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Photo Candy Cane Caramel Crunch: Body has yellowed a bit and has a few areas of brownish/orange spots/dots. Some tail rust. Hair still has a fair bit of original curl, one symbol a bit worn.  8.00   88  
Photo Concave Hooves Blossom #1: has an ink spot on eyebrow, body very slightly yellowed, areas of tiny black speckles around hooves/up one foreleg, a little on symbols.  3.25   71  
Photo Concave Hooves Blossom #3: rattles, body has faded somewhat and has an overall greyish/dirty/tiny black speckles look to her, good paint, hair is pretty good but is missing one plug on her mane 3.00 Newly Listed 75  
Photo Concave Hooves Cotton Candy #1; Has "dirty insides" look, hair a little frizzed, possibly trimmed (looks a bit too straight) 2.00   71  
Photo Concave Hooves Cotton Candy #3; missing one plug at front of mane, hair is quite nice, tiny spot near symbol. A very slight grey tinge, overall she's in very nice shape.  4.00 Newly Listed 77  
Photo Concave Hooves Peachy; some slight paint wear on eyeliner; washer has left a dark mark around her tail, a slight greyish tinge in spots, overall she's in pretty nice shape, great hair.  3.50 Newly Listed 80  
Photo Earth Pony Apple Jack #1: Very nice shape, has a faint grey spot on her back.  4.75 Newly Listed 76  
Photo Earth Pony Apple Jack #3: Body has some greyish areas/tiny black speckles in skin, hair is pretty good, one eye has a rub in the paint.  4.25 Newly Listed 76  
Photo Earth Pony Bow Tie: Tail has been trimmed, forelock trimmed to skin, otherwise pretty nice shape. 4.00   76  
Photo Earth Pony Sundance; skin is quite white though has a few tiny marks here and there, good hair, eyelashes have faded a little. Small scuff on paint of symbol and irises (not bad). One eyebrow has a small molding "wrinkle" in skin. 4.00   79  
  Photo Earth pony Tootsie #1: Super nice shape, has a minuscule dot on back of neck, great hair and symbols. 5.00   85  
Photo Flat Foot Bluebelle: Great hair. Ear ear has a hole at the base (''pierced" by a child). Some slight greyishness on body (mostly by symbols where I didn't scrub too hard).  4.00   88  
  Photo Flat Foot Butterscotch; has some VDS spots on face, missing a couple plugs of hair from back of mane, otherwise very nice hair, possibly very slightly trimmed. Has initials written on two of her hooves in faded marker, a couple tiny pink dots on hoof edge. Good paint. 3.50   86  
  Photo Flat Foot Minty: Forelock is pulled out, mane has been trimmed. Body has an overall mottled greyish discoloured tone to it. Faded pen dot near bangs, some other areas of tiny black speckles. Good symbols, bottoms of feet have reddish gunk stuck in the letters. Tail a bit frizzy at ends. 3.00   79  
Photo Magic Message Windy #1: Ends of hair are very frizzy (like someone tried a curling iron on it), missing her bangs. Symbol on unshown side has a piece peeled off of it, bottoms of hooves are pink, pen spot by one eye. 3.00   89  
Photo Magic Message Windy #2: Hair quite frizzed at ends, symbols have some bubbling/scuffing. Some blush rub, small rub on pupil. 2.50   74  
Photo Pegasus Firefly #1: Body is discoloured, rattles, symbols are nearly completely worn off, has several faint greyish and yellow stains on body, good hair. 2.50   78  
Photo Pegasus Firefly #3; hair is good, possibly original curl (I didn't brush/wash it), great symbols, nice dark pink body, sadly has a faint blueish spot on the bridge of her nose :P otherwise she'd be almost perfect condition. 4.50   77  
  Photo Pegasus Medley; good hair, has a few beige VDS spots on body, symbols have faded a little.  6.00   75  
Photo Rainbow Pony Fluttershy; really nice shape, great hair, some very slight greyness, symbol is a bit faint on one side but she may well have been made that way, tiny scuff on her lip and one ear tip.  5.00 Newly Listed 81  
Photo Rainbow Pony Moonstone: Forelock is cut somewhat. Tail a bit frizzy. Has some brownish freckles here and there in skin. Head slightly different shade than body, symbols worn a little. Rattles. 3.75   77  
Photo Rainbow Pony Parasol: Some slight greyishness here and there, hair is good, blush is rubbed, symbols have some slight fading but are generally pretty good. 4.00   79  
  Photo Rockin' Beat Pretty Beat: body a tad greyish, otherwise nice shape, good hair.  7.00 Newly Listed 82  
  Photo Rockin' Beat Sweet Notes; Nice shape, still has crimpy hair.  7.00   84  
Photo So Soft Best Wishes: flocking is discoloured a bit, has quite a lot of paint rub, particularly on wings. Hair is still nice and curly. 3.50   88  
Photo So Soft Bouncy, great shape, nice original curl, has initials written on one hoof, a little wear on flocking.  4.25 Newly Listed 87  
  Photo So Soft Shady #1. Hair a tad wiry feeling, a bit greyish flocking, some very minor rub on hoof edges, a bit thin around neck. 4.25   92  
Photo So Soft Shady #2; Very nice shape, flocking a tiny bit greyish, looks a little thin on the side but that  seems to be common with her. Nice curly hair.  4.50   95  
Photo Sundae Best Banana Surprise: Body has several brown dots on it here and there (do not look removable), tiny bit of symbol rub, hair a tad frizzy. 3.50   78  
Photo Sundae Best Sherbet; symbol has a little paint wear, great hair, clean. 5.00   77  
Photo Sweetheart Sister Happy Hugs: hair may be trimmed. Tinsel is rather crinkled up. Skintone is slightly mottled/darkened (happens with this body shade for whatever reason); some fading of symbol. Not sure if lips 'work' or not.  3.00   68  
Photo Sweetheart Sister Ruby Lips: has some black marker spots on display side (argh) otherwise pretty nice shape, hair may have had a very slight trim (looks a bit too even). 3.00   69  
Photo Twinkle Eye Locket: forelock cut to skin, tail has a trim, hair a bit frizzy has a few faint pink and blue spots faded into skin. 6.00   88  
Photo Twinkle Eyed Party Time #1; Unfortunately has the blotchy skin tone, she’s otherwise quite good, very nice silky hair, still has some pink (have 3) 4.00   94  
Photo Unicorn Moondancer: Good hair but tail is loose, body still retains a fairly white skin tone. Has a few blue pen dots on one leg, some blush rub, symbols are very rubbed. 3.75   76  
Photo Unicorn Powder: Body has 'dirty insides' look; pretty major tail rust. Hair holes look a bit dirty around edges. Hair itself is pretty silky/nice. Symbols have faded and 'rusted' in spots.  2.50   75  
Photo Wingless Flutter Lily; body a bit greyish, ends of hair a bit frizzy, tail is missing some strands (cut to “skin”, a little trimmed. 2.00   44  
Photo Wingless Flutter Morning Glory #1; body is greyish tinged, hair is frizzy at the ends, blush rub, has small ink mark on forehead, tiny brown line on symbol.  2.25   44  
Photo Wingless Flutter Morning Glory #2: blush and symbols are a little greyish, hair is pretty good but could be a little silkier, has a few very faint highlighter marker dots on edges of hooves, couple tiny pink dots on one side, faint grey mark on one leg.  3.00   44