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Photo Effanbee Wizard of Oz Glinda the good Witch doll; Wearing her dress, tights, crinoline, headband, hairbow and shoes. Her hair looks like it was never combed through. Has a red spot in the corner of one eye. She has a very faintly smoky odour - I don't notice it much personally, but it's there; she is slightly yellowed and dusty, she would benefit from a wash, I will leave that to someone more skilled at it than I.  7.00   141  
Photo Madame Alexander McDonald's 2003 Leopard Costume, MIP.  1.50   46  
Photo Madame Alexander McDonald's 2005 Kick It boy, MIP, bag has some wear, never opened. 1.50   40  
Photo Madame Alexander McDonald's 2005 set, 5 out of 10. Setting Sail, Kick it (has wrist tag), Team Mates Boy & Hop Skip Jump, Jumping Rope (has a few stains on dress). Most need hair tidied, each a little yellowish or has a tiny mark/rub. 3.00   205  
Photo Madame Alexander Storyland collection Heidi 8" plastic doll. Still has tag attached to wrist, the card is mildewy and wrinkled however, has original price tag on the back. ($49.95!). Doll does not look like the clothes were ever removed; the whole thing is rather dusty for that though. Elastics are worn out/stretched, hat is a bit warped. Still has ribbons in hair. Does not have shoes.  7.00   109  
Photo Madeline & Friends: Madeline doll; good hair, has a faint greyish mark on chin, wearing underwear, dress, coat and socks. 5.00   86  
Photo Madeline & Friends: Miss Clavel; has her habit and hat part, shoes. Good shape, has a few loose strands from her bun, outfit is a little linty. 7.50   191  
Photo Madeline & Friends; fashion parts, good shape. 1.50   13  
Photo Madeline & Friends; Playtime outfit, NRFC - but card does have some tears, a price tag on back, crushed a bit. Contents have never been used. 3.00   106  
Photo Madeline Nicole doll #1,  nude, good shape.  2.50   79  
Photo Madeline Nicole doll #2, good shape, with blouse, jumper and shoes.  6.00   85  
Photo Mini Blythe (From Littlest Pet Shop) B04: Doll good, tip of nose looks slightly greenish, great hair, outfit never removed. Comes with pink flocked riding helmet which is a little dusty otherwise good shape, no shoes. 3.00   42  
Photo Mini Blythe (From Littlest Pet Shop) B15 with bike. Doll in good shape, comes with her dress only. Bike has some signs of light wear, overall pretty good shape, has one seat belt.  4.50   118  
Photo Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders Jewel Power Tamara NRFB. Has some edgewear on card, price tag on upper right corner, slight creasing here and there. US issue. 20.00   102  
Photo Sky Dancers (2004 issue), has a few bite marks on tips of wings, good shape otherwise.  1.00   30