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Photo Astrosnik PVC pyramid guy, good shape. 2.50   21  
Photo Astrosnik PVC; with ice cream cone, a small mark or two, good shape. 2.25   19  
Photo Panini Smurfparade Album. Has 24 stickers. Some light creasing, price sticker residue on back corner. Does not look very used. 5.00   91  
Photo Schleich figure, 2003 soldier, approximately 4" tall, good shape. 2.00   32  
Photo Schleich horse, 2003. Black, has a couple small spots and rubs on body, otherwise good shape. 2.00   132  
Photo Schleich horse, has a rub on blanket on flank, has some little marks here and there on body, dated 2003. 1.75   145  
Photo Schleich King figure, 2003 approximately 4" tall, with staff, very good shape. 2.00   63  
Photo Smurf figure lot: 2 hollow plastic smurfs (one is missing arms, a couple little marks/yellowing) 90's era poseable Baby Smurf with ice cream, Kinder Surprise Papa Smurf conductor (has a couple tiny spots on beard) Kinder Surprise Smurf, should have trumpet but itís missing. Soccer Player smurf (fairy recent) poseable figure, good shape. 3.00   57  
Photo Smurf Plush 10" Smurf with smurf doll. Some scuffing on dolls' eyes, laundry tag is quite faded, tail is coming loose (needs repair), fur a little worn. 3.00   332  
Photo Smurf Plush 11" Papa Smurf, has original swing tag, great shape. 3.00   256  
Photo Smurf Plush 6" Brainy. Applause 1984. Laundry tag is torn, hat is smushed down, some greyishness from age, some small runs in the back of his gown. 2.50   85  
Photo Smurf Plush Papa Smurf, approximatelyy 5" tall, a little paint wear on eyes, laundry tag is cut off. 1.50   46  
Photo Smurfs hanging canvas shoe organizer. Has a pink spot on one pocket, it's otherwise rather clean, top pocket has torn (about 1/2 cm) from the backing. Licensed by Peyo, no date but certainly from the 80's. 6.00   270  
Photo Smurfs hardcover in French, Histoires De Schtroumpfs. Some slight signs of wear, good shape in general. 3.00   321  
Photo Smurfs magnetic rainbow belt with Jokey on clasp. The sticker has a little wear on edges, magnet and inside of metal has some rust/corrosion. 2.50   44  
Photo Smurfs Numeral Birthday Candles. MIP, most packages are pretty good, some may have some dents/cracks in the bubble. Price tags on corner. 0, 1, 3, 5 & 6 $1.50 each 1.50   51  
Photo Smurfs pillow doll pattern, both sides. Present is cut, as is top of hat on the back. 1.00      
Photo Smurfs Wind up Gargamel, works, great paint, his back has a slightly smudged spot on back (not a rub) 3.00   21  
Photo Smurfs Wind up Smurf drummer: doesn't work properly, arms have yellowed, one foot peg broken off, some wear on the decal on the drum, seam has pulled apart a bit. 1.25   29  
Photo Smurfs Wind up Smurf with present, works, couple tiny marks, great shape otherwise. 2.00   20  
Photo Smurfs Wind Up smurf with wings, works, has yellowed a little, tiny spot or two. 2.00   22  
Photo Smurfs Wind Up Smurfette: A few small paint rubs, some yellowing on seams. Winds fine, doesnít seem to walk too well though. 2.50   15  
Photo Smurfs Wind-Up Smurf: Works, missing one foot peg, a little yellowed, seam and winder are a little pinkish. 1.75   18