Pranceatron Toys
1980's Toys for sale

Larger Dolls, over 14" & Rag/Cloth/Baby Dolls
Cabbage Patch Kids (vintage 80's, clothing, poseables, minis, porcelain figures & miscellaneous branded items
Other (Baby Face, Holly Hobbie, Hot Looks, Hugga Bunch, Ideal Crissy & Family, Raggedy Ann, Rainbow Brite, & more)
Fashion Dolls 10"-13"
Vintage Barbie (pre 1973)
Current Barbie (Dolls & Clothing Lots, 1973-now)
Barbie accessories & shoes 
60's - 80's era Fashion dolls  (Cher, Jem, Maxie, New Kids on the Block, Penny Brite, Tammy, Starr & others)
90's - current Fashion dolls (Spice Girls, Winx, Monster High, Lalaloopsy, Liv, Flavas & more)

Girlz Dolls (some clothed, some nude)
Girlz Shoes
Girlz Clothing
& accessories (single pieces & lots)
Other (Boyz, Kidz, Babyz, Lil' Bratz & Misc)
Small Dolls 4"-9"
Pre-1980 (Dawn, Flatsy, Miss Matchbox, Vogue/Ginny & more)
1980's (Cherry Merry Muffin, Cupcakes, Golden Girl, She-Ra, Tea Pot Tots, Lady Lovely Locks, Sweet Secrets & more)
1990's & up (Madame Alexander McDonald's figures, Madeline, My Magic Genies, Princess Gwenevere, Sky Dancers & more)
Strawberry Shortcake (Dolls & miscellaneous, vintage (1980-1992)
Strawberry Shortcake (Dolls & miscellaneous, 00's era)
Mini Dolls; up to 3"
1980's & earlier (Charmkins, Dolly Pops, Krystal Princess, Quints, The Littles, Oodles, Vintage Liddle Kiddles, Wee Wild Things, Wish World Kids.)
1990's & Up (Fairy Winkles, Magic Diaper Babies, Mimi & The Goo Goos, Peek-A-Boo Petites, Tyco Kiddles)
Polly Pocket: G1/original dolls is the focus, but there are a few G2 and up items for sale too.  

Anime (Sailor Moon, Hamtaro, Cardcaptors, Sanrio & more)
Care Bears (Vintage & current plush, poseables, minis and miscellaneous)
Littlest Pet Shop & similar
In My Pocket & other small animal figures
My Little Pony & similar
Vintage Ponies (Adults)
Vintage Ponies (Babies & Bargain Bin)

Vintage accessories & other items (Plush, licensed items etc.)

MLP fakies and other similar lines (Fashion Star Fillies, etc)

Little People
Other items (Briarberry Bears, Smooshees, Precious Places, Adventure People & More)
Character & Advertising Items
TV, Movie, Comic strip characters, Children's Book characters, Advertising mascots (see also Various action figures).
Disney (a few Disney items are in the Polly Pocket G1 section.)
Muppets (some Muppets items are in the Fisher-Price Little People section)


Smurf PVC Figurines
Other Smurf/Schleich items (Snorks, Astrosniks, Schleich figures & other Smurf items)
Plush 1990's - now (Beanie Babies, Briarberry Bears, Build-A-Bear Workshop, Kitty Kitty Kittens, Pet Surprise & more)
Plush 1980's (Furskins, Get Along Gang, Hooks, Popples, Pound Puppies, Shirt Tales, Wrinkles & more)
Miscellaneous Miscellaneous (Clown-Arounds, Gloworm & Glo Friends, Monchhichi, Nerfuls, Snugglebumms, Sylvanian Familes & more)

Action figures

Under 4"
Various 80's-90's (Battle Beasts, Bionic Six, Captain Power, Dino-Riders, Food Fighters, M.A.S.K., Mirconauts, Sky Commanders, Comics, TV & Movie-related & more)
5" & up
Various 80's (Boglins, Bravestarr, Masters of the Universe, Real Ghostbusters, Super Naturals, Ninja Warriors, Sectaurs, Thundercats, Visionaries, WWF LJN wrestling figures and more)
Various 90's & up (Power Rangers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Terminator, later WWF & more)
Star Wars (1977-current)
G2: G2 & newer Transformers, G1 accessories