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  Photo Fraggle Rock 7" record, Fraggle Rock theme, A Helping Hand, Time to Live as one, Workin'. Unfortunately it looks a bit warped on one edge so I don't know how well it would play. Sleeve has some light creasing/wear. 2.00   37  
Photo Miss Piggy Soap. 1978, made in England. The soap still exists but edges of ears etc have broken off. Box has some creasing/wear but not too bad all things considered! 3.00   118  
Photo Muppet Babies Invisible Ink picture book. 1988. Some of the pages have been revealed. Looks complete, good shape. Has pen but I'm sure it's not going to work properly after 30 years :) 2.00   96  
Photo Muppet Babies Panini sticker album. Has 38 stickers (give or take a few), some writing on insides of covers both back and front. A few yellow spots on cover, some light creasing etc. 5.00   86  
Photo Fraggle Rock 16" Plush Jr Gorg. 2010 Manhattan Toys. Very nice shape. 15.00   368  
Photo Sesame Street Cookie Monster Cake Pan; Has a dent, is smaller than a regular cake pan, some signs of use, comes with plastic parts, the white parts have yellowed a bit, Im not sure if Id put them on a cake, myself... 3.00   110  
Photo Sesame Street Follow That Bird colouring book, some of the puzzles have been done in pencil, nice shape, good cover. 1.00   127