Doll Name Banee
Stock # (US) #4213/4025 asst.
Hasbro package contents listing Contains 11" doll, jams, top, headpiece, socks, shoes, hairpick and figure stand.
  • The Starlight Girls are the only dolls that were on the cartoon first, then made into dolls. It is possible that this is the reason she and the other Starlight Girls are not seen in the books, comics or other non-cartoon/doll related Jem projects.
Produced VariantsSo far, I know of dolls marked on their backs with one of the following places of manufacture, and there are slight variations among them:
  • Made in Hong Kong
To learn more about these body types and slight differences, please see the body variations page.
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11" doll: Caucasian - technically she's Vietnamese but there is no difference in skin tone at all- with long silky black hair.  These are the least recognizable Jem dolls as they are proportioned like teenagers, plus their arms don't bend, flat feet, wrists don't swivel.

jams; (aka. shorts): Crisp cotton, Bermuda length, rolled at cuffs, elasticized cinch waist, floral pattern.

  • The pattern can vary among the dolls, see a photo of two pairs together.  It's the same pattern, just cut from different parts of the fabric.

top: Crisp cotton crop top with faux straps sewn in. Rolled at sleeves.
  • Similar in design to the bedding from the New Wave Waterbed.

belt; plastic gummy spiral in hot pink

headpiece: blue metallic lace hairbow
  • All of the Starlight Girls got hairbows like this.

socks: dark pink cotton crew socks with white lace trim. 

shoes: Mauve-pink flat jelly shoes.
  • All of the Starlight girls came with this type of shoe.

hairpick: Bright sea foam green.
  • I've not seen this colour with any other Jem doll.

figure stand: Milky hot pink; the leg stand is peculiar to Starlight Girls, as they have small lines on the inside to hold their smaller legs in place, the hole is also a bit smaller in the bottom. 
  • Each Starlight Girl came with the same stand.
Items not listed in Hasbro's box contents (not all dolls came with the same posters and inserts, this is a listing of what I got personally with my dolls)

Box- 2nd year rectangular Starlight Girl box, no illustration on front, illustration of all 3 plus Jerrica on the back. (Outfit Made In China Doll and Accessories made in Hong Kong H-29)
Box Liner: Dark orangey-pink (see more on Box Liners)

Poster: Folded Glitter 'n Gold Illustrated poster w/First year Jem catalogue on back. (See more on posters

MTV offer (US version), folded.

Packaging Variants: A listing of the packaging that Banee can be found in (All that I know of, so far!) Anything in Italics I haven't actually seen but have good reason to believe exists.  If you have any photos or information/corrections to share, I'd love to hear about it!

Canadian Issue

French Issue
US Issue,  1987 Hasbro, Inc./Pawtucket, RI 02862/All Rights Reserved./OUTFIT MADE IN CHINA./DOLL AND ACCESSORIES/MADE IN HONG KONG./4213/4025 Asst. H-29

Other images of Banee (generally unproduced/prototypes/promotional figures)
Source Differences from produced doll (if any)
1987 US Hasbro Toy Fair Catalogue She is named misnamed Krissie
Her shirt is white, not pink.
shoes are blue and opaque.
2nd year catalogue poster It appears to be the same doll used in the 1987 US Hasbro Toy Fair Catalogue, but in a different pose, Her shirt is white, not pink, shoes are blue and opaque (they should be mauve and transparent)
1987 French Toy Fair Catalogue A really obvious blooper, Banee is shown wearing Krissie's outfit, she did keep her blue hairbow though. 
The belt on Banee's outfit (worn by Krissie) is shown to be straight, not curly
Banee's shoes (worn by Krissie) are opaque and blue
The shirt (again, worn by Krissie) is white
Illustrations: Hasbro Box art (Starlight Girls Box Back)
Illustrations: Cartoon