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Photo Baby BBE Cuddles #1; Body has some fading and mottled greyness, a few spots on skin, great hair, one eye has some rust, one foot is yellowing a bit around the edges, symbol colour is leeching (typical for this pony).  1.75   34  
Photo Baby BBE Cuddles #2: body has yellowed slightly, tail is for sure trimmed, not sure about mane, what is there is silky. One eye has a small mark on it (no rust). Symbol colour has leeched a bit, some slight paint rub.  1.50   34  
Photo Baby BBE Gusty: Tail has been trimmed, otherwise hair is in good shape. No rust, a little rub on eyeshadow. Body has and ivory tone &/or "dirty' insides look,  a few tiny dots/spots.  2.25   36  
Photo Baby BBE Heartthrob; Has a few faint greyish areas around hooves, on blush, nostrils/lip.  Good hair, otherwise clean body, good symbols 2.25   36  
Photo Baby BBE Lickety Split: Hair has only a tiny tinge of pink left. Good eyes, one symbol has a little smudge on it (looks like it was made that way), body seems a tad darker than head. 2.50   33  
Photo Baby BBE Sleepy Pie #1, has some eye rust, hair is pretty good, body has discoloured a bit, good hair, a tad dirty around hooves, some rub on eye liner. 1.75   35  
Photo Baby BBE Sleepy Pie #2; has some bright pink spots around mouth, good symbols, a few other little spots/dots here and there on body. Hair is pretty good. 1.00   35  
Photo Baby BBE Sundance, has some eye rust, hair is pretty good, body has discoloured a bit, good hair, a little greyish in spots, some rub on eye liner. 1.75   34  
Photo Baby BBE Tiddley-Winks #2; Has faded blue marker under hooves, one small faded blue spot on chest.  Great silky pink hair, symbols have a slightly 'cracked' look.  2.00   35  
Photo Baby BBE Tiddley-Winks #3; Hair has faded to white, one eye is quite rusty, the other not as bad 2.00   32  
Photo Baby Cotton Candy #1: Hair is trimmed, tail rust. Hair should be pinker & silkier. Body has an overall greyish tinge, the odd little dot or two. 3.50   32  
Photo Baby Cotton Candy #3: hair still rather pink, tail a bit wiry, small spot on ear, body a little greyish tinged. 3.75   32  
Photo Baby Cotton Candy #4: Has an overall greyish tinge, a little blush rub, hair may possibly have been trimmed, it still has some pink colour to it, underside of hooves a bit dark. 4.00   32  
Photo Baby Cuddles (From buggy) #1; good hair, has pink spot on cheek, a few greyish areas on skin (around symbols, underside of hooves).  2.00   32  
Photo Baby Cuddles (From buggy) #2; Good shape, nice hair. 3.00   32  
Photo Baby Cuddles (From buggy) #4; Body has a slightly greyish tinge overall, great hair and symbols. 3.00   32  
Photo Baby Drink n' Wet Rainfeather; has quite a few faded ink spots on both sides, a bit of greyness around blush, good hair and symbols.  2.00   33  
Photo Baby Ember Mail in: Lavender with pink hair, body has some yellowish mottling and discolouration, hair is good, one eye is rubbed, two hooves have ink marks on the undersides. Tiny dot or two on body. 2.50   34  
Photo Baby first tooth Tic Tac Toe: Good hair and paint, one foot looks like it has "dirty insides" smooze inside.  4.75   37  
Photo Baby Mail-in Pearlized Cotton Candy; Has several faint black speckles on her body, greyish line on her rear - they may be removable with enough elbow grease, I didn't try for fear of ruining her pearly sheen, the sheen does have a few rubs here and there too. Hair is still fairly pink, possibly trimmed (edges are very straight) 15.00   31  
Photo Baby Newborn Shaggy, nice hair (recurled), good symbols and eyes, has a couple tiny dots on body. 4.75   25  
Photo Baby newborn Tappy: Very nice shape, great curly hair, could use a little taming though. 5.00   28  
Photo Baby Newborn Twin Snookums (unicorn/mittens): Missing some plugs of hair at base of mane. A little greyish, nice hair. Good shape. 3.00   26  
Photo Baby sea pony Splasher #1: Hair is pretty good, has a bunch of little brown spots on body, the overall colour is yellowed a bit.  3.75   29  
Photo Baby sea pony Splasher #2; Overall body is kind of discoloured, has a few brownish spots in skin, good hair.  2.00   28  
Photo Baby Surprise #1: has a few brown VDS spots on body, some greyishness, hair has some frizz, tail rust, body is a bit greyish here and there.  2.50   34  
Photo Baby Surprise #2: Has a couple tiny brown spots in skin, good hair though possibly trimmed, small blue mark on neck. 4.00   33  
Photo Baby Surprise #3: body a bit ivory toned. Hair looks slightly trimmed. Small scuff on one eye, a couple tiny dots on wings. 3.75   32  
Photo Bargain Bin Baby BBE Lickety Split #2, really bad! Looks like she has filthy insides, hair is frizzed, rusty eyes, symbol wear, whole body is greyish, I didn't even try to clean her. She's a rescue job! 0.50   34  
Photo Bargain Bin Baby BBE Lofty; eyes are missing lashes, one has pretty bad rust, the hair is a little wiry feeling, symbol on non-display side has been removed (there's still the pink stain left behind where it was). Mouth area and some edges have some tiny black speckles. 0.75   35  
Photo Bargain Bin Baby Firefly: Mane is cut to skin, tail is frizzy. Body is a bit discoloured but not too bad, eyelashes are a bit rubbed.  0.50   31  
Photo Bargain Bin Baby first tooth Fifi: Hair (esp mane) is cut. Some slight frizziness of tail, body slightly yellowed, symbols a bit faded, some rub on tooth.  2.00   35  
Photo Bargain Bin Baby Lickety Split, Hair has been trimmed, body colour is greyish tinged, some areas worse than others, rub on tooth and a little on symbol, "bangs" cut to skin, slight tail rust. 2.00   30  
Photo Bargain Bin Flat Foot Cotton Candy #1: Has a small crack (! Never seen this before!) on her flank. Hair is good but missing a few plugs of hair at base of mane. Body looks faded somewhat, has some little dots. 1.50   87  
Photo Bargain Bin Rainbow Pony Skydancer #2: Forelock cut to skin, the rest of hair is trimmed. Symbols quite faded, some overall greyness, some spots (worst is pink on one symbol) here and there on body.  2.00   80  
Photo Bargain Bin Twice As Fancy Fifi: One foot has a bite/part bitten out of it (!), areas of little black speckles, some other spots and dots on body otherwise, hair is OK.  0.50   80  
Photo Bargain bin Wingless Flutter Rosedust; hair is very matted and gross, symbols good, one eye has a scratch on it, a little blush rub, body has a lot of greyness, a few little spots. 0.50   43  
Photo Baby BBE Tiddley-Winks #1: Body quite clean, hair still has a little pink left, some faint marks on eyes (no rust), faint grey spot on one symbol. Rattles. 2.75   34 Two Day Hold