Doll Name Danse
Stock # (US) #4208
Hasbro package contents listing Contains; 12 1/2" doll with stage fashion, pretend boom box with strap, pumps, hairpick, cassette tape and figure stand.
  • According to the 1988 Hasbro Pre-Toy Fair catalogue, Video and Danse would have been reissued in year three.
Produced VariantsSo far, I only know of China-marked Danse dolls.
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12 1/2" doll: Caucasian doll with long pink, turquoise, and blonde hair, spiky on top. 
  • Jetta, Clash & Danse share the same face mold, which in turn looks like it was adapted from the Erica face mold from Kenner's Darci doll line. 

stage fashion: Made up of 5 pieces itemized below

stage fashion part 1, jacket: Aqua blue lamé with pale pink cuffs and collar, stars design on the breast, fringed at the bottom with pale lavender satin threads.

stage fashion part 2, stretch pants: Raspberry stretch-sparkle fabric, capri length, velcros in back. 
  • These are thicker than Jem tights.
  • Same fabric is used on Raya's vest.

stage fashion part 3, tank top: Fluorescent orange ribbed, with two velcro closures.

stage fashion part 4, belt: thin gold stretch-sparkle strip of fabric, tied around waist. 

stage fashion part 5, hair bow: Crisp cotton fluorescent orange lace, tied around head and attached with a plastic bolt
  • I'm still not yet sure how it differs from the boa from Designing Woman; some collectors say one or the other is darker, most agree that the headbow is smaller, one collector says that the lace pattern isn't the same. I'll update this page here when I know better!

pretend boom box with strap; Orange plastic with tiny gold speckles, gold sticker speakers, gold thin cord strap. The handle swivels. 
  • There is a turquoise version of this radio that was sold with a My Little Pony fashion.

pumps: Orange translucent scallop-edged pumps.
hairpick: Fluorescent pink

cassette tape: Danse - Jem Theme, When it's Only me and the Music, Runnin' Like the Wind. 1986.
figure stand: Dark pink, not completely transparent, it's a bit milky-looking. 

Box, liner and inserts not previously noted in Hasbro's box contents above.
*not all fashions came with the same posters and inserts, this is a listing of what I got personally with the doll listed on this page.
Box: 2nd Year diagonal Holograms box, US issue, H-44.
Box Liner: Yellow (see more on Box Liners)

Poster: Rolled Glitter 'n Gold Illustrated poster with 2nd year catalogue on back.
MTV offer
Dream Tour Cassette Offer

Packaging Variants: A listing of the packaging that Danse can be found in, that I know of, so far! You may also find it interesting to find out what "H-22", "H-32", and "H-44" means. Anything in Italics I haven't actually seen but have good reason to believe exists. If you have any photos or information/corrections to share, I'd love to hear about it!

Belgian Issue

Canadian Issue

Dutch Issue

French Issue 
US issue © 1986 Hasbro, Inc./Pawtucket, RI/02862/All Rights Reserved/Doll, doll stand, accessories/made in China H-44/Cassette made in Hong Kong

Other images of Danse (generally unproduced/prototypes/promotional figures)

Source Differences from produced doll (if any)
1987 US Hasbro Toy Fair Catalogue
  • The stars are missing from her jacket
  • Her shoes are opaque
  • The boom box doesn't have a strap, the speakers don't look shiny, and I don't think it's sparkly at all. 
  • 1987 France/UK Toy Fair Catalogue (French Shown) With Raya & Shana, On Star Stage
  • Her whole outfit looks pale, she's shown with a microphone, and is wearing aqua shoes (sort of like 1st ed. Jerrica's)
  • Her hair looks really flat (particularly in the Star Stage photo)
  • Danse on the back of the 2nd year hologram boxes (same photo appears on the 2nd year catalogue poster)
  • Her shoes are opaque
  • The boom box doesn't have a strap, and I don't think it's sparkly at all. 
  • Her make up is a bit darker
  • The fringe on her jacket is darker
  • 1987 Sears Canada Christmas Catalogue Looks like like the doll found on store shelves as far as I can tell.
    Commercials Danse had her own commercial.
    Illustrations: Hasbro Box art
    • shoes are opaque. 
    • speakers on boom box are silver
    Illustrations: Cartoon  In her first appearance, she is shown with a cape and purple flats for shoes. Also, her tank top is white, she has no hairbow and her sash looks orange, not gold. The hair is not nearly as long on the doll as it is shown on the cartoon, she is sometimes seen with an orange streak in her hair, but no hairbow. Her make up is also much more vibrant on the cartoon than the doll, specifically the darker red lip colour.
    Integrity DollIntegrity chose to go more conservative with the hair colours, making her a blonde with only minimal streaks of blue and pink. The Hasbro doll has much more vibrant pink and blue in her hair, mixed in with some yellow/blonde in a spiky mullet style rather than IT's bangs and long curls. Gone is the hairbow & orange boom box that Hasbro Danse had; the only orange on Integrity Danse is the sash around her waist - on Hasbro's doll it was gold. Hasbro Danse's fashion is somewhat duller than the Integrity version -paler jacket all around and slightly less bright pants which are stretchy tights on the Hasbro doll. The Hasbro doll also had the fringes on the jacket which were omitted in Integrity's version, according to the Integrity webinar, to keep the pointed shape of the jacket front. The orange clear pumps Hasbro Danse wears are replaced by more cartoon accurate purple heels. Yet more orange to go, was Hasbro Danse's tank top, which is replaced by a whitish bodysuit in Integrity's version. Other than being blue-eyed, the two don't share much in common in terms of their facial paint.

    Credits: Thanks to Antipathy for the photo of Danse's belt, Thanks to Isabelle for the French Danse packaging, Thanks to Nabil Khazzaka for the Belgian box photo.