Doll Name Kimber (2nd Edition)
Stock # (US) #4202/4005
Hasbro package contents listing Contains 12 1/2" doll with stage fashion, pretend musical instrument, pumps, hair pick, cassette tape and figure stand.
Comments/Trivia This is the 1987 version of Kimber, updated from 1986.
Produced VariantsSo far, I know of dolls marked on their backs with one of the following places of manufacture, and there are slight variations among them:
  • China 
To learn more about these body types and slight differences, please see the body variations page.
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12 1/2" doll: Caucasian doll with long red-pink hair. She differs from the 1st edition by the presence of earring holes. She also comes with an aqua blue stretch-lace bandanna, which should be attached to her head, but usually isn't with loose dolls. 
  • Roxy, Kimber and Video share the same face mold, which in turn looks like it was adapted from the Dana face mold, from Kenner's Darci doll line. 
  • Some 2nd Edition Kimbers like the one shown left came with the same, darker hair colour as the first edition Kimber, it does not have pink streaks in it like the typical 2nd Edition Kimber with lighter hair. See a picture of them side by side, and a close up of the hair fibers
  • Oddly, some 2nd edition Kimbers have a thin layer (think plastic wrap) of transparent plastic on their scalps (the hair punches through). Some people have mentioned having these dolls leech colour into the skin/clothes, so be careful with these dolls!  Pizzazz is the only other doll I know with this problem. 

stage fashionMade up of 4 pieces itemized below

stage fashion part 1, jacket: Kimber's new tuxedo jacket is made of satiny plum material with a darker purple "woodgrain" design running through out. Her lapels are iridescent purple like Video's jacket, trimmed with lace cuffs and inner lapels. 

stage fashion part 2, earrings: Her earrings are fluorescent yellow hoops with triangles.
stage fashion part 3, pants:  Her pants are pre-wrinkled (the ones shown on this page are from an NRFB doll) satin with a velvety pink attached "belt".
  • Some 2nd Edition Kimbers have yellow pants. Half of the people say they are faded green ones, another half say they were made that way. Believe who you want!

stage fashion part 4, hair bow:  It is aqua stretchy lace. 

pretend musical instrument: Her new instrument was of the same mold as her first edition one, but made with magenta sparkly-clear plastic. The cord is silver.
  • Another variation of this keyboard was made, presumed to be the Mexican version. The plastic is more brittle and the colours are different.

pumps: Coral scallop edged pumps

hairpick: Medium pink (with a bluish tone)
cassette tape: The tape she comes with is the standard white with pink writing and has the songs: "Jem Theme" , "Can't Get My Love" , "Love's Not Easy."
figure stand: Dark pink, not completely transparent, it's a bit milky-looking. 

Items not listed in Hasbro's box contents (not all dolls came with the same posters and inserts, this is a listing of what I got personally with my dolls)
Box: 2nd year horizontal edged box. (Doll, doll stand, accessories made in China. H44  Cassette made in Hong Kong)
Box liner: turquoise blue with attached clear acetate bonnet. (see more on Box Liners)
Poster- Rolled Glitter 'n Gold Illustrated poster with 1st Year Jem Catalogue Poster on back. (See more on posters
MTV offer (US version)

Packaging Variants: A listing of the packaging that 2nd Edition Kimber can be found in, that I know of, so far! You may also find it interesting to find out what "H-22", "H-32", and "H-44" means. Anything in Italics I haven't actually seen but have good reason to believe exists. If you have any photos or information/corrections to share, I'd love to hear about it!

Canadian Issue (possibly had Smash Hit Tape offer boxes?)

UK Issue

US Issue: Smash Hit Tape offer sticker, 4202/4005 Asst./ 1986 Hasbro, Inc./Pawtucket, RI 02862/All Rights Reserved/Doll, doll stand, accessories/made in China H-44/Cassette Made in Hong Kong

US Issue: No Smash Hit Tape offer sticker, 4202/4005 Asst./ 1986 Hasbro, Inc./Pawtucket, RI 02862/All Rights Reserved/Doll, doll stand, accessories/made in China H-44/Cassette Made in Hong Kong

Other images of 2nd Edition Kimber (generally unproduced/prototypes/promotional figures)

Source Differences from produced doll (if any)
1987 US Hasbro Catalogue She is the only Hologram shown with a translucent (correct) instrument. Her jacket doesn't appear to have the woodgrain pattern on it. 
1987 UK & France Hasbro Catalogue Kimber's pants are nicely ironed in this catalogue. They should be wrinkly looking, that was the intended style. Her jacket doesn't appear to have the woodgrain pattern on it. 
2nd Year Hologram Box Back & 2nd Year catalogue Poster Her earrings are erroneously shown to be hoops in the prototype/catalogue photos. Some Raya's actually came with yellow hoops though so they were produced, but not for 2nd edition Kimber most likely. Thanks to Pete B. for the hoop earringed scan!
Her keyboard is shown to be opaque.
Music is Magic fashion boxes & 2nd Year catalogue Poster Second Edition Kimber and the other 2nd edition Holograms are shown wearing bright yellow hoop earrings.
Topolino Second Edition Kimber  in Topolino Magazine  (one of many issues from 1987)
Store Catalogues
Prototypes (from Hasbro employees, etc)
Commercials 2nd Edition Kimber in various commercials for: Rock Backstager, Rock N' Curl Jem. She may be in other commercials I haven't yet screen captured for this site.
Other Print advertisements
Illustrations: Hasbro Box art
Illustrations; Hasbro Promotional art
Illustrations: Cartoon  She was not shown on the cartoon with this fashion, to the best of my knowledge.
Illustrations: UK Comics
Illustrations: Colouring & Activity Books
Credits: Thanks to Thumper for the scan of the loose hairbow. Thanks to missbean for the Smash Hit tape offer box photo.