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Photo Charmkins Blossom. Complete. A little paint wear, a couple tiny dots. 8.00   9  
Photo Charmkins Brown-Eyed Susan with hook. Hook part is spotty, Susan has lots of paint wear.  4.00   6  
Photo Charmkins Busy Lizzie Beaver: Figure is good, hook has some spots, a little scuffing on back. 12.00   7  
Photo Charmkins Carrying case fence. White. A bit yellowed. 0.50   3  
Photo Charmkins Honey Bunch and Sunny Bunch. One has a little wear on face, otherwise good shape.  9.00   8  
Photo Charmkins Honey or Sunny Bunch figure, missing loop from top of head, a little paint wear.  2.00   4  
Photo Charmkins Jewellery House Blossom and Lil Tulip. Blossom is missing most of her face paint.  8.00   7  
Photo Charmkins Jewellery house cradle, a little wear on one decal. 0.50   2  
Photo Charmkins Jewellery House small cover for back of house, has all pegs, good shape. 0.75   9  
Photo Charmkins Li'l Tulip with ring. Figure has some bite marks on loop. A little paint wear, small dot on foot. 5.00   4  
Photo Charmkins Mollyberry: Looks slightly discoloured, missing a bit of paint on face 2.00   4  
Photo Charmkins Morning Glory figure, a little paint wear, otherwise good shape. 7.00   5  
Photo Charmkins Pop-Corn hook, good shape. 2.00   1  
Photo Charmkins Pop-corn: Great shape, has hanger, the metal part is missing some paint.  9.00   9  
Photo Charmkins Willie Winkle, Complete, A little paint wear.  10.00   5  
Photo Dolly Pops Poptown: Back of trays have several marks (most likely from the paint on the outfits scraping against them), most tabs on side of Boutique have snapped off. Background on Toy store has some water wrinkling, the other two have a little bit of wrinkling too. Blonde has nice hair but missing ribbons, a bit of paint rub. Redhead's hair a little frizzy, ribbons raggedy at edges, some paint wear. Brunette has very funny hair, tatty ribbons and some paint wear (mouth mostly). Has all clothing parts, some have some minor paint wear on edges. 12.00   694  
Photo Lakeside toys Fireboat: I believe is complete. Boat; has some scuffing on the underside. Parts are still quite white (they have a tendency to yellow). I gave it a wash but there still a bit of dust in the crevasses. Looks like it still has all of the decals, but they do have some signs of wear. Comes with crane/basket, ladder, dinghy, water cannon & 2 fireman figures, all in good shape. Also including a small figure and life preserver from the Harbor Village playset, figure has some yellowing and a lot of paint wear.  30.00   250  
Photo Liddle Kiddle (Vintage) Babe Biddle, nude, has some greenish spots here and there, particularly one on her back, small rub on lip and blush, some little bite marks on hands/foot. 3.00   19  
Photo Liddle Kiddle (vintage) Greta Griddle: Body is full of green/blue marks from the inner wires, no bite marks. Bottom of chin has greened a bit, great hair, great make up, wearing original outfit, the elastic is gone, a little faded/dusty. 4.00   21  
Photo Liddle Kiddle (vintage) Calamity Jiddle; has extreme greening on body and chin, limbs do not pose. Paint looks good, I don't think the hair is trimmed, wearing a bodysuit that has cracked a bit on the vinyl, comes with a fakey horse (same mold, not marked Kiddles), with lots of paint wear.  4.00 Newly Listed 25  
Photo Liddle Kiddle (Vintage) Liddle Red Riding Hiddle (I think), nude. Good hair, I have put in new elastics, her socks have some wear, her skin is overall slightly yellowed, no splits or green or fading. Nice shape. 6.00   21  
Photo Liddle Kiddle (Vintage) Peanuts Lucy Skediddler #1; nude except for undies. Works, tiny paint rub on shoe, legs are a little greyish, she is in pretty good shape. 4.00   46  
Photo Liddle Kiddle (Vintage) Peanuts Lucy Skediddler #3; Nude, mouth has faded a bit, couple dots on hair, bottoms of feet a little pink.  2.50   44  
Photo Lil Babies lot of 5 and 1 fakey (the one with the blue diaper): standing figure with scarf has some ink dots on toes, the one on his back holding his toe has an ink spot on butt. others are in good shape.  4.00   71  
Photo Peter Pan type doll, looks early 80's-ish, about 2" tall, good shape. 0.50   11  
Photo Quints #1 Brunette girl, a little paint wear on number on rear, good hair, original style. 1.00   15  
Photo Quints #4 Brunette boy, good shape. 1.00   12  
Photo Quints Bed Time For 5: Bed, blanket, pillows, everything is in good shape.  4.00   128  
Photo Quints Blonde set of 5 #1, good shape, have bows in hair, a tiny bit of fading on diaper numbers. Comes with blanket (has a small spot on back, probably removable), and bottle.  7.00   83  
Photo Quints Blonde set of 5 #2, one has a ribbon, all have some greyishness, and paint wear on diaper. #1's leg is chewed off, chew on hand as well :( Comes with a bottle but it's broken.  4.00   76  
Photo Quints Blonde set of 5 #3, good shape, have bows in hair, a tiny bit of fading on diaper numbers, a couple small spots on face (really not a big deal) Comes with blanket (could use a clean), and bottle - it is broken into two parts. 6.00   87  
Photo Quints Brunette set of 5; good shape; pink one's missing a ribbon (retied it with a turquise one), a little paint wear on diapers. Comes with bottle (slightly yellowed?) & pamphlet (English/French Canadian version).  5.50   87  
Photo Quints Party Time Outfits for 5; Has 3 dresses, 2 pants/jacket sets (all are a little worn looking), 5 of the 10 shoes, birthday cake (candles are missing one tab to keep it set in cake and two bibs. 7.00   22  
Photo Quints Special for 5 Family House: Overall not bad, missing a few plastic tabs on the base that hold the floor parts in place (they seem to hold in place OK anyway), two ceiling beama have cracks but hold. Comes with sink, swingset (the swing is missing some plastic tabs, it doesn't hold in place very well, stove, pot, toilet, flower bed, 4 of 5 watering cans and one white beam, I have no idea what it's for, it may not belong to this set, it has some bite marks on ends. Can be disassembled to save on shipping if requested. 20.00   1640  
Photo Quints Special for 5 playground: 30 pc parts lot. Much of this won't do you any good if you don't have the main parts of this set already! 2 pieces I'm not 100% sure belong to this set. Tiny bit of decal wear. The teeter totter has a broken/bent (could be reglued) bar on it.  8.00   180  
Photo Quints Wading Pool for 5: near complete, has pool, towel (torn into 5 parts though), float and 4 boats 5.00   129  
Photo The Littles: Dresser and lantern. Missing a drawer, there are some chips on the paint of the dresser. 1.75   96  
Photo The Littles: nude, small grey mark by eye, hair has been cut a bit. 0.50   7  
Photo The Littles: White bathtub and pink pipes, has a few small paint chips. 1.25   57  
Photo Tubtown figure (?), has some paint wear, nose a bit dinged up. 1.25   14