Doll Name Jem/Jerrica (1st edition/Made in Hong Kong)
Stock #  4000
Hasbro package contents listing 12 1/2" Jem/Jerrica doll, microphone, stage dress, tights, glitter shoes, hairpick, bracelet, reversible belt, daytime dress, hat, pumps, sunglasses, figure stand.
  • This isn't a regular identification page but a listing of the differences between a US Issued Hong Kong & US-issued China 1st Edition Jem/Jerrica
  • These are differences specific to my two dolls - I do not know if they are universal or not. As always feel free to contact me and add your two cents
To learn more about these body types, markings and slight differences, please see the 1st Edition Jem/Jerrica China/Hong Kong body variations page.

Hong Kong-made 12 1/2" Jem/Jerrica doll: (Two examples shown)  At first glance, basically the same as the Made in China version. The Made in China doll is a little taller than my Hong Kong doll.
Hong Kong dolls typically have darker make up, lower hairline and sleepier looking eyes, but as you can see from the one on the left here, it's not always the case. The eyeliner completely encircling the eye seems to be a Hong Kong-specific trait.

See the 1st Edition Jem/Jerrica body variations page for more in depth information about the doll itself.

stage dress: The Hong Kong dress has the top layer on the left side (looking at it from the back). China closes on the right. It's easy to tell because of how the velcro is sewn in. The velcro is also a different colour but that could be due to wear. Again I will repeat that it's very possible this is not a difference between all Hong Kong and China dolls. It could be I just got one oddball dress that was sewn differently.

glitter shoes: The thick sided shoes came with my China marked doll, thin with the Hong Kong. It may not be so easy to tell by this photo - but you can see the insides of the China one are more sloped/curved while the Hong Kong ones have much flatter insides. 

bracelet: Much larger, pinker stone in the Hong Kong doll, as well as Star Caps - the China H22 one here came with a non-star capped Jem/Jerrica.

reversible belt: The Hong Kong one is a bit longer/thinner and has differently coloured velcro - I am not sure if the velcro has just discoloured or not.

daytime dress & hat: China's dress is larger with wider white lines than the Hong Kong dress. Both have blue elastic around the brim. 

pumps: The thick sided, slightly yellow-toned shoes came with my China doll, the more vibrant blue, thin sided ones with the Hong Kong doll. 

sunglasses: The later China doll got the (in my opinion) better fitting, wider nose-notched glasses, the Hong Kong with the triangular nose notch. The colour varies somewhat. 
The microphone & hairpick didn't have any obvious (to me) differences with the China-packed dolls. I didn't think the tights were any different but seeing them on the dolls (see top photo), it looks like my China-made doll came with thicker tights.

Items not listed in Hasbro's box contents (not all dolls came with the same posters and inserts, this is a listing of what I got personally with my dolls)
Jem hair styling instructions - specifically notes on the bottom right corner that it is for a H44 doll. All three are printed in Hong Kong, but they are different in terms of year and H number, and whether the stand instructions are included or not.
Made in China, Non-Star Capped Jem/Jerrica, H22 dated 1985.Made in China, Star Capped Jem/Jerrica, H22 dated 1986.Made in Hong Kong Jem/Jerrica, H44 Dated 1986.

Packaging Variants: A listing of the packaging that 1st Edition Hong Kong Jem/Jerrica can be found in (All that I know of, so far!  Feel free to contribute more information and/or photos!)
Canadian Issue, Audition Contest Box: 4000/1986 Hasbro Canada Inc./Longueuil, Quebec J4G 1G2/All Rights Reserved/Tous Droits Réservés/Made in/Fabriqué à/Hong Kong H44 (no name on side/top and bottom flaps)
Dutch Issue. The normal side bottom panel is blank, on the bottom of the back of the box reads: "© 1986 Hasbro een divisie van MB International BV-Utrecht/Brussel under Berne & Universal Copyright Convention. Made in Hong Kong" I do no know where the "H" number is on this doll, given the H designation on the sheet itself, it was likely H44.

Italian Issue: © 1986 MB Italy S.r.l./under Berne & Universal/Copyright Convention/Made in Hong Kong H-44
UK Issue, New Zealand import; 4000/© 1985 Hasbro, Inc./Wokingham, Berkshire/All Rights Reserved/Made in Hong Kong/H44. Has a large sticker on the front advertising a contest open only to residents of New Zealand. (no name on side/top and bottom flaps)
US Issue (Made in Hong Kong) 4000/© 1985 Hasbro, Inc./Pawtucket, RI 02862/All Rights Reserved/Made in Hong Kong/H44 (has name on side/top and bottom flaps)