Episode Synopsis: An old friend of Kimber's asks her for help to get the radio station where he works back on the air. The Holograms agree of course and the station decides to call itself KJEM in their honour. Eric, who has a conflicting business deal gets the Misfits to pirate a radio broadcast over KJEM's. 

Jetta Green Fan Dress
Makes its first and only appearance in KJem.
Model sheet number Unknown
Hasbro did not produce this fashion.

Jetta Orange/Red Waitress outfit
First appears in KJem and again in: Trick or Techrat, The Stingers Hit Town Part 2.
Model sheet number Unknown
Hasbro did not produce this fashion.

Also featured in this episode (debuted earlier in the series) are the following fashions, not including recaps:

Danse Workout Gear Winning is Everything Stormer Indy 500 Dress Roxy Indy Dress Command Performance Kimber Broadway Magic stage dressAja Broadway Magic stage dress
Shana Broadway Magic stage dressRaya Blue Wrap DressRio Striped Beige/BlueJerrica Pink Power SuitSophisticated Lady (Jem)Permanent WaveRaya Yellow Pantsuit
Shana Triangle overallsJerrica Red/White pantsuitRio Yellow shirt/blue pantsAja Orange Squares SunsuitShana "Slumming it"Jerrica Star VestKimber Cherry Outfit
Stormer Venetian Shoe Store DressPizzazz Venetian Shoe Store DressRoxy's Red X dressGimme Gimme GimmeYou Can't Catch MeJetta Buckskin FringeWe're Off and Running
Rio Original (Doll) Outfit (?)Kimber Argyle Crop TopLike a Dream (Jem)Music in the Air (?)Music is MagicRaya blue bolero/mini skirtLike a Dream (Jerrica half)

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