canada / popartmusic81 for the French Jem Rio box photo. Thanks to Peter UK for the German box photos and information.