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Photo Dog House: Basketball hoop is broken off, paper flag is still intact. Comes with Polly, missing arm, some paint rubs and dog with hat, missing arms. 3.25   80  
Photo Polly on the Go Daisy and two bikes, missing one arm.  3.00   3  
Photo Summer House Jessica figure, good shape.  2.50   1  
  Photo Wedding Chapel; works but will require batteries. Empty. A little paint wear.  4.00 Newly Listed 155  
Photo Current Polly Pocket pet lot: figure #111 lamb (has some paint wear. #122, #17, and #75 (nose has a large paint rub) 1.00   35  
Photo G2 Dream Builders Deluxe Mansion #1 (for parts, most is not great shape) Has all four houses, Kitchen (at least four little parts have been broken off, roof decal has a couple small tears). Foyer (part of hinge has broken off, end table has been broken off) Bathroom (looks good) Bedroom (almost all items on desks have been broken off). Some of the broken/missing items are included (would need to be glued back, not sure if they are all fixable). Also has boy (good) & Dad figure; his base has severe bite marks.  8.00   589  
Photo G2 Dream Builders Deluxe Mansion #2: has all four house parts in good shape. All four figures included, they are in good shape. Pool has several little marks on the pool "water"; both blue rooves have vanes broken off, one is included and may be fixable. Also included are two trees & a chair. 18.00   710  
  Photo G2 Dream Builders Deluxe Mansion Art Studio. No figures. Has studio and two skylight parts.  5.00   162  
Photo G2 lot #1; 1999 Vault - Gym; two figures, two medals, two bouquets. Action Park Canoe table chair set.2 Blossom Boutique figures, waist a little loose, wings a bit curled otherwise good. - the other is missing her wings.Dream Builders Deluxe Mansion- Polly figure and purple chair good shape. Two “floor” things - I don’t know for sure if they are Polly or not, right scale, one is marked 1994 LGTI. 3.00   46  
Photo G2 Lot #2: #27, has some rust stains on base. Mobile Phone - Hot Stuff figures, one has messy factory paint on face,  Sports Shop #87, #88 and sidewalk, Video Party figure #86, 2001 Egg Painting basket & 3 other figures that I can't ID (may not be Polly Pocket but are similar scale).  3.00   21  
  Photo Beauty and the Beast playcase. Inside looks good, cover is missing a lot of paint. Comes with both figures, they are in good shape. 20.00 Newly Listed 106 Two Day Hold
Photo Bubbly Bath: Comes with Polly and orange towel. A little rub on Polly's face and dress, otherwise good.  10.00   83 Two Day Hold
  Photo Crown Palace; Empty, roof has yellowed a bit. Rare. 12.00 Newly Listed 102 Two Day Hold
Photo Drive In Burger Restaurant Polly and car; Good shape.  5.00   5 Two Day Hold
Photo Pretty Present Ring figure, good shape.  2.50   1 Two Day Hold
Photo Rose Hideaway: Fabric parts on figure and base are a little worn, Polly is a bit loose in the knees, has some paint wear. Has Polly and bee figure.  12.00 Newly Listed 75 Two Day Hold
Photo Stampin' School X3, good shape.  6.00     Two Day Hold