Name Craig Phillips
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Package contents listing Content: 12 inch (30.5 cm) Articulated fashion doll, outfit, accessories, shoes and doll stand
  • Licensed by Hasbro and produced by Integrity Toys. 

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12 inch (30.5 cm) Articulated fashion doll:
outfit Made up of pieces itemized below. 

accessories Made up of pieces itemized below. 


doll stand Made up of pieces itemized below. 

stand base: black hollow plastic with the Jem logo printed on the top, licensing information on the underside. It is dated 2014.
Stand pole: chromed plastic tube with an adjustable metal inner pole.

under arm doll holder, it is noticeably larger than the one for the female dolls.

Box, liner and inserts not noted in Integrity's box contents above. 
Shipper: A plain cardboard box with some printing on the bottom reading ITEM NO.: 14062/ DESC. : Craig Phillips TM/Dressed Fashion Figure/The JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS TM Collection/Adult Collectible
Box with sleeve: as it came out of the shipper & clear bag.

The box cover lifted off to reveal the doll inside -
The inside of the top cover

Sleeve: Glossy thin card stock, die cut edges on top. Pink and maroon.
  • Countess Danielle Du Voisin, Craig Phillips, Techrat & Lindsey Pierce have this same sleeve.

Certificate of Authenticity (Generic, pink): postcard sized. No mention of edition size. Came in a baggie with the instructions and the decals. 
Instructions (Page 1): Craig's instructions are specific to him and deal largely with putting his drum set together. Came in a baggie with the COA and the decals. 
Instructions (Page 2)
Instructions (Page 3)
Instructions (Page 4)
Decals: Came in a baggie with the COA and instructions. 

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Source Differences from produced doll (if any)
Hasbro Prototype
Illustrations: Cartoon