Jem's Heels and Blue Suede Shoes

Introduction and disclaimer
     Hasbro did not cut corners in their shoe production, as almost every outfit and doll came with shoes particular to it, making it tricky to complete outfits. Never mind that most of the first year outfits actually had two different pairs of shoes/colours each too! Chances are this shoe guide will help you in 95% of your mis-matched shoe cases, but unfortunately, when it comes down to some of those pinks, you're pretty much on your own!  
A few things to keep in mind while using this guide
The package drawings and photos were often wrong in depicting the shoe colour or style. Part of the reason behind this ID page is to clear up those misconceptions.
This ID guide is showing primarily what came with the Hong Kong or China-made dolls. The Mexican and Spanish dolls came with their own types of shoes.
Anything written in Italics is an educated guess that does not come from direct personal experience (either my experience or a contributor's) 
Having understood the aims of this ID guide, please feel free to report any mistakes or differences you may have experienced from this page.

Jem Shoe ID Guide
Straight Edged, closed toe pumps: The most recognizable and utilized mold for Jem shoes, used for both first and second year adult female dolls and fashions. 
Scalloped-Edged closed toe pumps: The second most popular Jem shoe style, used for second year adult female dolls and fashions. 

Sandals and ankle boots: Sandals were used both years, primarily for the fashions; the ankle boots were introduced in the second year, for a couple dolls and Music is Magic fashions. 

Rio & the Starlight Girls' shoes: The non-adult female shoes, including Rio's sneakers and boat shoes, and the Starlight Girls' jelly shoes.