A Father Should Be...
A Father Should Be... The last Jem episode!  Banee becomes more and more obsessed with finding her father, so Jerrica and the Holograms seriously start looking for him.  They have a breakthrough because Riot's father was in the army and has access to military files (They knew Banee's father was in Vietnam).  They narrow it down to two men fitting the description, one of whom has amnesia and the other a jerk. 

Not one new fashion appeared on this episode.

Outfits from Previous Episodes
Turquoise Jerrica Bag dress
Raya Garage Band outfit
Jerrica Argyle Vest outfit
Kimber Lavender Sweater vest combo
Pizzazz Green/Red patterned
Cruise Ship Riot
Lightning Strikes (Jem)
Aja White/Black Diamond Blazer
Shana Blue Dress w/Orange Splotches
Shana Army Jacket Shorts set
Aja Pink/Lavender Sweater/blouse outfit
Riot arm garter fashion
Riot Stage Fashion
Kimber Cowboy (Casual)
Raya Turquoise/hot pink/orange
Jerrica Red/White pantsuit
Shana long blue shirt w/orange rectangles
Aja Strappy Red Blouse outfit
Aja Olive/Orange Pantsuit
Kimber Yellow/Blue Blazer outfit
Raya green patterned pantsuit
Rio Green shirt/brown suede jacket
Shana choker neck pale blue dress
Jerrica Purple Swirl Jacket
Jem Blue halter top outfit
It All Depends on the Mood
Rapture Stage Fashion
Jem Treasure Hunt Pantsuit
Permanent Wave
Gimme Gimme Gimme
You Can't Catch Me
Wicked Sister Jetta
Stormer Wicked Sister
Jerrica Boomerang Outfit
Shana Star studded fashion
Raya Pink/Green dress and jacket
Minx Stage Fashion

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