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Photo Briarberry Bears Hannahberry Rabbit: Small paint rub on nose, flocking is a tad greyish. Still has original swing tag, though itís rather worn/creased. With outfit. Good shape. 4.50   139  
Photo Briarberry Bears Kitchen stove: with pot. Good shape. 4.50   362  
Photo Briarberry Bears; Berrybeth: wearing outfit, cheeks have some flocking missing, flocking is a little grey on the whole 2.75   159  
Photo Fisher-Price movie cartridge, Donald Duck's Toy Train, works, film is a little faded, missing most of label, has an old price tag on it, has a small chip on the top, a few small marks. 2.50   96  
Photo Fisher-Price movie cartridge, Lonesome Ghosts #1; really nice decal, film itself is rather red looking. 5.00   96  
Photo Fisher-Price movie cartridge, Lonesome Ghosts #2; has two holes pushed in plastic (push through onto other side too), decal has some wear on the edges, a couple pen marks, a couple dents on the sides. Works, film is reddish toned. 3.00   96  
Photo Fisher-Price Plush Chime Bear #719: Good shape, cute. 3.00   272  
Photo Fisher-Price Precious Places Baby Kristen's cottage parts. No figure or base/roof of house but many accessories, approx. 20 pcs. The green/blue parts have yellowed a little.†† 4.00   332  
Photo Policeman figure, sealed in package, but appears to have a little paint wear anyway, dated 1989 0.50   22  
Photo Smooshees Beth and her bike: Doll in good shape, tag has faded a lot. Bike has yellowed a bit, has some paint wear. 2.50   54  
Photo Smooshees Country Cuddlers carriage. Great shape. 0.50   22  
Photo Smooshees greenhouse/door part for the larger house. Good shape. 0.50 14  
Photo Smooshees Heidiís log: a little paint wear, a few paint marks. 1.25   16  
Photo Smooshees Neptune dog: slightly greyish, has a couple tiny spots on cheek, otherwise great shape. 1.00   9  
Photo Smooshees Perchyís birdcage, good shape 1.25   19  
Photo Smooshees Scooter Pup with clip, great shape. 3.75   14  
Photo Smooshees Smuggler clip on (Dottie Kittenís); white with pink. Good shape. 1.00   7