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Photo 1984 Hound, has windshield, it’s fairly loose, joints have quite a bit of looseness as well, “chrome” was worn a lot, missing a tire, decals have wear on the edges, some paint dings. 7.00   82  
Photo 1984 Jazz; Missing windshield, white plastic parts have yellowed a bit, otherwise in pretty nice shape, a tiny bit of paint wear on edges, good joints. 6.00   113  
Photo 1984 Mirage: Joints (head/arms esp.) are pretty loose, has some decal wear, some rubs on the chromed parts, some yellowing, missing spoiler on back. 14.50   74  
Photo 1984 Sideswipe #1: rear spoiler has a part chipped off, some dings on the edges of the paint, decals are pretty worn but are still there for the most part, some light scuffing on windshield, joints are reasonably tight.  6.00   119  
Photo 1984 Sideswipe #2; rear spoiler has part chipped off, missing door, lots of decal wear, paint dings, chip on windshield and scuffing, white parts have yellowed somewhat, joints are fairly tight. Not great shape, probably best just for parts. 2.00   114  
Photo 1984 Starscream, has windshield, only one wing part in back, has most decals, have a little wear on edges, has a couple small paint chips, joints overall are rather tight.  5.00   112  
Photo 1985 Omega Supreme (the little train guy); Doesn’t work. Tip of “nose” is broken off. Has some decal wear, one of the treads appears to have been broken from the mechanism that turns it. Could use a little cleaning. 4.00   273  
Photo 1985 Perceptor #1: Missing tray (one of the tabs that holds it in place is broken off) and black shoulder flaps, has yellowed a bit, decals are quite worn, arms are pretty loose, head doesn’t stay out (so I guess it’s loose too), body has some dings/wear. 3.00   137  
Photo 1985 Perceptor #2: Missing tray, one arm has a melted area on it, has fists (the holes have some denting), head wheel thing has a broken off tabs, works. Has rubsign, decals that are present are in pretty good shape but a few do have a little wear on the edges. Legs are quite tight, arms are rather loose, one has some white stress marks by the shoulder. A little paint wear on metal parts. Overall a bit dusty. 2.00   137  
Photo 1985 Red Alert; Missing windows from doors, has most decals, most are rather worn, windshield has some scuffing, some wear on chromed plastic parts, has several dings on the paint edges, very slight yellowing of hood. (View 2)(View 3)(View 4) 3.00   116  
Photo 1985 Thrust: Missing nosecone, has two rear wings and one large wing, windshield has some scuffing, most decals are missing, those that are there have some wear, one paint ding that I could see. 5.00   118  
Photo 1986 Outback, decals have some wear on edges/fading, “chrome” paint has rubbed off a bit, small crack/ stress marks in plastic near one of the wheel wells. (View 2) 2.00   21  
  Photo 1986 Rodimus Prime: Car part - has a broken plastic stem on top (probably held on something that’s missing). Plastic wheels version. Has general paint wear/surface scuffing from use, toes/belt parts seem rather loose. Trailer: decals are applied a bit sloppily (missing one for sure), otherwise is in pretty good used shape, just a little surface scuffing/decal wear. (View 2) 14.00   239  
Photo 1986 Runamuck: Has some yellowing, lots of decal wear. I don’t know if it works. A tab on the underside has a crack in it, not sure if it matters to the function or not.  Comes with gun. 2.50   48  
Photo 1986 Ultra Magnus Trailer; I believe is missing a small white wheel. Some very slight yellowing on white parts, a little screw rust. Good decals. 4.00   267  
  Photo 1987 Point Blank: Missing a door, decals have a lot of wear, some slight yellowing, just signs of overall usage, is pretty tight though, has rubsign. 2.00   85  
Photo 1988 Power Master Optimus Prime w/IQ; the trailer hitch hole is plugged with a broken off trailer hitch, some decal and paint wear, reasonably tight. Has an embossed clear letter R on his backside. IQ’s legs have a few chew marks, some signs of wear. 7.50   147  
Photo 1989: Skyhopper; helicopter. Has a little decal wear. Good shape. Comes with purple round thing 8.00   213  
Photo 1990 Heavy Tread; some slight looseness, overall very good shape. 4.00   9  
Photo 1990 Jackpot, with bird figure. Body is a fair bit loose, has some paint rub, a little wear on decal edges. Bird does not have it’s feet. 4.00   42