Doll Name Beat This Shana Elmsford
Stock # (US) #14107
Package contents listing Contents: 12.5-inch/1:6th scale fashion doll, outfit & accessories, doll stand. 
  • Licensed by Hasbro and produced by Integrity Toys. 
  • From the Beat This Aja Leith and Shana Elmsford Two-Doll Gift Set, part of the 35th Anniversary Collection.
  • Beat This is the title of a Jem song from the cartoon, but this fashion is based on the Splashes of Sound fashion by Hasbro. 
  • Limited edition of 600 dolls. Lottery Doll (500) / Public (100); IT Direct / Sideshow Toys Exclusive
  • Doll by Vaughn Sawyers
  • Packaging and layouts by Alain Tremblay

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12.5-inch/1:6th scale fashion doll
  • The back of her head is marked 2012 IT. 
  • Her face mold was also used on Nyasha Lauder, another Integrity character. 
  • A photo side by side of the original Shana Elmsford & Beat This Shana Elmsford.

She has an articulated smooth vinyl body that can hold many poses. She comes with three pairs of hands. She is marked 2012 Integrity on her rear.
  • Her fingernails and toenails have orange polish. 
  • Integrity's Color Infusion line also uses this body type.

These are the ones she was packaged with. 
  • They have orange polished nails.

The second pair, came in her accessories tray inside the "cassette" box in front of her legs in the box.
  • They have orange polished nails.
outfit Made up of pieces itemized below. 
Patterned tank mini with yellow ruffled v-neck collar. Line with white satiny material, tagged. Slit on the sides. Has thread loops on the shoulders that the cape attaches to; has five heavy thread "eye" and flat hook closures. The material has a subtle "oil slick" rainbow finish when it hits the light.
Tights; Shiny velvet ribbed stretchy footed tights with a single thick thread eye & flat hook closure in back.
Cape; Lined with royal purple metallic silver threads in a random brocade-style pattern; has sleeves that cover the forearms, made of the same material as the mini dress. The back side is also the same material as the mini dress.
  • There is no green tinge to the cape. It's an unfortunate reflection in the photo, sorry!
accessories Made up of pieces itemized below. Most of these were placed in accessories box that looks a bit like an 80's cassette tape, placed in front of her legs in the box. 

Belt: royal purple shiny pleather with metallic threaded ties decoration.

Earrings: Enameled royal purple lightning bolts. They mirror each other.

Whammy bar; silver metal with black handle. Attaches to the bridge of the guitar.

Guitar strap: royal purple ribbon with silver buckle, silver fasteners on ends. 

cord: thin black plastic cord with chrome-tone connectors. They fit into the instruments & doll stands.

ankle boots: royal purple shiny pleather with a v cut over the ankle, white satiny insoles with tan soles.
doll stand Made up of pieces itemized below. 

stand base: Thick fluorescent pink acrylic stand with holographic 35th Anniversary logo design. Reminiscent of Hasbro's clear pink stands.

Stand pole: chromed plastic tube with an adjustable metal inner pole.
under arm doll holder: Attaches to the top of the stand pole. Silver.
  • These silver doll holders seem to be interchangeable with the other two-doll sets from the 35th Anniversary series. 
saddle style holder: Attaches to the top of the stand pole. Silver.
  • These silver doll holders seem to be interchangeable with the other two-doll sets from the 35th Anniversary series. 
Box, liner and inserts not noted in Integrity's box contents above. We have longtime friend of the website Alain Tremblay to thank for designing the Jem packaging, as mentioned in the credits shown on the bottom of these boxes.  Please note, Aja came with Shana in this package, so there is only one outer package per two-doll set.

Box: Thick cardboard black satiny finish with a hot pink and pink foil confetti & music notes design on front; sides have the Jem logo & stars also in hot pink /pink foil; the back has a palm tree and spotlight design as well as more musical notes and confetti in hot pink/pink foil. It has Integrity Toys logo in white on both sides and Hasbro's current logo in white on the back. The bottom has licensing information etc in white. Over top of this is a magnetized flap that folds over the top, in shiny pink/orange & yellow with the Jem logo and 35th anniversary markings in holographic foil - it looks white in this photo!
  • These outer boxes seem to be interchangeable with the other two-doll sets from the 35th Anniversary series. 

The pink flap opens up to reveal the two single doll boxes inside. Each doll is packaged separately. The inside of the main box is hot pink with the Jem logo on the flap. The two single boxes put together (seen from the back) fit together to recreate the same design as the main box. 

Once completely removed, Shana's box flap opens right to left (Aja's opens the opposite way, like a pair of cupboards!). The package is a blow up of the original Sharon Knettel artwork from the 1986 Hasbro boxes with 'Aja of the Holograms' printed in pink holographic foil; it wraps around the one side of the single box. The other sides are similar to the larger box design (black and pink), the back is the palm tree half of the main box back design.

Pulled out of the "portrait" single box is yet another hot pink cardboard insert to which the doll is attached with white ribbons. The head/hair net is kept in place by a small piece of white thread. The back is white and gives access to the ribbons holding her waist and arms in place. The guitar is in a cello baggie taped to one side of the box, as is the doll stand pole. Over the lower legs is a cellophane baggie with her cape inside, and over that is a small cardboard accessories box reminiscent of a cassette tape box. When removed, you can access the white ribbon holding the legs in place.

The cassette box is made up of 3 pieces; a top that closes over the bottom like a chocolate box basically, and a long pink strip of cardboard that tucks into two slits made in the inside of the doll's box. Inside are the second pair of hands, stand parts, the cord, guitar strap, whammy bar, belt, boots & earrings, all in bags.

Certificate of Authenticity, 35th Anniversary: postcard sized. There is one per pair of dolls. It is bright pink/blank on the back, comes in a plastic baggie.
  • seem to be interchangeable with the other two-doll sets from the 35th Anniversary series. 
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Source Differences from produced fashion/cartoon
Splashes of Sound by Hasbro