Doll Name Hollywood Jem
Stock # (US) #14017
Package contents listing Content: 12 inch (30.5 cm) Articulated fashion doll, outfit, accessories, shoes and doll stand.
  • The first Jem doll in 25 years, licensed by Hasbro and produced by Integrity Toys. 
  • She was announced about a week before the San Diego Comic Con, where she was debuted in an ultra limited edition of 500 dolls. Attendees were limited to four dolls (some say as few as 2 dolls) each. Many of these have found their way onto various auction sites; this is essentially the only way fans will be able to buy her.
  • A small number were briefly available on but the vast majority of prospective buyers were greeted only with this page
  • She does not come with parts for her Jerrica identity.

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12 inch (30.5 cm) Articulated fashion doll: Caucasian (FR White, in Integrity terms) complexion, with long layered pink hair, violet eyes.
She has an articulated body that can hold many poses. The colour is a cooler beige compared to Hasbro's original Jem dolls, among many other differences. See a photo of them side by side. Her feet are still quite large in relation to her body (unlike Barbie), so in shoes she is still able to balance and stand with enough patience! The hands are removable; in fact she has two pairs of hands shown below.
  • Integrity's Color Infusion line also uses this body type.
  • Her fingernails and toenails have dark pink polish.
These are the ones she was packaged with.
  • They look the same as Classic Jem's hands.
Her second pair of hands are in a gripping position, so she can hold her microphone. They came in her box in a little baggie.
  • They look the same as Classic Jem's hands.
outfit Made up of pieces itemized below. People used to Hasbro playline quality will be impressed with the attention to detail with Integrity dolls!
Jacket: made of a yellow-gold finely weaved metallic fibre fabric, has two pockets and a single button (ornamental, jacket does not button closed). The inside is lined with matching satin, and has a Jem tag.
Corset: Robin's egg blue fabric with a fine net overlay/frill, black ribbon design. Has four separate hook and eye closures in the back. Lined with matching blue satin. A thin clear plastic thread was sewn into the front that wrapped around her back and neck, it is used to keep the corset in place during shipping and can be discarded.
Pants: Gold flecked metallic red lamé with bronze X shapes, gold stripe down side made of what looks to be the same yellow gold fabric as the jacket. Single hook and eye closure in back.

Jemstar Earrings: red painted metal earrings.
accessories Made up of pieces itemized below. 
bracelets: ridged metallic gold bracelets. They came attached to a pink piece of cardboard with mono filament line, in a little baggie inside the box. 
microphone: silver with a coating of pink paint on the grip.
cord: thin black plastic cord with chrome-tone connectors. They fit into the instruments & doll stands. It came in a little plastic baggie inside the clear accessories tray.
Mic stand pole: Stand pole: chromed plastic tube with an adjustable metal inner pole. See the top part close up. Tied onto the inner box.
Mic stand base, chromed plastic. Attached to inner box by two clear vinyl straps.
Hollywood Boulevard Walk of Fame Plaque: thin cardboard. It's not actually glitter but a "photo" of glitter- if that makes any sense! Came in a little plastic baggie attached to the inner box.

shoes: black patent leather-look pumps with a familiar scallop edge. They came in a plastic baggie, inside a thin plastic shoe box, attached to the inner box. Another view, just because they're that cool!
doll stand Made up of pieces itemized below. 
stand base: black hollow plastic with the Jem logo printed on the top, licensing information on the underside. 

Stand pole: chromed plastic tube with an adjustable metal inner pole.
under arm doll holder: Attaches to the top of the stand pole.
saddle style holder: Attaches to the top of the stand pole.
Box, liner and inserts not noted in Integrity's box contents above. 
Cardboard box: The dolls came in a plain cardboard box with some printing on the bottom reading ITEM NO.: 14017/DESC.:Hollywood JemTM/Collectible Fashion Doll/SDCC 2012 Exclusive. The doll box was wrapped in clear cellophane bag. 
Came in a thick cardboard diagonal edged box, satin finish.
  • It is smaller than all of the other Integrity Jem doll boxes to date (July 2014).
  • It has a completely different design specific to her.
The box cover lifted off to reveal the doll, packaged not unlike the original Jems - with a bright pink box liner, a cellophane bonnet around the hair and the stand base (not visible, but behind the cardboard) tucked behind the doll's legs. She is held in with white ribbon, the accessories are either sewn in with white thread, or attached with clear vinyl straps.
The inside of the top cover has a pale Jem logo printed on the inside. The inner part of the back of the box is undecorated hot pink.
The back of the box fit inside the top of the box (it's slightly smaller) with the same matte finish.

Certificate of Authenticity: postcard sized. It is noted that her edition is 500 and there is a comic con logo on the corner. This COA is specifically for Hollywood Jem. I put a watermark on the photo, it is not on the actual COA.
Mini poster; postcard sized, has the new Hasbro logo and Integrity markings.
Instructions: came folded and wrapped in a cellophane baggie with the COA and mini poster shown above.

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Source Differences from produced doll (if any)
Illustrations: Cartoon  Hollywood Jem was on the cartoon.