Doll Name Glitter 'n Gold Shana Elmsford On-Stage Mini-Giftset
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  • These were among the last Integrity Jem dolls for awhile (they came back in 2020!), and due to licensing requirements,  they were based solely on the cartoon in this case, not on existing Hasbro Jem dolls or prototypes of the era. 
  • These fashions were chosen based on fan input, and were offered solely to W Club members in June of 2017; the number of orders requested would be the final edition number made. (I'm not sure what that number turned out to be!)
  • This is the second (and last, so far) Shana Elmsford doll made by Integrity Toys.

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12 inch (30.5 cm) Articulated fashion doll: African-American doll (FR Black, in Integrity terms) with lavender ringlets hairstyle in an updo. She has glued on eyelashes, pierced ears and brown eyes.

She has an articulated smooth vinyl body that can hold many poses. She comes with two pairs of hands. 

outfit Made up of pieces itemized below. 
Wrap skirt
accessories Made up of pieces itemized below. These were placed in a clear accessory tray concealed behind the pink cardboard name door/wall that she is displayed beside in the box, not visible until the package is opened completely. 

doll stand Made up of pieces itemized below. 
Box, liner and inserts not noted in Integrity's box contents above. 

Other images of Glitter n' Gold Shana Elmsford (generally unproduced/prototypes/promotional figures)
Hasbro DollsHasbro did not produce these fashions.
Illustrations: Cartoon  Both Integrity Shana & Raya's fashions are  based solely on the cartoon designs shown left.

Credits: Thanks to Melanie for allowing me to photograph her doll!