Doll Name Phyllis "Pizzazz" Gabor
Stock # (US) #14031
Package contents listing Content: 12 inch (30.5 cm) Articulated fashion doll, outfit, accessories, shoes and doll stand.
  • Licensed by Hasbro and produced by Integrity Toys. 
  • The Misfits (Phyllis "Pizzazz" Gabor, Roxanne "Roxy" Pelligrini & Mary "Stormer" Phillips) were available to pre-order through Integrity dealers in early April, 2013. For the most part these dolls are available via online dealers. They shipped out mid/late May.
  • Limited edition of 1200 dolls.

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12 inch (30.5 cm) Articulated fashion dollpale Caucasian ("Japan" skin tone, in Integrity terms) complexion, long pale fluorescent yellow hair with a fringe (length does seem to vary a bit), shorter strands to frame her face. She has glued on black eyelashes & pierced ears, eye make up & blush in an elaborate design in pink and purple shades, fuchsia lip colour and nail polish, green eyes.
  • Dated 2012.
  • She is the first of two Pizzazz dolls so far, by Integrity. The second is the one that came with the In Stitches set.

    She has an articulated smooth vinyl body that can hold many poses. She comes with two pairs of hands. She is marked 2012 Integrity on her rear.
    • Hair colour is more pastel shaded than the Hasbro Pizzazz doll. 
    • Integrity's Color Infusion line also uses this body type.
    • Her fingernails and toenails have fuchsia polish.
    These are the ones she was packaged with. Polish is fuchsia.
    The second pair are in different positions. They came in her box in a little baggie in a tray behind the pink tiger print cardboard "door" beside her in her box. Polish is fuchsia.
    outfit: Made up of pieces itemized below. 
    Top: microsuede top with magenta foil pattern, lined with magenta satin, tagged. Attached 'bib' is dual layered, black shiny fabric underneath white leatherette with black flocked zebra print design. Hook and eye closures in back. 
    Skirt: Dual jagged layers of black shiny fabric underneath white leatherette with black flocked zebra print design, with a white satiny no show "slip" layer. 
    Sock: thin jersey knit, fluorescent yellow.
    Panties: black satin, hook and eye closure in back.
    leg sash: Black satin ribbon.
    Sash: Chartreuse yellow belt.
    • Doesn't hang down (naturally) like the Hasbro doll's sash does.
    accessories Made up of pieces itemized below. These were placed in a clear plastic tray concealed behind the pink tiger print cardboard name door/wall that she is displayed beside in the box, not visible until the package is opened completely. 
    Earrings: hematite-toned metal studs with a black stone, square mount.
    • They are different from Roxy's and Stormer's, which are chrome tone.
    short spiked bracelet: hematite-toned metal
    • Different from Roxy's and Stormer's, which are chrome tone.
    • Jetta also has a bracelet in this shade.
    Tall spiked bracelet: hematite-toned metal
    • Different from Roxy's and Stormer's, which are chrome tone.
    • Jetta also has a bracelet in this shade.
    cord: thin black plastic cord with hematite-tone connectors. Fits into the bottom of the microphone or guitar and into the figure stand base. It came in a little plastic baggie with the Cool Trash magazine shown below.
    • Pizzazz so far is the only doll to come with this shade of cord. It came in chrome tone for most of the Holograms, Misfits & various sets; The Stingers & Misfits Stage Essentials came with gold-tone plugs.
    Magazine: From the Jem episode Scandal. Blank in "inside", glossy card stock. 
    Guitar: Grey plastic with yellow hologram decal, 6 "real" strings, tuning knobs and whammy bar.
    Microphone stand: Hematite-toned plastic tube with an adjustable metal inner pole. Pizzazz is the only doll with this shade of mic stand.
    Guitar Strap. Black ribbon with hematite toned buckle, black leatherette ends.
    • Different from Roxy's and Stormer's, which have chrome-toned buckles.
    Microphone. Greyish-blue tinged grip, hematite-toned grille.
    Mic stand base. Chromed plastic, hematite-toned. Pizzazz is the only doll with this shade of mic stand base.
    shoes: shiny grey-black faux patent leather pumps with black soles.

    doll stand Made up of pieces itemized below. 
    stand base: black hollow plastic with the Jem logo printed on the top, licensing information on the underside. 

    Stand pole: Hematite-toned plastic tube with an adjustable metal inner pole.
    under arm doll holder: Attaches to the top of the stand pole.
    saddle style holder: Attaches to the top of the stand pole.
    Box, liner and inserts not noted in Integrity's box contents above. 

    Shipper: A plain cardboard box with some printing on the bottom reading ITEM NO.: 14031/DESC.: Phyllis "Pizzazz" Gabor/The JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMSTM Collection. The doll box was wrapped in clear cellophane bag. 
    Box with sleeve: as it came out of the shipper & clear bag.
    Box: Satin finish black box with a diagonal edge, purple music notes and confetti shape, "record" with Jem logo & embossed grooves. The boxes, other than the UPC code on the bottom are the same for Clash MontgomeryJetta Burns, Phyllis "Pizzazz" Gabor, Roxanne "Roxy" Pelligrini & Mary “Stormer” Phillips.
    The back is comprised mostly of a black background and a repetition of the purple music notes/stars/confetti design.
    Sleeve: Die cut cardstock with Misfits logo, silver guitar and name of the doll on upper left. (back)
    The box cover lifted off to reveal the doll inside - she is tied in with white ribbons and has a clear acetate bonnet to hold her hair in place. The knees are protected/held in place with clear vinyl. To the left of the doll is a thin cardboard "door" with The Misfits written on it, which opens to reveal the accessory tray. Some parts are in plastic baggies or attached to a black piece of cardboard. The stand base is behind her calves in a separate compartment. Behind the inner tray that holds both the doll and "locker" part is where the COA and instructions can be found. 

    The inside of the top cover is bright pink with a white Misfits logo & confetti/music notes design printed on the inside. The inner part of the back of the box is undecorated black. The doll display area is white with black tiger stripes; the "door" has 5 panels of white and pink animal stripes design with the Misfits logo in black. It is the same for all of the Misfits.

    Certificate of Authenticity: postcard sized. There is no mention of the edition size. This COA has come with all of the dolls so far, except for: Hollywood Jem, The Holograms Stage Essentials, The Misfits Stage EssentialsWho is He Kissing Jem/Jerrica BentonGlitter 'n Gold RioGlitter 'n Gold Jem/Jerrica Benton.

    Guitar Instructions with details on how to plug the cord into an instrument, putting the doll stand together and hand removal and replacement. So far has come with
    Poster: Misfits poster, it's on 4" by 6" glossy card stock. Nice scale to hang in your Jem doll's display area.

    Other images of Pizzazz (generally unproduced/prototypes/promotional figures)
    Source Differences from produced doll (if any)
    Hasbro DollThe Pizzazz Doll by Hasbro is very similar to the Integrity version.
    Illustrations: Cartoon  The Integrity Pizzazz is also based on the cartoon design shown left. The main similarity to this version (shown only in the first 5 episodes) is the black leg scarf. Integrity went with a full sock rather than a leg warmer (good choice imho), no fringes on the edges, but rather another layer of black jagged edged material.