Mailing List

What is it?
If you are on the Pranceatron Mailing List, you will be notified via e-mail when new listings have been posted on my website.   I may not necessarily have exactly what you are looking for, though I try to wait until each section has a few new things before updating, just so I'm not wasting everyone's time.   Typically, I send out about 4-5 emails a year.  It is not email intensive.
Why do you do it?
The main reason I began this feature was because I can't keep track of hundreds of want lists. This way, if you are on the list, you get to see all the new stuff within minutes of me posting it.   It's still basically first come, first serve after that.
But I don't want spam-
The list is completely run by me, through only my mailbox.  I don't subscribe to mailing list services (they can send spam), I don't send messages to people unless there are new toys on the page. All recipients are on a "blind carbon copy", meaning their e-mail addresses are not visible to other subscribers getting the list.  I absolutely do not send out my mailing list names to other people or use addresses for any other reason except to notify the recipient of Pranceatron Toys updates.
Other points of interest
#1  I will not sign you up if you have ordered from me in the past, and not paid me without a reasonable excuse.  In fact, I will remove your name from the mailing list if you put something on hold and do not pay for it without a reasonable excuse. 
#2 If for some strange reason you don't want to get The Pranceatron Mailing List anymore, please send me an e-mail with UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject line, and poof, you're off.  This is not a trick to check if your mailbox is working.  I will actually take you off the list.
#3  If you aren't getting the list and you are not a non-paying person, let me know and I'll look into it.  Each update I get several undeliverable e-mails bounced back to me for various reasons.
OK, Sign me up! Send me an e-mail with "SUBSCRIBE" in the subject line.  You can even write "please subscribe me" in the body but you don't have to.  It's that easy!

Alternate methods for keeping current with Pranceatron Toys

Blogspot: This is the main Blog feed for Pranceatron Toys where I will post notifications such as new item updates and my trip dates (when I will not be available to send out packages or answer emails, etc), as shown on the left column on my home page.
Facebook Like Button: gets a feed from Blogspot, as well gets some more frivolous toy related posts such as personal collection brag posts, notices about my other websites, links to notable toy sites and general toy collecting.