Playset Name Rockin' Roadster
Stock # (US) #4090
Hasbro package contents listing Contains: Roadster with FM Radio, label sheet, and instructions.
Comments/Trivia -The original Rockin' Roadster was released only in 1986.  In 1987 it was supplanted by the Glitter N' Gold Roadster.
Produced Variants So far, I have seen the Rockin' Roadster sold in the following packaging. Since they were all made in the same factories, I don't know if there are any country-of-release related differences or not:
  • US FM Radio Made in Hong Kong, Made in USA (playset parts featured on this ID page is US issue)
  • Canadian
  • Dutch
More Skip here for a listing of other depictions of the Rockin' Roadster (prototypes, catalogues, etc).

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Roadster: 24" long chartreuse plastic two-seater vintage-look car with pink fenders, roof and interior, bright orange er... exhaust pipe thingies, hot pink "jewel" hubcaps, whitewall tires with lavender tread, finished with chromed plastic bumpers and hood ornament.  The windshield is clear dark pink plastic.  The hood opens for storage (who needs a motor?), and there is a real working FM radio in the trunk.  The roof is removable, the doors do not open. 

with FM Radio: Radio and battery are in the trunk of the car.  Notice the Jem license plate!

label sheet: (photo needed)

instructions: White two-sided sheet of paper, dark blue ink.

Items not listed in Hasbro's box contents - these items are removable and often missing on used Roadsters.
Hard Top roof:  Hot pink plastic with a small clear pink window in the back.
  • Fit's into two holes in the back and clips onto the windshield area.  The clipping action very easily causes a break in the small piece of plastic that it clips to, so be very careful removing it!
Hood ornament: Plastic with a chrome finish of the Jem logo.  
  • It clips into the front end of the hood.  Once in place, it's difficult to remove without breaking.
Steering Wheel: Hot pink, has Jem decal on front (if you're lucky!)

Gear shift: Hot pink.
  • almost always missing on used Roadsters!  It is a separate piece that can be removed.

Box, liner and inserts not previously noted in Hasbro's box contents above.
I don't own this playset NRFB so I can't say which, if any posters and inserts originally came with it.
Box: US issue: FM Radio Made in Hong Kong, Made in USA
Box inserts: Brown cardboard

Other images of the Rockin' Roadster (generally unproduced/prototypes/promotional figures) Differences from product (if any)
1986 US Hasbro Toy Fair Catalogue (Same photo is used in the 1986 German Leaflet) It's shown with clear hubcaps and windows, not pink.
Hasbro box photograph
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Rockin' Roadster Commercial
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