Home Photo Email Me:  pranceatron@pranceatron.com   August 3, 2016 weight & postal rate estimates  
Photo Hallmark cards Lot of 20 1" figures, several doubles, from around 1991-2. Some have some spots/rubs.  3.00   137  
Photo Liddle Kiddle (Tyco) Lot: case/purse (comes with 10 accessories. Front of purse has quite a lot of sticker residue on the front, a few little marks here and there.), 3 lockets (one has chew marks on it.), & 1 hairpick.  3.00   211  
Photo Magic Diaper Babies (NRFC) 3 on card, French/English (Canadian) version, top corner is slightly warped, bottom corners have a bit of wear, bright graphics, good bubble. 9.00   120  
Photo Magic Diaper Babies Lot of 4: Baby with mirror (diaper is yellowed slightly, otherwise good shape), banging pot (good shape), yawning (a couple tiny marks, otherwise good shape), Balancing on hands (good shape).  8.00   100  
Photo Magic Diaper Baby Pets Lot: beige dog (tiny bit of wear otherwise good shape) cat with string (has a few small spots/rubs, not bad otherwise), Dog with blanket (has some paint rubs here and there) brown dog (a couple tiny dots/rubs) & basset hound (has some hot glue type stuff around tail, have a few small rubs/dots) 10.00   120  
Photo Peek-A-Boo Petites (or Fairytopia?) lot of 4 dolls and two cases. Pink loose one is missing the "ring" part (not broken off or anything), everything in good shape.  5.00   100  
Photo Peek-A-Boo Petites (or Fairytopia?) ring doll in case, the "ring" part is broken though, doll and case in good shape. 1.50   53  
Photo Peek-A-Boo Petites London doll, good shape, had has left a bit of a melt mark on inside of globe case. 2.00   48  
Photo Peek-A-Boo Petites Lot of 2: Auburn haired girl in flower case (has comb and brush, some scuffing on plastic otherwise good) and #6 Kettle, has doll, case, ring and stand. Good shape. 4.00   92  
Photo Peek-A-Boo Petites Lot of 2: Both with accessories and locket, hair is a little askew, otherwise good shape. Bridal figure has a few small scuffs on locket. 4.00   85  
Photo Peek-A-Boo Petites Lot: 15 items that came with the carry case (good shape), pink rubber sleeping bag with ribbon and charms. (Some fading on silver hearts otherwise fine.), blonde/pink ballerina (comes with stand holder part only. Good shape.) and kettle shaped necklace (clear parts have several scuffs, has a pen mark on ribbon) 3.00   144  
Photo Sky Dancers Dream Dancers fashion MIP: Dream Away Box has some slight wear, never opened.  4.00   44  
Photo Sky Dancers Dream Dancers fashion MIP: First Date has some slight wear, some two-sided tape strips on the back. never opened.  4.00   45  
Photo Sky Dancers Dream Dancers fashion MIP: Flutter. Box has a little price tag residue, never opened.  4.00   46  
Photo Sky Dancers Dream Dancers fashion MIP: Fly Away. Box has some slight wear, never opened.  4.00   43