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Photo Beeple by Carousel: works, in that it will make a constant beeping sounnd when you put in the battery and leave the sensors uncovered. Laundry tag a bit yellowed. Good shape.  10.00   280  
Photo Bitsy Bears Barbela Bear, NRFP, tiny bit of wear on one corner, bubble dented in a bit, has vintage price tag. Good shape. Canadian card. 15.00   91  
Photo Bitsy Bears Summer cool Bear, on card, the bubble looks like it had peeled off and has been taped back, I believe it's still complete, card is fairly worn otherwise. Canadian card. 12.00   97  
Photo Bitsy Bears, lot of 2. good shape, the hair glue is dried/coming up a bit. They work, a bit greyish. Clothed.  5.00   78  
Photo Chubbles: does not seem to work. Is quite greyish/dusty. Has laundry tag attached.  5.00   292  
Photo Color Clicks Jewelery Add-Ons, Mattel 1986. MIP, package has some edge wear, spot where price tag was removed. 1.50   26  
Photo Color Clicks Jewelery Deluxe Set, Mattel 1986. MIP, but the package has some bends/creasing, spot on corner where price tag was probably torn off.  2.00   105  
Photo Dream Pets Lady Jane. Great shape, still has tags attached, the booklet one has several creases. Has antenna but they are flat on the back of her head. 3.00   116  
Photo Dream Pets Wanna-Be, vintage red velvet Christmas deer. Has a Canadian stuffed materials tag, (Japanese made doll). A little dusty, seam coming apart slightly in back, detail on eyelid has come loose but is still there. 2.00   84  
Photo Glo Friends Glo-bug #1; hat paint is really worn and cracked, pink spot on arm, some paint wear on wings, eyes a bit faded.  3.00   31  
Photo Glo Friends Glo-bug #2; has some paint wear on wing edges, has a few small colour dots on hat paint. 5.00   29  
Photo Glo Friends Glo-bug #3; small rub on nose and hat. Couple tiny blue spots. 7.00   27  
Photo Glo Friends Lite Brite refills, 5 Glo Friends sheets, 7 blanks (not complete). Envelope has a small tear, some creases, overall not too bad. 2.50   145  
Photo Glo Friends Snail; eye has a small rub, has some colour spots on the painted parts. Tiny pink dot on skin. 7.50   37  
Photo Glo Friends Spider #1: has an ink mark on underside, has some colour spots on the painted parts, one eye is slightly rubbed. 7.50   27  
Photo Glo Friends Spider #2: has a couple little colour spots, a few brown dots on underside.  8.00   30  
Photo Gloworm Butterfly; Tiny paint rub on nose, chest has a few faint marks, a little greyish/dusty, sewing on wing has come loose a little bit. The glo stick has a tiny bit of oxidation on one lead. It was working at a time but now it seems to be unreliable.  4.00   211  
Photo Gloworm original; Has a bit of corrosion in battery chamber so it doesn’t work as is. Has a couple faint stains on cheeks, one eye has some paint wear, corner of mouth has a couple pin marks (possibly chew marks but I don’t know how that could have happened...?)  Laundry tag has been removed.  3.50   211  
Photo Gloworm, original. Does not work. Has laundry tag attached but it's a bit worn. Body a bit linty. Tiny dot on cheek. Clean. Good shape.  5.00   209  
Photo Hub-Bubs Lot #1 Home Sweet Home house, has a grey & white smudge mark above one window,crank is missing, label is turning clear a bit. Two storey-building, has crank, has yellowed a bit, labels are missing. Raccoon figure, still in original bubble, rest of package is missing. Beaver, still attached to plastic base, two cats (all great shape), Bear  (Missing broom, tiny rub or two), Rabbit  (has yellowed maybe (?), has a bit of paint wear.) 20.00   539  
Photo Hub-Bubs Lot #2 School house, has crank, labels are turning clear a bit. Diner, missing crank, labels are turning clear a bit. Car, labels turning clear, has a few faint marks on floor and underside. Figures - Bear with broom, Rabbit and Owl in great shape. Policeman Bear is missing one arm, has some paint wear. Dog has bite mark on muzzle, paint wear/discoloured a bit, the hat is chewed a LOT.  15.00   664  
Photo Keypers Fancy: has two dark spots on one side, some faded blue near base, one side of shell has yellowed a bit, tiny rub on nose, face a little greyish, good hair, comes with collar, hat and finder.  5.50   194  
Photo Keypers Keyboard Penguin, has bow tie. Front has yellowed quite a lot, some light paint wear here and there. 3.00 Newly Listed 224  
Photo Keypers plush Fancy; good shape, good eyes. 8.00   321  
Photo Keypers plush Shelldon: has a greyish/dusty tinge, hat's spots have faded a little.  8.00   349  
Photo Keypers Shelldon: Good shape, a few small scratches/dots on shell, body a tiny bit yellowed from sun. Has neck ruffle.  5.00 Newly Listed 225  
Photo Knickerbocker plush Ginger Bread Girl doll, looks like she's from the 1960's, still has laundry tag, Missing a ribbon from hair. Hair is a little used looking. Clean, pretty nice shape considering age. 5.00   225  
Photo Louis Marx Farm set animals (from 60's-70's), have some wear on edges.  2.00   57  
Photo Maple Town Dr. Dog figure, has shirt only, it has discoloured somewhat, a little rub on the flocking tips here and there. 2.50   30  
Photo Maple Town rabbit figure, a bit dusty, has some faint pink marks, a little wear on flocking edges. 2.25   19  
Photo Monchhichi imposter, Russ Luv-Pet. "Munchkin" it reads on laundtry tag. Comes with original swing tag (!), it has a crease in it. No date but surely from the early/mid 80's at the latest. Nose has some paint wear, figure is a little greyish/dusty but clearly not played with much. 5.00   139  
Photo Monchhichi PVC cymbals; original paint a little messy otherwise good shape. 2.50   20  
Photo Monchhichi PVC drummer: has a few bite?/dent marks, small amount of paint wear. 2.00   24  
Photo Monchhichi PVC skiing, tiny bit of paint wear, otherwise good.  2.25   22  
Photo Monchhichi PVC Tennis player (blue): Tiny bit grey, some light paint wear. (have 2 in same shape) 2.25   18  
Photo Monchhichi white boot (Hong Kong) 0.50   4  
Photo Schleich figure, 2003 soldier, approximately 4" tall, good shape. 1.00   32  
Photo Schleich horse, 2003. Black, has a couple small spots and rubs on body, otherwise good shape. 1.00   132  
Photo Schleich horse, has a rub on blanket on flank, has some little marks here and there on body, dated 2003. 1.00   145  
Photo Schleich King figure, 2003 approximately 4" tall, with staff, very good shape. 1.00   63  
Photo Nerfuls Puzzle, 60 pcs, Parker Bros. Complete. Inner box is split on 3 corners, some wear on edges of box, pieces have a little bending/usual wear. Has vintage price tag on front of box. 3.00   226  
Photo Set of 3 metal New Year's eve noise makers. All work. Made in Japan, except the clown rattle is made in Taiwan. Some light scuffing/scratches. Probably from the 80's, possibly earlier.  8.00   81  
Photo Snugglebumms Mama Brightly. Does not work (it may just be she needs a new bulb). Looks really good though, nice paint. Hair is a little dusty tinged. 5.00   267  
Photo Spellbinders stoneware mug, 1985 American Greetings. Great shape, doesn't look like it was used much.  2.00   310  
Photo Sylvanian families (Calico Critters) dress, good shape. 0.75   1  
Photo Sylvanian Families fakies, quite cheap set of 4 bears. Not in great shape, rather dusty and rubbed, no clothing . 2.00   147  
Photo Sylvanian Families knock offs, Forest Families Brown Bears; Mom, Dad and 2 kids, clothing that may or may not be original. A little dusty/playwear, pretty good shape though.  8.00   81  
Photo Sylvanian Families knock offs, Forest Families furniture. Bed (bent in half, it's made of cheap cardboard) and blanket, 4 chairs & table. One of the cups/saucers is broken off, another cup is broken off and there's a glue mark.  8.00   109  
Photo Sylvanian Families Mom from Timbertop family. Has dress. Pink stain on face, yellow stain on back of head.'  1.00   29  
Photo Sylvanian Families Star Performer Brown bear, missing plate from back, has a little flocking rub, works, has a little greenish residue on a battery lead. 2.00   177