Home Photo Email Me:  pranceatron@pranceatron.com   August 29, 2016 weight & postal rate estimates  
Photo Kitty in My Pocket-sized PVC (marked Bully 1982) great shape! 0.50   9  
Photo MEG/Vivid Imaginations marked purple bed, has discoloured a bit, some scuffing. 0.50   21  
Photo Pony in My Pocket, tan with blue saddle, great shape. (have 2) 0.75   15  
Photo Puppy In My Pocket-type animals: pair of wrestling puppies, no markings (may not be Puppy in my Pocket). 0.50   5  
Photo Topps Baby Wild Animals Orangutan, marked Topps. Good shape. 0.50   9  
Photo Topps Precious Piggies & Pals: pig running on terrain, tiny mark/paint rub or two.  0.50   8  
Photo Topps Precious Puppies: blue cap on, good shape. 0.50   12  
Photo Takara Furryville/Playmates rabbit figure (child), tiny dot on nose, otherwise good shape. 1.75   7  
Photo Takara Furryville/Playmates rabbit figure, has a tiny bit of paint wear, tiny mark or two. 1.75   24  
Photo Takara Furryville/Playmates shoe, has a few faint stains on the shoe, otherwise fine. If it's supposed to open or something I don't know how to do it. (have 2 in same shape) 3.00   180