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Photo Bubbly Bath: Comes with Polly and orange towel. A little rub on Polly's face and dress, otherwise good.  10.00   83  
Photo Dog House #1: Basketball hoop is broken off, paper flag is still intact. Comes with Polly, missing arm, some paint rubs and dog with hat, missing arms. 3.25   80  
Photo Drive In Burger Restaurant Polly and car; Good shape.  5.00   5  
Photo Jewelled Palace; Has chain, treasure chest and Polly, her face is rubbed off. 4.50   38  
Photo Jewelled Sea compact: Complete, missing chain. Polly is a tad loose, face a little faded. 6.00   36  
Photo Polly on the Go Daisy and two bikes, missing one arm.  3.00   3  
Photo Pretty Present Ring figure, good shape.  2.50   1  
Photo Princess Polly's Ice Kingdom locket. Has chain, treasure chest and Polly figure (face has faded a bit.).  7.00   39  
  Photo Skating Party two figures; Polly's waist is a bit loose, face a little faded. 5.00   2  
Photo Stampin' School X3, good shape.  6.00      
Photo Starlight Castle #1 with Horse and Polly figures: A little wear/rub on outside of case. Polly is missing one arm. Works.  8.00   163  
Photo Summer House Jessica figure, good shape.  2.50   1