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My Want list

Please note: I trade for what I personally collect.  I am not a dealer in the sense that I will trade for items to re-sell. The reasons for this are: #1: I would have to offer prospective traders only half or less of the value of the item they are offering me in order to make any profit (not fair) and #2; shipping costs pretty much obliterate any possible profit, if I did chose to trade for items only to resell. There isn't much point in selling items for no profit. Sorry!
The following list should give you an idea of what I'm interested in, if you think you have something I may like, but it's not listed here, feel free to ask.  

Last Updated  May 2013

This link has a lot of my collections.  If you have something to trade from these lines (that I already don't have... hehe) I may be interested!  
My toy collection is quite large, so odds are I have most of what I need but I am still interested in the following toylines:

The following collections I already have a LOT of, but try me!

The following are more long shots (I have most of what I need already), but you never know:

G-3 My Little Ponies

Battle Beasts

Bratz (Wanted UK, Twiins Krysta, Midnight Dance Fianna, Sportz Teamz Tennis Jade with purple streaks in hair, In Concert Nevra and Jade)
Kitty Kitty Kittens, esp any in non-traditional colours, Fancy Kitty Kitty Kittens, baby kittens I don't have. (hint: this is what I already have)
Jem *Toy Dealer Catalogues
From the 80's.  I have a few already. Mostly looking for Hasbro's and Kenner's, especially non-US versions. Sears and other store catalogues with toy sections (usually the Christmas ones),  Tyco and Irwin (mid 90s).