Doll Name Jem/Jerrica (1st edition, star-cap earrings)
Stock #  #4000

These dolls tend to have paler skin and make up, giving her a softer look than the Hong Kong Jem/Jerricas. The pupils are also more visible than usual on the China-made dolls, making her look a little more alert than the typical Hong Kong doll. The norm seems to be clear star caps on these dolls. They appear pink in this photo because of the red bulb showing through. I've also seen one with one pink cap and one clear cap!
  • See a photo of a pink star-capped Jem/Jerrica.
So far, the only star-capped Jems I know of are Marked Made In China on the back, with the smaller battery cover. Not all Made in China dolls will have the star-cap earrings however. These heads were also apparently used on some Mexican and "Made in Spain" dolls. At least some stores were able to order the #4000 (1st issue Jem/Jerrica) dolls well into 1987, it seems likely that the star-cap dolls were the last of the 1st edition Jem/Jerricas.
Probably the most enticing part of the star-cap Jem/Jerrica outfit is the possibility of getting these nifty tights. They are pink with silver threading and only come with this variant doll. However, just because a doll has the star-caps, doesn't guarantee you these tights; it seems that most of the time the star-capped doll still came with the regular white/iridescent Jem tights
  • Fire & Ice and Broadway Magic have similar tights, but their tinsel threading is gold, not silver. Personally I find the pink tights, pink dress and pink shoes combo a little overwhelming ;) As much as I like the tights by themselves!
Belt (variant) Notice the little blue spot is not on the decal of this belt! This came on a Star-capped Jem/Jerrica with the regular waffle-weaved tights, pink star caps and slightly larger pink jewelled bracelet.
  • There has been reported a pink-fringed belt, bought in Puerto Rico.
  • My Star Capped Jem/Jerrica just had a regular looking 1st Ed. Jem/Jerrica belt.
  • I've also had a photo sent to me of a belt with white stitching (presumably to keep the decal on the front of the belt).

The Jerrica dress that came with both my China marked dolls (both with Star Caps and without) was a bit larger and the white stripes were wider than my Hong Kong doll.
Panties: These came with an NRFB star-capped Jem, packed with the Jerrica daytime outfit.  How common this is, I don't know.  I haven't heard of anyone else getting these, or the belt.
Belt: looks like a metal buckle with plain white elastic.  Would definitely spruce up that sad Jerrica fashion!

Shoes: the ones I got with my China dolls (both Star Capped and Non) were "thicker" plastic, slight colour differences from Hong Kong dolls. 
Helene & Rae's Star Capped Jem came with the larger jewel, mine had the smaller jewel, Antipathy had a cabochon cut jewel, which I don't have a picture of, I've never seen one before!

Packaging Variants: A listing of the packaging that 1st Edition Star Capped Jem/Jerrica can be found in (All that I know of, so far!  Feel free to contribute more information and/or photos!)

US Issue: Made in China (Star Caps)  1985 Hasbro Inc./Pawtucket, RI/02862/All Rights Reserved/Made in China/H22
*note the packaging shows a non-Star Capped doll, the only differences in the packages are on the side of the box detail shown here.

Thanks to Pete B for the photo and information about the clear starcapped Jem/Jerrica
Antipathy - eye paint information, shoes & cabochon cut jewel info.
Fredo, who acquired a star capped Jem/Jerrica in Puerto Rico mentions his belt having a pink fringe, similar to the fringe on Danse's jacket.
Thanks to Jimi for the picture and the information about the white belt and undies.
Thanks to Rae for information on the Jerrica dress differences and bracelet.
Thanks to
kms385s for the photo and information about the non-blue dot Jem belt and pink star caps.
Thanks to Helene for the photo of the belt with the white stitching.