Doll Name Jem/Jerrica (1st edition)
Stock #  #4000
Package contents listing Contiene: Una muñeca Jem/Jerrica 12 1/2" pulgadas, micrófono, dos modas, 2 pares de zapatos, peineta, brazalete, cinturón de dos vistas, sombrero, lentes de sol, poster, plataforma para posar tu muñeca.
  • Mexican made dolls have shiny bodies and no Hasbro markings on them at all (except for the hybrids, in which case the heads may be stamped). They are quite poorly manufactured, it is not uncommon to find them with missing or broken hands, very faded make up and poorly sewn in hair. You may also notice her strange stance in the photo at left; the bodies tend to be put together badly and the torso/legs area don't pose perfectly. Her arms are a bit rubbery feeling, the whole body is paler than most Jem dolls. Her back has the smaller battery compartment, mine came with a flesh-coloured piece of plastic holding the switch in the off position. 
Produced Variants There are variants among the Mexican dolls; most notably
  • those that have Mexican heads as well as bodies (sometimes referred to as "pure" Mexican dolls, and 
  • those with non-Mexican (probably Chinese)-made heads, often called "Mexican hybrids."  The doll used for the purposes of this ID page is a hybrid doll. 

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the photo.

As mentioned above, my Mexican 1st Ed Jem/Jerrica is a hybrid doll, meaning she has a non-Mexican head. You can see she has starcapped earrings and the skintone and make up are on the paler end of the scale. China-made US dolls have the same markings on the backs of their heads as my hybrid Mexican (and Spanish, actually!) 1st Ed Jem does so it follows that the hybrid heads were probably Chinese imports.
This is a close up of a pure Mexican head, presumably made in Mexico. Notice the off-centre eyebrows, pale paint and very dark starcaps. Also particular to her are the very wide white "reflection" circles in her eyes. The back of her head is not marked. You may notice the hair is rather unevenly sewn in. In general, the Mexican made dolls, bodies and heads alike are quite poorly made.
Her Jem dress is made of a "pleather" or a smooth fake leathery texture.

Her belt does not have the blue sticker pattern on it. The silver pattern is is vertical, not horizontal, like the China/Hong Kong made  versions. 
  • Mine still has the fringe sewn together at the ends, which is probably just a mistake, as it would be removed after it was sewn on in the factory. 
The tights look just like the US ones as far as I can tell, they are shown left
The Jerrica fashion is similar but the stripes are much wider and farther apart. 
The beret is made of the same material. 
  • Mine came with a white elastic, though there is also a blue version
She comes wearing a Misfits bracelet, coated sort of badly. 
  • On my nrfb doll, it was actually stuck to her forearm, when I slid it down, some of the foil stuck to her arm ~_~
Like her bracelet, her shoes are also coated sort of badly. The scan didn't really show it, but the texture is a bit crustier and not all evenly coloured. 
The Jerrica shoes are distinguishable from regular shoes in that they are slightly smaller and shinier. 

Her microphone has an all silver head. 
The Jerrica glasses are quite pale blue and the nose area is triangular, it's a bit wider than the usual Jem triangular-shaped glasses; they seem to be specific to a Mexican-made doll. 
  • See a picture of a bunch of 1st Edition Jem sunglasses together. 
figure stand, my Mexican stands are generally a bit poorer quality than usual (have pits and dents, etc)
  • See a picture of a bunch of pink hologram Jem stands together. 
  • lacks the TM mark by the Jem logo, but this is not peculiar to Mexican dolls, my first issue Holograms don't have it either. 
comb, pearlescent white, missing the TM by the Jem logo
  • It is doesn't have an iridescent sheen the way the usual 1st edition Jems' do. 
  • see a picture of a bunch of 1st Edition Jem combs together. 

Items not listed in Hasbro's box contents (not all dolls came with the same posters and inserts, this is a listing of what I got personally with my dolls)

box: First year Jem/Jerrica box with side flap, Mexican version.
box liner: Bright pink
poster; 1 sided First year illustrated poster, with "Es Fabulosa" written in place of "Truly Outrageous". (See more on posters)
Jem hair styling instructions, text is in Mexican Spanish. It is the version with the stand instructions. 

Credits: Thanks to Laura (Badgerprincess) for a lot of help on this page, including the photo of the crusty red shoes. Thanks to Dale for the photograph of the pure Mexican face. Thanks also to Taffeta for much input and Sonia for the blue-elastic Jerrica beret photo and information.