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Photo ALF cardboard records from Burger King. 1988. They are not flat, you will have difficulty playing them if you try! ;) Good shape otherwise. 3.00   24  
Photo ALF female pvc figure, has a fairly large rub on back of head and small black line on hair. Otherwise fine.  1.00   34  
Photo Babar lot of 5 figures. Good shape, 2 are the same figure. A tiny rub or dot here and there.  3.00   100  
Photo Beavis and Butthead 5 packs of temp. tattoos. 4 different designs. Never removed from packaging, 1993.  3.00   59  
Photo Beetlejuice Ghost To Ghost TV rubber figure, good shape. 1.00   24  
Photo California Raisins lot; 15 bookmarks (2 different styles) and 10 figures (all different). One is MIP, the rest are loose, have the odd small rub/dot, generally in good shape.  15.00   450
Photo Colouring Book, vintage. Bugs Bunny by Whitman. Great shape, looks new (I didn't see anything wrong when I quickly flipped through it).  2.00   156  
Photo Colouring Book, vintage. Casper's Ghostland. Some pages are torn out, a couple have been coloured, some creasing/colouring/use on covers.  2.00   421  
Photo Colouring Book, vintage. The Beary Family by Saalfield. Great shape, looks new (I didn't see anything wrong when I quickly flipped through it).  2.00   176  
Photo Cyndi Lauper trading cards set by Topps, 13 different cards, 16 different stickers and one wax paper package.  Good shape. 2.00   54  
Photo Cyndi Lauper trading cards set by Topps, 4 different cards, 5 different stickers and one wax paper package.  Good shape. (These are doubles of the above set). 1.00   20  
Photo Donkey Kong 8" plush. Laundry tags are missing, decal on front is very worn, fur a little used looking, otherwise good shape.  8.00   198  
Photo Family Matters Urkel colouring book, from 1992. Two pages have some colouring. A few price tags on cover and a small crayon mark, back page has a crease. 2.00   105  
Photo Flintstone Kids Puzzle. 60 pcs. Inner box has a split along one side and corner. Outer box has some creasing/bends, not super great shape. English & French Text (Canadian box) 3.00   237  
Photo Flintstones Mello Smello Sticker book, never opened, still has price tag on front, 1991. 1.00   35  
  Photo Franklin Band leader PVC, a tiny bit of paint wear, otherwise good shape. (have 2 in same shape) 0.75   37  
Photo Garfield 10" Dakin 80's Beanie clown bib, a bit yellowed, otherwise good shape. 0.50   7  
Photo Garfield 9" plush, in bear costume. A little dusty. Has a couple tiny flecks missing from eye paint, stitching coming loose on tail.  3.00   251  
Photo Garfield, Plush Arlene figure, approx 12", very good shape, but neck does not stay up properly (she won’t stand up right). She was made this way though... Clean. (have 2) 3.50   233  
Photo Gremlins Cards/Gum. Never opened, vintage 80's, by Topps (Canada) 1.50   36  
Photo Gremlins Coloring Book, golden. About ten pages have been coloured in, a little marker on the front, some light creasing. 1.50   130  
Photo Gremlins frame tray puzzle featuring Spike, complete. A couple pieces have some bents or wear on edges, corners a little worn.  2.00   167  
Photo Gumby 6" Poseable figure/bendy. NRFC, from 2006. 50th Anniversary Edition. Package has a little wear 5.00   97  
Photo Gumby set of 3 plastic figures, one Gumby has some black pen marks, the other has faded eye paint.  2.50   29  
Photo Hanna-Barbera Yogi Bear & Pixie and Dixie silver metallic party baloons. NRFP. Package has water damage & general wear, not good shape. Dated 1981. I do not know if the balloons will actually still hold air after all this time or not. (have 3 packs) 3.00   40  
Photo Harry Potter Leavesden studio tour bag (just a plastic shopping bag, but actually from the studio!) + a snitch antenna ornament premium. Bag has been folded/has wear.  3.00   54  
Photo Harry Potter Malfoy & Harry (with cobwebs, I think from Chamber of Secrets) 5" articulated figures.  3.00   96  
Photo Harry Potter Mrs Norris 12" plush cat by Gund, 2001. Still has swing tag, excellent shape.  10.00   206  
Photo Harry Potter Norbert pillow, 12" by 8". Great shape, barely used (I was the original owner) 8.00   245  
Photo Harry Potter Quidditch Harry & one of the Weasleys. With broom and back pack .  3.00   94  
Photo Harry Potter small lot of items: Dumbledore Christmas tree ornament (never used), 3" Harry potter doll with wand, cage & Hedwig, Prof. McGonagle pog and stack of stickers from the 2005 Panini album.   4.00   125  
Photo Heathcliff Plush, 12" tycoon #1: 1981 Knickerbocker, nice colour, great shape.  4.00   197  
Photo Heathcliff Plush, 12" tycoon #2: 1981 Knickerbocker, blue has faded a bit, laundry tag a bit frayed on edges, small grey line on one eye.  3.25   209  
Photo Little Miss Sunshine plush; Has a few little spots on face, otherwise good shape. 2.50   251  
Photo Lone Ranger Little Big Book, covers have quite a bit of creasing, back is a little dirty. 1.50   109  
Photo McDonald's Good Morning Canada Anchor Hocking Fire-King mug. Small part of the sun has faded a bit. There are a couple thin dark scratches inside the mug and beside the handle.   3.00   246  
Photo Mister Men beanie, Mr. Rush, has laundry tag, good shape. 1.50   48  
Photo NBC peacock Beanie. I believe was acquired in New York at NBC studios, c. 2000. Good shape.  3.00   82  
Photo Neopets 7" Green spotted Shoyru plush, laundry tags cut off, good shape.  3.00   95  
Photo Neopets 7" Purple Grundo plush. Laundry  tags cut off, otherwise good shape.  3.00   94  
Photo Neopets Angelpuss, 2003 6" plush. I don't know if it works or not. Good shape.  3.00   132  
Photo Neopets Desert Collector Figure pack, 2008. Never opened. Package has a little wear on the edges. 5.00   146  
Photo Neopets electronic 4" Blue Lupe; at this writing works, comes with battery, has a couple tiny marks, good shape. 2.00   119  
Photo Neopets electronic 4" White Kougra, works but will require  battery, has some scuffing on base. 2.00   134  
Photo Neopets lot oof 7 miniature figures. Good shape, a little rub or mark here and there.  3.00   127  
Photo Neopets Petpet pink Kadoatie, 6". Good shape.  2.00   64  
Photo Neopets Petpet pink Miamouse, 6". Good shape.  2.00   38  
Photo Neopets plush 6" Yurble, good shape, laundry tag is cut off.  3.00   91  
Photo Neopets plush Aisha approx 10" tall (including antennae), slightly pilled/greyish, but not too bad.  2.00   71  
Photo Neopets plush Faerie Aisha approx 8" tall (including antennae), still has swing tag, code has been used. Good shape.  2.00   66  
Photo Neopets Plush Puppyblew; A bit dusty, doesn’t presently work, could just need new batteries. (It takes 6!) Small spot on foot. 2.00   126  
Photo Nerds soap, From 1987. French/English packaging (Canadian issue) made by Sunmark. Has a couple tears on the box, I would guess it's never been used, the soap inside has some condensation bubbles on the inside of the packaging.  5.00   135  
Photo Olympics (2010 Vancouver Winter Games) Miga, has hang tag, tiny pinhole opening on seam on leg. Never played with. 2.50   82  
Photo Olympics (2010 Vancouver Winter Games) Sumi beanie #1, has original price tag, great shape. 3.00   94  
Photo Olympics (2010 Vancouver Winter Games) Sumi beanie #2, some light surface scuffs on nose,otherwise good shape. 2.50   101  
Photo Oscar Meyer Weinermobile beanie. Still has original tag, a bit dusty, otherwise good. No date but I think it's from around 2000.  2.00   148  
Photo Oscar Meyer Weinermobile plastic whistle with maple leaf. Good shape. (have 2, .50 cents each) 0.50   18  
Photo Pac-Man Christmas story talking storybook, never opened, has a delete cut on side, some price tags. 3.00   71  
Photo Pac-Man fakey wind up (Blue) works, face decal is coming loose a bit. 1.00   22  
Photo Pandamonium game. Not complete, it's missing some cardboard tokens (probably you can still play the game with fake ones, if so desired). Box is a bit warped/pushed in the middle, inner box has a split on two corners. English & French Text (Canadian box) 5.00   384  
Photo Peanuts Aviva skateboard figure. Box says Snoopy but it's Charlie Brown with woodstock, it has a little wear on the edges, and the cello has been pushed in a little/yellowed, torn about an inch on one corner. French/English (Canadian) box. Looks like it was never removed.  12.00   59  
Photo Peanuts Jointed 9" vinyl Dress Up Snoopy doll from the 70's, (has a few small paint rubs, some slight greyness here and there). Wearing roller skates, top and jeans. The top is quite pilled/yellowed (small stain) The other stuff is in good shape.  8.00   243  
Photo Peanuts Jointed 9" vinyl Dress Up Snoopy fashion, baseball uniform. Comes with top, bottoms and glove. Good shape.  3.00   20  
Photo Peanuts Lot of 6 small figures #1: Skiing figure is from a Kinder egg so it breaks into pieces easily. Red Charlie brown is rubber, is grey with teeth marks/paint wear (not great shape) other two figures are hard plastic, have some paint wear - Charlie Brown moreso, slight dings on edges/yellowing. Skateboard has a lot of missing paint and Snoopy's scarf is broken off. Blue ball Snoopy has a little paint wear/marks. 3.00   147  
Photo Peanuts lot of 6 small figures #2; 4 Snoopy PVCs, Christmas ornament (all are mostly good, may have a tiny rub/dot) and rubber Charlie Brown figure has quite a bit of paint wear.  4.00   137  
Photo Peanuts Romper Room Jack in the Box; no longer works, good decals, no yellowing but does have some greyish marks here and there, a little surface scuffing, has woodstock and snoopy figures inside. 2.50   384  
Photo Peanuts Snoopy (well…probably not licensed!) Decorative simulated Crystal Pets family set. Has box, which is so HTF!, it is rather worn and has some tape on it, small tear on one of the (not showing) flaps. Figures in good shape, the factory paint is messy however.  5.00   36  
Photo Peanuts Woodstock 6" plush bean bag by Dakin, still has original swing tag! Manufactured for Butterfly originals. I don't see a definitive date but my guess is early 80's. 6.50   153  
Photo Pee-Wee Grand Toys Zoomees Yoyo, NRFP, Canadian card, has some price tag residue, cello a bit creased/scuffed. 5.00   66  
Photo Pee-Wee's playhouse lunch box (Canadian version, HTF!). Good shape, there is a crack radiating from the handle, decal has yellowed/gone clear a little, edges are peeled up a bit, a little scuffing/greyness here and there.  15.00   347  
Photo Pee-Wee's playhouse lunch box (US version), vinyl. Has many white stress marks here and there on plastic, has name tag sticker on the back, quite a bit of scuffing/greyness on edges, the decal has some wrinkling/curling, mostly in the bottom inch. There's a small crack by the handle.  8.00   271  
Photo Pillsbury Doughboy 10" Plush toy, flocked head, stuffed body and hat, Fun 4 All 1996, has a couple purple spots on head, otherwise good shape. 2.50   109  
Photo Pillsbury Doughboy 8" Beanie, has a couple tiny yellow dots on hat, otherwise good shape. 1.75   127  
Photo Pillsbury Doughboy Christmas Ornament, in box, never used. Still giggles when you press his tummy.  5.00   114  
Photo Pillsbury Doughboy lot of cooking supplies; loose cookie cutter and spoon (have yellowed a bit), MIP 4 cookie cutters and flexible icing spatula (never used).  5.00   138  
Photo Pillsbury Doughboy plush 6" Christmas Beanie, stocking. Good shape. 2.00   46  
Photo Popeye set of three frame tray puzzles, all are complete, look a little dirty on the surfaces, one has a small grease spot on the back, one puzzle has a split on the bottom. Made by Jaymarr, likely from the late 60's or early 70's.  4.00   474  
Photo Raccoons Magician puzzle, missing one piece, a few of the pieces have creases in them, the box isn’t too bad, inner box has a tear inside, some light wear on corners/edges 2.00   203  
Photo Raccoons Skiing puzzle, missing one piece, a few of the pieces have creases in them, the box isn’t too bad, inner box has a split, some light wear on corners/edges. 2.00   203  
Photo Scottie's Little Softie (Canadian toilet paper brand) plush toy, approx. 12" tall. 1981. Very nice shape, esp. considering it's age! 5.00   167  
Photo Smokey the Bear lot of 3 items. Plush 12" bear (by 3 bears inc, no date but looks to be from the 80's, hat's brim is pushed down a bit and a little pilled), pin (good shape, looks 80's era but I don't know) & neckerchief?/white square of fabric, one corner has several little spots, a few other little dots.  5.00   289  
Photo The Swan Princess Puffin plush by Tyco. 1994. Box is worn a bit on edges, figure has never been removed. Good shape.  5.00   231  
Photo Tom & Jerry plush hand puppet (Jerry); has some paint wear on face. Dated 1989 Turner. Has a few pin marks on back of ears.  2.00   118  
Photo Warner Brothers lot of 10 small figrues: Bugs Bunny flocked ornament, looks like it's missing something, decals have a bit of wear, some rub on flocking. Daffy Duck Arby's figure, 2 Marvin the Martian figures, Daffy hard plastic, Tiny Toons Taz, 3 Baby looney Tunes charms, one Tweety charm. Generally good shape, the odd mark/rub or two.   4.00   140  
Photo Warner Brothers Yosemite Sam Dakin figure. Mustache is missing, has some paint wear on hair. Missing snap on pants, missing a few pieces of his outfit. Has some greenish marks around neck joint. 1.50   66  
Photo Where's Waldo skiing figure and dog, have a little paint wear, tiny dot or two.  2.00   49  
Photo Winnie The Pooh Tigger, classic Pooh by Gund, approx 12", good shape, a little dusty.  3.00   215  
Photo Winnie The Pooh Tigger, classic Pooh by Gund, approx 6" tall, still has swing tag, great shape.  4.00   109  
Photo Zeddy Zellers mascot teddy bear PVC, a little paint wear on nose. 0.75   40