The Jem Jam Part 2
Episode Synopsis: The Misfits won't be upstaged and get Tech-Rat to create a "gimmick" (i.e., a UFO type stage) to show off during the Jem Jam. Also, Krissie must learn to cope with Lina Lerner's (Tina Turner's) son's arrogance. 
Comments: Are you ready for it?  The only fashion that made its debut in The Jem Jam Part two is:
Jerrica Trip to the Zoo
First appears in The Jem Jam Part 2 and again in: Glitter and Gold, Music is Magic, Alone Again, Middle of Nowhere, The Day the Music Died
Model sheet number JR-29
Hasbro did not produce this fashion.

Also featured in this episode (debuted earlier in the series) are the following fashions, not including recaps:

Jem's Easter Pantsuit Pizzazz's Original outfit (Revised) Just Misbehavin' Stormer "I am A Giant" Roxy  "I am A Giant" Kimber Floral Bathing Suit
Limo Driver disguise Roxy Kimber Original Outfit Aja Original Outfit Jem Original Outfit (Revised) Shana Pink Triangle Pantsuit Only the Beginning
We Can Change It (Jerrica) Shana Purple/Blue/Yellow/Red outfit Rio Striped Beige/Blue Permanent Wave Shana Casual (final) Kimber Lavender Sweater vest combo
Aja Khakis Roxy original outfit (Revised) Stormer Original Outfit Pizzazz's Original outfit (Revised) Stormer Hang Gliding Outfit (reused footage) Pizzazz Hang Gliding Outfit
(reused footage)
Roxy Glider Outfit
(reused footage)
Kimber Starbright stage costume Shana Starbright stage costume Aja Starbright stage costume Jem Starbright stage costume The New Improved Pizzazz

The New Improved Stormer The New Improved Roxy

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