Home Photo Email Me:  pranceatron@pranceatron.com   March 15, 2016 weight & postal rate estimates  
Photo Accessory: 11 red missiles, from Dreadwing (most likely). 3.00   17  
Photo Accessory: 2 missile launchers from Megatron G-2.  2.00   12  
Photo Accessory: Action Master Blaster’s small and large guns 3.00   15  
Photo Accessory: Devastator’s purple missile launcher, not sure if it works, looks fine otherwise. (have 2) 1.50   6  
Photo Accessory: Devastator’s purple wing thing, tip of one of the missile things is broken off, small peel on corner of one of the decals (have two in similar shape).  0.75   7  
Photo Accessory: G-2 Mixmaster’s gun 1.00   4  
Photo Accessory: G-2 Vortex - purple gun. 1.50   1  
Photo Accessory: Nautilator (or any other Piranhacon)- black gun 2.00   5  
Photo Accessory: Perceptor- silver wheel, has some rub/wear. 0.75   1  
Photo Accessory: Red Alert’s launcher (I think? Has red trigger, not white), has wear on “chrome”. 2.00   3  
Photo Accessory: Skalor’s two blue guns, & two black parts. 8.00   15  
Photo Accessory: Skystalker- gun. 2.00   7  
Photo Accessory; Power Master Optimus Prime gun 1.50   16  
Photo G2 Blast Off: Missing one of the small wings, has head, tight, tiny bit of paint rub. Comes with one of the weapons. 2.50   35  
Photo G2 Dreadwing: Appears to be missing one arm (part doesn’t look broken, it may be replaceable) and arm guards, otherwise looks OK but please view photos to confirm. Has a few small marks on underside, some light signs of wear. Comes with 14 missiles. (View 2) 5.00   267  
Photo G2 Electro: a part under the hood appears to be crudely rewired, other than this appears to be in good shape, no broken parts, head is present, some light decal wear. 5.00   79  
Photo G2 Long Haul (Yellow); tiny bit loose, a little wear on chromed plastic parts, has head, possibly missing a decal or two. 3.00   39  
Photo G2 Optimus Prime (G2 Heroes); Good shape, has head/fists, comes with parts you see only, has a few little rubs/mark on hood 9.00   140  
Photo G2 Ransack: Missing head and possibly other parts, comes with purple fan thing. 2.00   40  
Photo G2 Swindle: Has head, good shape overall, possibly missing decals if it’s supposed to come with some. 4.00   36  
Photo Ironhide (part); decals have some fading/wear on them, missing one of the silver “feet”, the silver parts have faded a little.  2.00   37  
Photo Knock off: Defensor foot plate and waist plate; possibly fake, they seem to be made of crappier plastic than usual. The sticker is not foil, it’s matte. 1.00   11  
Photo Knock off: Drag Strip; has large gun. Good shape 1.50   31  
Photo Knock off: Dreadwind (?) fake: doesn’t appear to be missing any parts, but it is very used/loose, one hip armour thing is a little bent, some rust, etc. Not great shape. 1.50   117  
Photo Voice changer (?) Ultra Magnus; has battery cover, leads have some oxidization (will need cleaning, I doubt it works properly in this state). Body has some light scuffing overall, antenna thing is a bit bent. 1.00   73