Name Showtime Jem
Stock # (US) #14098
Package contents listing Content: 12 inch (30.5 cm) Articulated fashion doll, outfit, accessories, shoes and doll stand.
  • Licensed by Hasbro and produced by Integrity Toys. 
  • "A special re-edited version of the CLASSIC JEM doll released in 2012" for Jem's 30 Anniversary, part of The Legacy collection; announced to W Club members September 2015; available October 2015.
  • A Shopbop exclusive.
  • Limited Edition of 500 dolls. 
  • Looks to be emulating the very first Jem fashion shown on the cartoon with the red belt.
  • A side by side photo of Classic Jem and Showtime Jem.

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12 inch (30.5 cm) Articulated fashion dollJerrica Benton face mold. Caucasian (FR White, in Integrity terms) complexion, long, layered light pink hair with bangs. She has glued on black eyelashes & pierced ears, blue eyes and eyebrows, make up in pink & blue shades, black eyeliner.
She has an articulated smooth vinyl body that can hold many poses. She comes with two pairs of hands. She is marked 2012 Integrity on her rear.
  • Her fingernails and toenails have pink polish. 
  • Integrity's Color Infusion line also uses this body type.
These are the ones she was packaged with. 
  • They have pink polished nails.
The second pair are in different positions. They came in her box in a little baggie in a tray behind the pink cardboard "door" with her name on it beside her in her box.
  • They have pink polished nails.
outfit Made up of pieces itemized below. 

dress: very fine, shiny polyester weave, diagonal hem, 3/4 sleeves, fitted in back with zipper. The inside is lined with a matching pink satiny material.
  • See a photo of Classic Jem and Showtime Jem's dresses side by side. They appear to be the same pattern in different colours.
belt: sparkly red pleather with red screened decoration over top, numerous red metallic "tassels". Lining is pale pink pleather. Attaches in back with a hook and eye closure.
tights; white/silver closed weave tights, elasticized waist.
accessories Made up of pieces itemized below. 
cordless microphone: silver with a coating of light pink paint on the grip. Came in a baggie attached to a long piece of pink card stock with the poster in her accessories tray.
  • Differs from Classic Jem's mic in that it has the cordless antenna part at the base and is a lighter pink.
bracelet: pink metallic with red stone. There is no "opening" to squeeze it over her joint, you must remove her hand to get it on her wrist. Came on a piece of pink card stock with the earrings in a baggie in her accessories tray.

Jemstar Earrings: red painted metal earrings. They came poked through a piece of pink card stock with the bracelet in a baggie in her accessories tray.
Poster; Approx 2" X 3", has the Integrity logo on it, as well as the current Hasbro logo. It is a reproduction of the poster that came with the original Hasbro Jem dolls. Came in a baggie attached to a long piece of pink card stock with the microphone in her accessories tray.

shoes: Light pink pumps, slightly metallic, faux patent leather texture. Silver insole. Stitched a bit differently from most of the other Integrity Jem shoes. Came in a baggie in a compartment in her accessories tray.
  • For fun - a look at a sampling of some of the pink Integrity pumps.

doll stand Made up of pieces itemized below. 
stand base: black hollow plastic with the Jem logo printed on the top, licensing information on the underside.
  • I don't actually know which date is on this stand, I didn't photograph it when I had access to her, sorry!

Stand pole: chromed plastic tube with an adjustable metal inner pole.
under arm doll holder: Attaches to the top of the stand pole.
saddle style holder: Attaches to the top of the stand pole.

Box, liner and inserts not noted in Integrity's box contents above. 
Shipper: A plain cardboard box with some printing on the bottom reading ITEM NO.: 14098/DESC.:Showtime JemTM/30th Anniversary Edition Dressed Fashion Doll//The JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMSTM Collection/Adult Collectible Doll
Box with sleeve: as it came out of the shipper; It's actually a lot more metallic looking than it appears in this photo!
Box: Came in a thick cardboard diagonal edged box, sort of a satin finish (not shiny, not matte). It is black with a silver foil shooting star with the name of the doll inside printed in it. The record has embossed grooves on it! These boxes look the same except for the name inside the star.
The back is comprised mostly of a black background and a repetition of the pink music notes/stars/confetti design in pink.

The box cover lifted off to reveal the doll inside - she is tied in with white ribbons and has a clear acetate bonnet to hold her hair in place. The knees are protected/held in place with clear vinyl. To the left of the doll is a thin cardboard "door" with the doll's name on it, which opens to reveal the accessories tray. In Jem's case, they are inside a long rectangular clear plastic tray with little cups that hold the earrings, mic stand, shoes, stand parts, etc. Some parts are in plastic baggies or attached to a pink piece of cardboard. The stand base is behind her calves in a separate compartment. Behind the inner tray that holds both the doll and "locker" part is where the COA and instructions can be found. 

Certificate of Authenticity (Generic, pink): postcard sized. No mention of edition size. The same one came with (there may be others as well); 
Non-Instrument Instructions: 2014, blank on reverse (no French) Demonstrate how to put the stand together, hand removal and hair styling tips. Missing palm trees in background. Has newer Integrity Toys logo.

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Source Differences from produced doll (if any)
Hasbro Prototype
Illustrations: Cartoon 

Credits: Thank you to Melanie for letting me photograph your doll for this ID guide!