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Photo 1988 LGTI /Galoob doll, approx 5" tall, has pull string that makes her "talk" (or should, this one has a garbled voice). Wearing what I guess is her original outfit, missing a pom pom and a ribbon for sure, it's a bit dusty but no major problems. 3.00   116  
Photo Annie PVC figures, Daddy Warbucks and Molly, MOC. Molly's card is good/unpunched, both have some price tags on them (vintage), Daddy warbucks' card has some creasing. The Molly figure has some strange crystalized texture. By Knickerbocker, from 1982. Canadian packaging. 10.00   30  
Photo Blinkins Carrie; hairbow has a lot of paint wear, some general paint wear here and there elsewhere. 2.50   39  
Photo Chips Ahoy doll, 1984 by Talbot Toys. Tape is split but it doesn't look like it was ever played with. Box has some wear. Original price tag is on top flap. 3.00   105  
Photo Cupcakes Honey Drop (I think please view photo) #2: Good shape, nice hair. (have 2 in similar shape) 2.50   80  
Photo Lady Lovely Locks Hide N' Peeks Pearlypeek: great shape, nice hair though it's missing two plugs in the back. Small scratch on hand (looks like a factory error) 6.00   46  
Photo Lady Lovely Locks Hide N' Peeks Sunnypeek; Hair has been combed out, possibly trimmed. Seems a tad greyish. 5.00   38  
Photo Love-A-Bye baby comb 0.25   1  
Photo Sea Wees Sandy #1: Good face and hair, body vinyl has good colour but the paint has peeled off/rubbed in large areas, paint has faded somewhat. 6.00   36  
Photo Sea Wees Sandy #2: Good face and hair, body has faded a little bit, paint on fin is mostly there, there are some little rubs on sides of fin. 7.00   36  
Photo Sea Wees Sandy #3: Good face and hair, extremely tiny rubs here and there on tail fin. 9.00   33  
Photo Sea Wees Sandy #4: Good face and hair, paint is really good but has turned whitish in areas, some hair holes have mildew stains. 6.00   36  
Photo Sea Wees Sandy #5: Good paint, missing several hair plugs behind her ear and into the back of her head, what is there is good. Body has faded a lot, tiny dot on forearm, some paint wear on fin, possible tiny nibble marks on fin tips. 5.00   35  
Photo Sea Wees Sunny & Baby Surf. Sunny has a pretty bad VDS spot in the centre of her forehead, hair has some mildew stains around the hair holes, a few plugs are missing. Tiny bit of paint wear on back of fin. Baby Surf has some mildew stains, otherwise the paint is actually pretty good, small rub on her bangs. Comb is in good shape. 25.00   46  
Photo Sweet Secrets lavender wheel from brush/car, some yellowing. 0.25   8  
Photo Tea Pot Tots lot of 4 dolls: All in good shape with various clothing pieces (some single shoes). 4.00   406  
Photo Tea Pot Tots Orange Pekoe MIB, looks like it was never removed from the box liner, but the cup and saucer are not there. Box has a few creases on the front where it was pushed in a bit, has a bit of pen writing on the front. 6.00   266  
Photo Tea pot Tots Orange Pekoe, in box, the box is missing the child-size cup & saucer. It has been opened but the doll doesnít look like it was ever played with. Box has some creasing and dents etc but isnít too bad overall. 6.00   263  
Photo Tea Pot Tots Valerian: Nude. Hair may be trimmed. Has many little VDS spots on arms. Has severel greyish spots around ears. 2.00   147