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Photo Accessory: Berry Bakeshoppe, leaf cover, has a few stress marks on top. (have 2) 0.50   14  
Photo Accessory: Berry comb, some have a couple slightly bent teeth. (have 13) 0.25   2  
Photo Blow Kiss Angel Cake, great shape, has hat, bodysuit (some fraying on ribbon) and booties (no longer stretch) 11.00   403  
Photo Blow Kiss Baby Needs A Name: Has a few grey spots on back of one leg, otherwise body is clean/good shape. Hat is still attached, but has a tear in the back and several faint speckles (a wash may get rid of them), bodysuit also has some of the speckling on the back but is otherwise in good shape, has booties and wrist band (some possible teeth marks on underside).  6.00   402  
Photo Blow Kiss Baby Strawberry Shortcake bootie, a bit greyish. 0.25   1  
Photo Clothing: Huckleberry Pie pantsuit, could use a little clean, scarf a little frayed, not bad overall. 1.00   3  
Photo Clothing: Knock Off vintage pantsuit, very yellowed, snap is coming loose, looks like there was something sewn to collar that's missing. 0.25   1  
Photo Clothing: Knock Off vintage tights, orange, tiny spot on back, otherwise good. 0.25   2  
Photo Clothing: Raspberry Tart's pantsuit, small spot on sleeve, a little greyish, otherwise OK 1.00   2  
Photo Doll: Ada (I think) #1, nude. Has some pink dots on hand and feet, tiny blue dot on back of leg. 2.00   32  
Photo Doll: Ada (I think) #2, nude. Body a bit yellowish. Wearing top, is a bit greyish. 3.00   32  
Photo Doll: Angel Cake. Halo is still attached to head, hair a little wild but can be tamed, has a tiny spot on back of head (looks like pen). Comes with tights, and dress (dress a bit greyish, faint spot or two).  5.50   48  
Photo Doll: Apple Dumplin' #1: nude, tiny dot on cheek, good hair.  2.00   29  
Photo Doll: Apple Dumplin' #2; hair a little thin (she was made that way), has some hot glue stuck in the hole of her sole, small mark, limbs a bit swingy. Wearing pantsuit.  3.00   32  
Photo Doll: Apple Dumplin' #3, good shape, has pantsuit, hat and socks. 6.00   34  
Photo Doll: Baby Lemon Meringue; a little blush rub, hair a bit fluffy, has hat (elastic a little stretched) and dress.  3.50   46  
Photo Doll: Baby Shortcake: tiny dot on back, wearing panties, dress and hat. Small grey spot on dress front. 4.00   46  
Photo Doll: Blueberry Muffin curved hands #1 has hat (still attached, missing applique). She has a little blush rub, otherwise very good shape, hat has some nibble marks on the back of it (look like gerbil bites to me). Wearing dress (a bit greyish, has no ties in back (should it?), tights (faded to yellow a bit). Has shoes. 7.00   65  
Photo Doll: Blueberry Muffin curved hands #2, a few strands on back of head are cut short, doesn't show too badly, hair has been redone in pigtails. Good body and face, wearing tights (have faded a bit, elastic stretched a bit), dress and shoes.  5.50   48  
Photo Doll: Blueberry Muffin curved hands #3, nude. Good body and hair, face has a few faint pinkish and greyish marks (on nose mostly).   1.00   43  
Photo Doll: Blueberry Muffin curved hands #4; hat is still attached to head, missing applique. Has tights, dress and shoes.  7.00   64  
Photo Doll: Blueberry Muffin curved hands #5, has hat (with applique), some strands of hair in back may be cut short (may have been made that way), small spot on blush, a little greyishness. 3.00   59  
Photo Doll: Blueberry Muffin flat hands: Face is a little yellowish, a few strands of hair are cut short, hair has been redone in ponytails. Wearing dress, but it is torn on underarm.  2.25   42  
Photo Doll: Crepe Suzette #1; complete, I think. Hat is still attached to head, great hair, she has a few tiny vds spots on her body (hidden by bodysuit) and shoes.  Bodysuit has faded a tad.  9.00   46  
Photo Doll: Crepe Suzette #2: Nude. Has some  VDS marks. Very nice hair and face paint. 2.00   38  
Photo Doll: Dancin’ Strawberry Shortcake; Nude. A couple pink marks on face, small dot on arm, small split on vinyl on head hole, feet have some nibble marks, one toe is bitten off. Good hair. 2.00   40  
Photo Doll: Huckleberry Pie (curved hands), has a couple marks on cheek (not VDS but hard to remove as they are on his blush), otherwise great shape, has bodysuit and shoes, they don't match exactly and one has nibble marks.  4.50   46  
Photo Doll: Lemon Meringue #1: Not bad shape, curls are a bit frizzy, I have put it back in ponytails, has one yellow ribbon, dress and tights.   4.25   47  
Photo Doll: Lemon Meringue #3; has a tiny dot on cheek (could be VDS but I don't think so), has ribbons, hat, dress, tights (yellowed a bit) and shoes (have a couple VDS spots) 7.00   52  
Photo Doll: Lime Chiffon; Lots of hair, mostly in original style but texture is a little weird, comes with dress and tights, they are a bit greyish.  5.00   43  
Photo Doll: Mint Tulip. Good shape but body does have some VDS spotting. Has dress and tights, they are a little dusty but not too bad.  4.50   42  
Photo Doll: Orange Blossom; nude, clean, nice shape. 3.00   40  
Photo Doll: Purple Pieman #2: Missing mustache, has a grey spot on nose, has apron (pink stain on upper edge) and spoon.  4.00   111  
Photo Doll: Purple Pieman #3, nude. Tiny spot on chin, a couple dots on back of head, hat is a bit greyish. 2.50   108  
Photo Doll: Raspberry Tart (Curved hands) #1: great shape, hair needs styling though. Comes with hat, bodysuit and tights (has a large run from waist band down, waist elastic has broken). 5.00   49  
Photo Doll: Raspberry Tart (Curved hands) #2: has a spot under chin, otherwise great shape, hair needs styling though. Comes with bodysuit (has a couple faint marks on front.) 3.25   43  
Photo Doll: Raspberry Tart (Curved hands) #3: Good shape, has tights, bodysuit and a very pale pink pair of shoes.  5.50   49  
Photo Doll: Strawberry Shortcake (Curved hands) #2: A couple tiny dots on head, one arm is just starting to turn spotty. Comes with tights (have stain on heel) and dress.  3.75   45  
Photo Doll: Strawberry Shortcake (Curved hands) #3: Doll in good shape, nice thick hair, comes with dress (good shape) and tights (have faded/some faint stains).  4.00   46  
Photo Doll: Strawberry Shortcake (Curved hands) #4; nude, no vds, clean, hair needs a bit of fixing up but looks uncut, cheeks are a tad grey. Good shape in general.  1.00   44  
Photo Doll: Strawberry Shortcake (Curved hands) #5: Hat still attached, it and the tights are a bit dusty, the dress is clean though, wearing shoes, one has a dark spot on the heel.  6.75   53  
Photo Doll: Strawberry Shortcake (Curved hands) #7. Hair pretty good, overall a little greyish. Comes with tights (have faded) and dress (a teensy bit greyish).  4.50   43  
Photo Doll: Strawberry Shortcake (Curved hands) #8. Good hair, has a few tiny VDS spots on head/arms/legs. Comes with tights (have faded, small spot) and dress (a bit grey, a few small spots) 4.00   45  
Photo Doll: Strawberry Shortcake Flat Hands #1; Very nice head/hair & face, limbs a tad greyish/loose feeling, comes with dress (looks like the ribbon was replaced by a red one, a tad greyish, otherwise good). 3.00   45  
Photo Doll: Strawberry Shortcake Flat Hands #3: Good shape, wearing dress and tights but they could use a little cleaning (no stains just a bit dusty), has shoes, one shoe has several VDS spots.  5.50   53  
Photo Doll: Strawberry Shortcake Flat Hands #4; Very nice head/hair & face, body has a few faint marks on it (a couple on her legs may be VDS, they are tiny black dots right now) 1.50   42  
Photo Doll: Strawberry Shortcake Flat Hands #5; Hair a little messy, has some blush rub. Comes with tights (have faded somewhat), dress and hat (both have some beige spots) and shoes (some VDS spots).  6.50   55  
Photo Doll: Strawberry Shortcake Flat Hands #6: Hair is pretty wild, has a faint pink spot on tip of hand. Wearing dress (a little dusty), tights (faded) and shoes (many VDS spots).  6.00   55  
Photo Hasbro Raspberry Tart 30th Anniversary doll reissue. Good shape, nice hair. I seriously cannot remove her pantsuit easily (weird snap), so I can't check her condition totally but she's probably fine, tights have pilled a bit. Nice hair.  5.00   51  
Photo Lite Brite refill - 4 SSC, 7 blanks unpunched (not complete). Envelope has a torn off part from the top, some creasing. 2.25   135  
Photo Maple Stirrup (1992 version); a bit greyish, has some faded pink spots on body here and there, some dents on flanks from saddle. Good paint, some sparkles on underside of two hooves.  2.00   81  
Photo Mini Angel Cake on phone: tiny bit of paint wear. 2.50   12  
Photo Mini Apricot with hopsalot (standing) #1, some small rubs on edges, small mark on front of hat, back of hat has part of a face (!?) stamped on it (like factory error). 2.00   11  
Photo Mini Apricot with hopsalot (standing) #2; has several bite marks on edges, some paint wear.  0.50   11  
Photo Mini Huckleberry Pie with fish #1: tiny rub or two, good shape.  2.50   14  
Photo Mini Huckleberry Pie with fish #2; tail of fish has been bitten off :(, a tiny bit of paint wear otherwise. 1.00   14  
Photo Mini Huckleberry Pie with Pupcake: a bit greyish, has a couple tiny paint rubs. (have 3 in same shape) 2.75   15  
Photo Mini Orange Blossom; Face is rubbed off, some paint wear on edges, scrape on front of dress.  1.00   15  
Photo Mini pink wheelbarrow, looks like it may have yellowed a bit (not sure what the original colour was).  0.75   6  
Photo Mini Raspberry Tart on skates; feet may be chewed, some larger paint rubs here and there 1.25   15  
Photo Mini Strawberry Shortcake wearing nightgown #1: has several little scuffs/scratches, a couple small marks.  1.75   16  
Photo Mini Strawberry Shortcake wearing nightgown #2: has a few paint rubs on edges, largest is on front of her cap. 2.00   16  
Photo Mini Strawberry Shortcake with berries in apron: has a dent on head, some light paint wear here and there. 2.25   15  
Photo Pet: Custard Party Pleaser, small bite mark on hat, a little paint wear on edges. 6.00   15  
Photo Pet: Gooseberry #1, good shape. 3.00   11  
Photo Pet: Gooseberry #2; small spot on hat, otherwise good shape.  2.75   12  
Photo Pet: Gooseberry #3: a few marks on painted areas, beak has lost a bit of paint.  2.50   14  
Photo Pet: Gooseberry #4; tiny spot on nose, otherwise good shape.  2.75   13  
Photo Pet: Gooseberry #5; factory paint is a bit sloppy, vinyl has hardened a little.  2.50   12  
Photo Pet: Gooseberry #6; Body has turned beige, has some paint rubs.  1.00   11  
Photo Pet: Gooseberry #7; body has yellowed slightly, a tiny bit of paint wear.  2.50   12  
Photo Pet: Jelly Bear; missing most of face and other paint, otherwise quite clean. 1.00   11  
Photo Pet: Parfait Parrot #1: tip of nose has chew marks, some small spots, feet a bit dirty. 1.00   9  
Photo Pet: Parfait Parrot #2; a little grey, small scuff on feet. 2.75   10  
Photo Pet: Parfait Parrot #3; has hardened a little, vinyl has a beige tone, a little paint wear.  2.25   12  
Photo Pet: Parfait Parrot #4; a bit of paint wear, a few small marks.  2.50   11  
Photo Pet: Pupcake; body has hardened, small spot on cheek, tiny rub on tail.  2.50   9  
Photo Pet: Souflee Skunk; Has discoloured a lot on the edges (maybe it’s faded marker?), has some paint wear, tip of tail has a bite mark. 1.75   13  
Photo Pet: Tea Time Turtle (hard) #1; tiny bit of paint wear, good shape.  3.00   10  
Photo Pet: Tea Time Turtle (hard) #2; has a bit of paint wear on eye and shell.  2.50   10  
Photo Vintage Birthday Gift Wrap, NRFB, Made in Canada. Has a vintage price sticker. Great shape. (have 5 packages) 4.00   47  
Photo Vintage Candle, Huckleberry Pie. Still in cello, the cello does have a crack in it, it’s possible the candle has yellowed a bit, there is some slight denting on a couple of the edges. HTF! 5.50   102  
Photo Vintage Pillow Case, 1982. Has a small black dot on the corner (each side).  3.50   112  
Photo Vintage Plastic Container, 1982. Has some yellow tape residue on inside (not much, not bad), small rub on paint. Still has gold label on bottom. 3.00   80  
Photo Vintage plastic frame. Has yellowed/faded a bit. Probably missing some sort of stand to hold it up, has some sticker residue on the back.  2.00   99  
Photo Vintage Plush 6" Jelly bear. Missing collar. Fur is rather matted down, but clean considering age. 8.00   50  
Photo Vintage plush 8" Pupcake. Has a grey spot on one paw (not pictured), overall just kind of used looking/dusty.  6.00   120  
Photo Vintage porcelain bell (5") Friendship is the berries. Dated 1983, great shape. 6.00   95  
Photo Vintage Porcelain candy dish,”Love and Care help friendships grow Sweeter.”  Nice shape, no chips. 5.00   209  
Photo Vintage Porcelain dish; “A friend is Someone you like A bushel and a Peck” dated 1980, has a little fading on writing otherwise good shape.  5.00   179  
Photo Vintage quilting fabric, approx 4 feet by 3 feet. I don't see any licensing or dating marks, but I'm sure it's old. Good shape.  8.00   179  
Photo Vintage table cloth, 1982. about 10 feet by 5 feet. A little worn on edges, a few small brownish marks on the bottom of few panels. (it has been used) 3.00   129  
Photo Vintage Tray Puzzle, smiles are for Sharing, 1981, Creative Crafts, Made in new Zealand, has an address sticker on corner, some pencil on back, fairly worn on corners/edges.  1.00   113  
Photo Vinyl-headed ragdoll, Huckleberry Pie: Has a few very faint greyness/stains on lower part of face, part of his neck joint is a little gnarled/chewed looking, some very slight pilling on legs. Comes with bodysuit, it's missing one half of a velcro closure. 20.00   298