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Photo G2: Ivy (magic motion): Works, body a little grey, half of tail is a bit short. 2.50   64  
Photo G2: Morning Glory #1: Comes with backpack that works, has some faint yellow marks on body, good hair. 3.00   50  
Photo G2: Morning Glory #2: Comes with backpack that is missing the ribbons. A bit of tail rust, there is a gray stain in the mane hair. 3.00   51  
Photo G2: Petal Blossom: a tad greyish, comes with her hat 3.25   51  
Photo G2: Sundance (Magic Motion) #1: works fine, crystals are popped out of eyes, otherwise great.†† 1.50   53  
Photo G2: Sundance (Magic Motion) #2: In great shape, Comes with her rainbow (a bit warped), mirror and one barette. 5.00   80  
Photo G2: Sundance (Magic Motion) #3: works fine, crystal popped out of one eye, mane slightly trimmed 1.50   53  
Photo G2: Sundance (Magic Motion) #4: Good shape, just a little greyish in general. 2.50   54  
Photo G3: Amberlocks, very good shape, hair is just a tad frizzy. 2.75   66  
Photo G3: Applejack: Has some glue stuck in bangs, faded ink spot on backside. 2.25   70  
Photo G3: Baby Pink Sunsparkle; Good shape. (have 2) 3.00   41  
Photo G3: Baby Wavecatcher: hair a bit stiff, othewise good shape. 2.75   32  
Photo G3: Beachberry #1: Great shape 3.00   70  
Photo G3: Beachberry #2; ends of hair a bit dried out, tip of nose and ear have some scuff marks/greyishness. 2.50   70  
Photo G3: Butterscotch #1, good shape. 3.00   67  
Photo G3: Butterscotch #2, wearing hat and neckerchief, good shape. 3.50   70  
Photo G3: Cherry Blossom (Seaside Celebration) #1, great shape, small rub on heart on hoof. (have 2) 3.00   70  
Photo G3: Cherry Blossom (Seaside Celebration) #2, great shape. (have 2) 3.00   70  
Photo G3: Cotton Candy: Very nice shape. (have 2) 3.00   67  
Photo G3: Daisyjo (matte version) #1, great shape (have 2) 3.00   62  
Photo G3: Daisyjo (matte) #2; Has a small black mark on cheek, otherwise good shape, has ears, tail still has original cello wrapped around it. 2.50   65  
Photo G3: Daisyjo (matte) #3; Has her easter costume minus one slipper, great shape. 3.75   68  
Photo G3: Doseydotes #1; tiny rub on one eye and hoof heart, really nice shape. 2.75   63  
Photo G3: Doseydotes #2; great shape (have 4) 3.00   63  
Photo G3: Fluttershy I: A few small dots on body, bit of wear on hoof heart, ends of hair a tad wiry feeling. 2.00   68  
Photo G3: Glitter Glide #1: Has a couple tiny dots on body otherwise good shape, wearing 2 skates and skirt. 2.00   101  
Photo G3: Glitter Glide #2: wearing skates & skirt and has two parts of base. Very nice shape. I donít know whatís supposed to do... 3.00   301  
Photo G3: Jazz Matazz: faint mark on cheek, hair is a bit dry feeling. 2.50   57  
Photo G3: Kimono: tiny dot on one foot, tinsel in hair is quite wrinkled up. 2.50   68  
Photo G3: Loop-De-La; Great shape. (have 2) 3.00   90  
Photo G3: Magic Marigold (pearly skin version & magnet in hoof), mane is quite puffy/frizzed at the ends, tail is a little frizzed at ends too but not as bad. Good paint. 2.00   72  
Photo G3: Meadowbrook: Great shape. (Have 3) 2.50   65  
Photo G3: Minty #1, extremely faint spot on one foot, otherwise great. 3.00   67  
Photo G3: Minty #2: Hair is a little stiff feeling, may have a tiny trim. Symbols a bit grey. 2.00   72  
Photo G3: Minty #3: Has some pink marker stains, a couple spots on backs of feet. 2.00   64  
Photo G3: Minty #4: Tiny smudge on symbol, otherwise good shape.. 2.25   65  
Photo G3: Minty (dark green winter 3-pack version), great shape. (have 2) 3.00   59  
Photo G3: Petal Blossom: Very nice shape. 3.00   68  
Photo G3: Pinkie Pie (dress up pony); good shape, nice hair. 3.00   65  
Photo G3: Pinkie Pie: good shape (have 2) 3.00   65  
Photo G3: Rainbow Dash #1; Ends of hair are a bit frizzy, possibly trimmed. 2.50   73  
Photo G3: Rainbow Dash #2; good shape. 3.00   72  
Photo G3: Rainbow Dash (Tea Time version); has two small scratches on symbol, otherwise good. Nice hair. 2.50   62  
Photo G3: Rainbow Dash dress up pony #1, good shape. 3.00   63  
Photo G3: Rainbow Dash dress up pony #2, good shape, great curly hair. 3.00   65  
Photo G3: Rainbow Swirl; hair a tiny bit frizzy bit not bad otherwise. 2.75   64  
Photo G3: Scooter Sprite; neck seam a bit discoloured, otherwise good shape. 2.75   68  
Photo G3: Sew and Sew, hair a bit poofy, otherwise good shape. (have 2) 2.25   66  
Photo G3: Sky Wishes #1; edges of hooves are a little dirty looking, otherwise great shape. 2.75   72  
Photo G3: Sky Wishes #2; ends of hair look trimmed/tad frizzy, a few small spots, looks a bit yellowish overall. 2.00   72  
Photo G3: Sparkleworks #1: Good shape. (have 2) 3.00   68  
Photo G3: Sparkleworks (dress up pose); very nice shape. 3.00   63  
Photo G3: Starswirl: has a few small marks/smudges on body, faint pinkish mark on symbol otherwise OK. 2.25   68  
Photo G3: Sunny Daze (Dress up pony pose); is a little greyish here and there, mostly on limbs, otherwise good, nice hair. 2.50   67  
Photo G3: Sweetberry, great shape. 3.00   63  
Photo G3: Tea Leaf; tail looks a bit short but I donít think it was cut. Good shape. 2.75   66  
Photo G3: Tink a tink a too; has a pink spot on leg, a few tiny scratches on eye/body. 2.25   62  
Photo G3: Toola Roola (Wing wishes) Has a faint orangey spot by eye, otherwise good shape 2.75   66  
Photo G3: Toola Roola; a tiny bit of tail rust otherwise good. 2.50   67  
Photo G3: Tulip Twinkle, tail looks trimmed, tinsel in mane is rather crumpled/worn looking. 2.00   64  
Photo G3: Valenshy, good shape. 3.00   69  
Photo G3.5: Baby Pinkie Pie, good shape. 2.00   25  
Photo G3.5: Cherilee (?), missing whatever is supposed to attach to her head, otherwise good shape. 2.00   84  
Photo G3.5: Cherilee, tinsel in hair a bit crumpled otherwise goodshape. 2.25   76  
Photo G3.5 Rainbow Dash, good shape. 2.50   85  
Photo G3.5 Scootaloo, great shape. 2.50   74  
Photo G3.5 Scootaloo: NRFB, good shape. 5.00   140  
Photo Friendship is Magic Glimmer Wings Daisy Dreams: Has a scuff on each eye, wings have some stress marks near bases. 2.50   45