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Photo Fashion Star Fillies Feelin' Fancy Chantilly; Body seems slightly yellowed in areas, has some scuffing on pearl, worst is on her flank and hoof edges. Hair is good but could use some styling. HTF! 50.00   196  
Photo Fashion Star Fillies Feelin' Fancy Darci; has one spiral hair decoration. Nice hair. Has a few scuffs on pearl/hoof edges etc.  12.00   220  
Photo Fashion Star Fillies Feelin' Fancy Raquel; has two "gloves" (one needs a small repair on seam) and bow (not sure if it's hers but it sure looks right to me). Great hair. A few tiny little scuffs/marks on body, overall quite good shape. 35.00   204  
Photo Fashion Star Fillies Five Star Wedding gown, dress. Some slight yellowing, a few tiny snags on satin.  5.00   8  
Photo Fashion Star Fillies Lani; comes with three of her original barettes. Really nice shape, a few very tiny scratches/dots on body.  15.00   214  
Photo Little Pretty Kitty Cat Bow; Nose and one eyebrow have some paint rub, a couple faint spots on body, otherwise quite clean, not sure if the water changing paint still works or not, good hair. Wearing her original bow. 10.00   46