Photo Email Me:  pranceatron@pranceatron.com   February 12, 2018 weight & postal rate estimates  
  Photo Lot of 10 90's + up figures, good shape unless noted: AT-ST driver; (tiny scuff/spot). 2 Chancellor Palpatine (arms are a little loose otherwise good), 2 Destroyer Droids, Luke in white with headset (tiny dot/rub here and there), Musician figures (3) with jacket, Queen Amidala.  8.00      
Photo Hidden Majesty Padme mask. A little blush rub otherwise good shape. 0.75   6  
Photo Vintage Millenium Falcon part; ramp, middle tab is broken off,. 5.00   13  
  Photo Vintage Walrus Man: Has a bit of paint wear otherwise pretty good 2.00   16