Fashion Name There Ain't Nobody Better
Stock # (US) #4260/4050 Asst.
Hasbro package contents listing Includes: pink/black dress, belt, sock and shoes.
  • 1 of 8 Smashin' Fashions, released in 1987
  • The name of this fashion is a Jem (Misfits) song title.
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pink/black dress: hot pink spandex; sleeves are made of black satiny material with multicoloured metallic dots of fabric paint, velcros behind neck, trimmed with black fringe.

belt: aqua lamé with glittery black 'buckle', velcro closure.

sock: hot pink spandex with black polka-dots, aqua lamé bow decoration.
  • pattern is similar to dress from Gettin' Down To Business, but it's quite a bit brighter and the polka dots are closer together. 

Shoes: Dark aqua straight edged pumps

Packaging Variants: A listing of the packaging that There Ain't Nobody Better can be found in, that I know of, so far!
*I don't own this fashion NRFB so I can't say which, if any posters and inserts originally came with it.  Bold listings are those I have used to create this ID page.  Anything in Italics I haven't actually seen but have good reason to believe exists.  If you have any photos or information/corrections to share, I'd love to hear about it!

Canadian issue, 1987 photograph Smashin' Fashions card. 
  • Burgundy card liner
  • MTV Offer
US issue 1987 photograph Smashin' Fashions card. © 1986 Hasbro, Inc./Pawtucket, RI 02862/All Rights Reserved/Made in China. H22

Other images of There Ain't Nobody Better (generally unproduced/prototypes/promotional figures) Differences from produced fashion (if any)
The same photo  is used for the 1987 US Hasbro Toy Fair Catalogue, the 1987 France/UK Toy Fair Catalogue, the Second Year Jem Catalogue Poster and the Second Year package art. Looks like the produced outfit.
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Prototypes (from Hasbro employees, etc)
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Illustrations: Hasbro Box art
Illustrations; Hasbro Promotional art
Illustrations: Cartoon  With the exception of the extra jewellery on the cartoon version, looks pretty much like what the produced doll fashion looks like. This is a reworked version of the original model cel, which can be viewed on Felicity-Chan's cel gallery.
Illustrations: UK Comics
Illustrations: Colouring & Activity Books

Credits: Thanks to Janet for letting me photograph the belt for this page, as well as the photo of the card. Thanks to Gina for the Superstar Sindy fashion photo.