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Photo Fur Berries 10" Tangerine Tabby, no longer smells, has initials written on laundry tag, otherwise good shape. 6.00   203  
Photo Furskin, Wendys Hattie Furskin, sealed in package. 1.50   127  
Photo Furskins 14" Cece. Face has a few faint spots, hands and face are both a bit on the grey side, comes with most or all of her outfit (hat, blouse, bloomers, socks, shoes and skirt. The boots have some faint green marks on them & are a bit dusty, has a small brown spot;the outfit is slightly dusty but no major problems. 3.00   650  
Photo Furskins 14" Plush (Scout?); wearing camofluage outfit, socks and boots, excellent shape. 4.00   549  
Photo Furskins Baby Thistle Doll - overall a bit dirty looking, some greyish marks on the nylon parts of the body, fur is little worn/matted but overall not too bad. Comes with blanket (has a faint yellow stain on the front, has some pilling on the back, some slight fading) bonnet (also pilled/some greyishness), socks and boots. 3.00   595  
Photo Furskins Poseable furniture. Not sure about the pink table but Iím pretty sure the other stuff is from the general store. The basket is a little dirty inside. Otherwise the stuff is in good shape. 2.50   100  
Photo Furskins PVC, pushing carriage, a bit greyish, small paint rub or two, has a plastic piece broken off in back of head. 0.50   36  
Photo Get Along Gang Wooden/leatherette picture frame, holds a standard sized photo, but is about twice the size, features Montgomery Moose.There is no plastic or glass, there probably should be some. Back has a gold foil sticker, dated 1985. It has a few little spots on the back but the front looks good, just one tiny spot. 2.00   156  
Photo Hooks Leroy Lion, NRFP; Card has some wear. It has been folded in two places on the back flap, price sticker removal mark, some edge wear. Dated 1987 Mattel. 30.00   285  
Photo Hooks: Large creature. Eyes have a few small rubs on them, a bit yellowed. No laundry tag. Fur a bit used looking but clean. 5.00   361  
Photo Hooks; Magic Slate; Has been used, pen cello thing has been opened (not terribly neatly), a price tag removal mark on one corner, some crinkling/indents on slate. 1.75   91  
Photo Nosey Bear, pink and orange with gumball machine nose. Some scuffs on nose plastic, light surface scuffs on one eye paint layer (still blue, not scratched through). 10.00   343  
Photo Popples flat sheet, approx 60" by 92" "we'd rather be leaping than sleeping", very colourful, nice shape. 8.00   401  
Photo Popples Pixie Doodle. (From Popples reissue) A little greyish/used looking but no real problems 10.00   227  
Photo Popples Puzzle: boxed, 1986 Construction Crew. Box is in great shape, pieces have a little wear on some edges. 5.00   307  
Photo Pound Puppies Puzzle, complete. A little wear on edges of box. A few pieces have some signs of regular use. 2.00   234  
Photo Shirt Tails 7" Plush World's Greatest Koala. Small spot on stomach, otherwise good shape. 2.00   121  
Photo Shirt Tales World's Greatest Koala. Arms have some slight tearing on one inch of the arm in back. 2.50   280  
Photo Wuzzles Butterbear pattern; Uncut pattern with instructions and envelope, the flap is missing, some price tag residue on front of envelope. 2.00   24  
Photo Wuzzles Lite Brite refill- 14 generic sheets, 3 Wuzzles sheets all unpunched, envelope has a few tears, has tape removal mark on the back.†† 2.00   183  
Photo Yawnees 6" Plush,pink. Very used looking and greyish. Not great shape. 1.00   71