Fashion Name Fire & Ice
Stock # (US) 4281/4055 Asst.
Hasbro package contents listing Includes: coral and gold gown/dress, shoulder wrap, hose, bracelet, hairbow and pumps

  • 1 of 6 Glitter 'n Gold Fashions released in 1987
  • The name of this fashion is not a Jem song title.
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coral and gold gown/dress:  Gold lamé fitted bodice, velcros in back.  Very fine -and frays easily- attached sheer coral skirt with a swirl patterned gold-threaded lace overlay.  The top is trimmed with the same coral chiffon, ruffled.
  • I have seen this lace fabric on a lot of knock-off dolls and clothes, it must have been an "off the rack" fabric, not specifically commissioned by Hasbro.
shoulder wrap: Made of coral chiffon, bunched by gold cord trim, metal snap closure.

hose: More often than not this fashion was sold with white/gold zig-zag tights, like Glitter 'N Gold Jem/Jerrica's.  

bracelet: The same as the one from Glitter 'N Gold Jem/Jerrica, in a much deeper yellow hue.
hairbow: bow-tie shaped coral chiffon attached to a gold elastic.
pumps: Coral scallop-edged pumps.

Packaging Variants: A listing of the packaging that Fire & Ice can be found in, that I know of, so far!
*I don't own this fashion NRFB so I can't say which, if any posters and inserts originally came with it.  Bold listings are those I have used to create this ID page.  Anything in Italics I haven't actually seen but have good reason to believe exists.  Feel free to contribute more information and/or photos!
Canadian Is: © Hasbro Canada Inc./Longueuil, Québec J4G 1G2/Made in China H44.
  • Liner: Orange.
European English/French/Italian Issue: © 1986 Hasbro Inc./© 1986 Hasbro S.A. under Berne &/Universal Copyright Convention./© 1986 MB Italy, S.r.l. under Berne &/Universal Copyright Convention./Made in China  Fabriqué en Chine  H44
  • Liner: Orange.
US Issue: © 1986 Hasbro,Inc./Pawtucket, RI 02862/All Rights Reserved/Made in China. H-44

Other images of Fire & Ice (generally unproduced/prototypes/promotional figures) Differences from produced doll (if any)
The Second Year package photograph of Fire & Ice (the same photo is used for the 1987 US Hasbro Toy Fair Catalogue, the 1987 France/UK Hasbro Dealer Catalogue, the Second Year Jem Catalogue Poster) -Looks much darker red than the produced fashion is; the bracelet shown is a much thinner/matte-er zig-zag bracelet.
Apparently was worked on a lot, there a few prototype dolls with this dress in different colours. -Blue & Red
-Orange and Green
-Black lace overskirt, but I'm not sure of it's provenance.
Commercials -appears on the Glitter 'N Gold Jem commercial.
Glitter 'n Gold Illustrated poster makes the fashion appear much redder than it really is.
It did appear on the cartoon. I don't think they included the bracelet but otherwise it's pretty faithfully represented.

Credits: Scan of pink Fire & Ice tights is courtesy of A. Tremblay. Photo of the blue/red Fire & Ice courtesy of C. Anderson. Photo of the green & orange prototype is courtesy of Matt, doll is from the collection of Michael Chambers.