Name "Danse" Dvorak
Stock # (US) 14051
Package contents listing Content: 12 inch (30.5 cm) Articulated fashion doll, outfit, accessories, shoes and doll stand.
  • Licensed by Hasbro and produced by Integrity Toys. 
  • Along with "Video" Montgomery, Clash Montgomery & Regine Cesaire, was announced for sale mid May, 2014. Shipped mid June.
  • Limited edition of 500 dolls
  • Had a slightly higher suggested retail price, likely due to the second fashion.

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12 inch (30.5 cm) Articulated fashion doll: Caucasian (FR White, in Integrity terms) complexion, long blonde hair with curled bangs, has pink and blue streaks throughout. Her eyes are blue, she has hand applied blue lashes, blue eyebrows and purple eyeliner. Her eyeshadow is shades of pink; her lips are a dark raspberry/nearly red.

  • The amount of blue and pink streaks seems to vary from doll to doll. Of the two I've seen in person, mine has more pink in the bangs especially, as well as more streaks throughout. 
  • She uses the Pizzazz face mold.
She has an articulated smooth vinyl body that can hold many poses. She comes with two pairs of hands. She is marked 2012 Integrity on her rear. Photo of her back.
  • Integrity's Color Infusion line also uses this body type.
  • Her fingernails and toenails have pink polish.
  • This is a photograph of her hair just out of the hairnet. Once gravity and combing get their way, the length is much longer. If straightened completely, it would just about reach her knees (!)

These are the hands she was packaged with. 
The second pair are in different positions. Came packed inside the drawer of her Rock Backstager-style box.
outfit Made up of pieces itemized below. 
Jacket: Faux leatherette with dark blue foil fabric, has silver stars and piping around the back. The cuffs and lapels are made of a very fine, shiny polyester weave. Lined in blue satin, has functional pockets. Has three hook-and-eye closures in front.
bodysuit: off-white ribbed bodysuit, very lightly lined. Hook-and-eye closures in back. 
Pants: shiny fuchsia brocade-style pattern, lined with sheer white material, capri length.
  • They are a bit roomy in the seat, so she can be seated without popping her closures in the back.
Sash: fringed orange crepe shot through with iridescent fibres.
  • is similar to the sashes that came with Jem & Jerrica in the Who Is He Kissing gift set.
accessories Made up of pieces itemized below. 
Handbill for the Haven House Benefit concert.

Leotard: one piece, in shades of mauve and lavender; body is made of shimmery spandex with attached stretchy mauve leggings. Neck is a wide panel of ribbed stretchy cotton fabric that matches the leg warmers. Hook and eye closures in back. Came on a pink cardboard hanger and clear bodyform like this.

Leg warmers: ribbed stretchy cotton fabric that matches the cowl neck of the leotard above. 
Belt: pale lavender crepe with hook and eye closure.
Head band: shimmery spandex that matches the body of the leotard. Closes with a small bead & loop of thread.
earrings: silver tone metal hoops. 

shoes: purple 'scallop edged' pumps with gold insoles, black soles. 

doll stand Made up of pieces itemized below. 

stand base: black hollow plastic with the Jem logo printed on the top, licensing information on the underside. 

Stand pole: chromed plastic tube with an adjustable metal inner pole. 
under arm doll holder: Attaches to the top of the stand pole.
saddle style holder: Attaches to the top of the stand pole.

Box, liner and inserts not noted in Integrity's box contents above. 
Shipper: A plain cardboard box with some printing on the bottom reading ITEM NO.: 14051/DESC.:"Danse" DvorakTM/Adult Collectable Doll/The JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMSTM Collection. The doll box inside was wrapped in clear cellophane bag. 

Box with sleeve: as it came out of the shipper & clear bag.
Box: Came in a thick cardboard diagonal edged box, sort of a satin finish (not shiny, not matte). It is black with a silver foil shooting star with the name of the doll inside printed in it. The record has embossed grooves on it! These boxes look the same except for the name inside the star.
The back is comprised mostly of a black background and a repetition of the pink music notes/stars/confetti design in pink.
Sleeve: Glossy thin card stock, die cut edges on top.
The box cover lifted off to reveal the doll inside - she is tied in with white ribbons. The knees are protected/held in place with clear vinyl. To the left of the doll is a an open "closet" which strongly resembles parts from Hasbro's Rock Backstager playset. Some of the pink parts are printed to look like glitter (but sadly aren't glitter!). The cardboard drawer at the bottom opens up and inside are little baggies full of goodies. The hanger is also cardboard and the extra is filled out with a clear bodyform. The stand base is behind her calves in a separate compartment. Behind the inner tray that holds both the doll and closet part is where the COA can be found. Taped to the back of the cardboard, is her stand pole in a baggie. 
The inside of the top cover is black and has has a bright Jem logo & confetti/music notes design printed on the inside. The inner part of the back of the box is undecorated black. The doll display area is hot pink. 
Certificate of Authenticity: postcard sized. There is no mention of the edition size. This COA has come with all of the dolls so far, except for: Rockin' Romance Jem, Hollywood Jem, The Holograms Stage Essentials, The Misfits Stage EssentialsWho is He Kissing Jem/Jerrica Benton, In Stitches Jem & Pizzazz Duet Gift Set, Glitter 'n Gold RioGlitter 'n Gold Jem/Jerrica Benton
Non-Instrument Instructions: Demonstrate how to put the stand together, hand removal and hair styling tips. It came folded and wrapped in a cellophane baggie with the COA underneath the inner box. So far has come with

Other images of "Danse" Dvorak
Source Differences from produced doll (if any)
Hasbro DollIntegrity chose to go more conservative with the hair colours, making her a blonde with only minimal streaks of blue and pink. The Hasbro doll has much more vibrant pink and blue in her hair, mixed in with some yellow/blonde in a spiky mullet style rather than IT's bangs and long curls. Gone is the hairbow & orange boom box that Hasbro Danse had; the only orange on Integrity Danse is the sash around her waist - on Hasbro's doll it was gold. Hasbro Danse's fashion is somewhat duller than the Integrity version -paler jacket all around and slightly less bright pants which are stretchy tights on the Hasbro doll. The Hasbro doll also had the fringes on the jacket which were omitted in Integrity's version, according to the Integrity webinar, to keep the pointed shape of the jacket front. The orange clear pumps Hasbro Danse wears are replaced by more cartoon accurate purple heels. Yet more orange to go, was Hasbro Danse's tank top, which is replaced by a whitish bodysuit in Integrity's version. Other than being blue-eyed, the two don't share much in common in terms of their facial paint.
Illustrations: Cartoon (main outfit) Integrity clearly was more interested in following the cartoon than the Hasbro doll, but there are still some artistic variations; the jacket fringe that made it to both doll and cartoon was banished on Integrity's doll; the cape that was only shown briefly on the cartoon didn't make it to Integrity's version (as well as Hasbro's). One area where Hasbro and Integrity agreed was to make the lapels of the jacket pink, rather than blue. Some have suggested the dark blue of Integrity Danse's jacket is *too* dark. The sash is fringed on the doll but not on the show. The shoes are flats on the show but pumps for the doll. Lastly, I would say the biggest complaint had to do with her hair, which is quite tame in the doll version. The layers and bangs are about right but there is all together much more blonde on the Integrity toys doll than there ever was on the cartoon. It is somewhat longer and curlier as well. 
Illustrations: Cartoon (Danse Workout Gear)Looks pretty close to me except the cowl and the leg warmers match.