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Photo Dawn Angie #1 (K10 head), hair is cut short. Face has faded a lot, eyelashes are missing, legs are quite swingy, has some chew marks on feet, green on knees. Nude.  1.75   26  
Photo Dawn Angie #2 (P10 head); Legs are very swingy, have some green on knees and some chew marks on feet, arms and pelvis are rather greyish, arms are pink around the wrists, face has faded a bit, hair looks trimmed 2.25   28  
Photo Dawn Bouffant Bubble red purse, nice shape. 2.00   1  
Photo Dawn Chain ‘er Up skirt (orange), a little grey otherwise fine.   1.00   1  
Photo Dawn clothes fixer-upper lot; Flirty Flounce dress; trim has frayed a lot, closure is a bit frayed too, Furry flounce top, furry parts are matted, missing half of the closure, generally worn looking, green dress (needs major repair on skirt seam, missing sparkly trim. red dress, torn a bit in back, needs repair on waist clasp.  3.00   10  
Photo Dawn Cupid’s Beau dress; missing buckle   2.00   1  
Photo Dawn Cupid's Bow hat, has some black spots on it, fastener is good. 0.75   1  
Photo Dawn Dancing Gary outfit; Vest is missing a fastener, tassels have worn a lot, a couple faint dots on back. Pants missing the loop side of fastener. 2.50   5  
Photo Dawn Doll #1 (K11A head): Nude, missing many plugs of hair, what is there is nice and silky, legs/torso are rather loose/swingy. Small hole on upper thigh. Some chew marks on feet. Clean. 2.50   27  
Photo Dawn Doll #2 (P11A head): Nude, face is a bit grey, hair has thinned a bit, legs are rather loose, knees do not pose anymore and have some green (not too bad really), some pink marks on thigh and where her shoes would have gone, tips of fingers on one hand are very lightly chewed.  3.00   28  
Photo Dawn Doll #3 (K11A head): Nude, limbs swingy, lots of bite marks on feet, good hair and eyelashes, some tiny marks on legs/slight greyishness.  2.50   28  
Photo Dawn Glori (H11 head); Missing eyelashes on one eye. Legs rather swingy, green knees, no chews, a bit of greyness, tiny spot or two, overall not too bad. 3.50   26  
Photo Dawn Glori (side part, S11 head); missing eyelashes on one eye. Hair a bit thin but I think she was made that way, no empty plugs, legs slightly grey in spots, no green, one ear has a small piece missing (wasn't molded right, has a scratch on thigh. 4.00   27  
Photo Dawn Glori Dress, some frayed threads otherwise very good shape. 2.25   1  
Photo Dawn Head to Toe Dawn (K11A head) #1; joints are quite swingy, has chew marks on legs, face is a tad dusty. Some light marks on legs. 2.50   27  
Photo Dawn Head to Toe Dawn (P11A head) #2: One foot is very chew-damaged, the other has some chew marks but not as bad, some faint marks on legs, some greyness, torso and one leg are quite loose. 1.75   28  
Photo Dawn Jessica bright orange dress #1 with gold chain, good fastener, needs repair on seam, could use a clean. 1.75   1  
Photo Dawn Jessica bright orange dress #2 with silver chain, needs cleaning, good fastener.  2.00   1  
Photo Dawn Midnight Lace robe. Seems stretched out a bit, has a bunch of snags in material.  1.00   1  
Photo Dawn Patio Party Pants; Fraying a bit in the front, crotch has been repaired, could use a bit more repair. 2.50   1  
Photo Dawn Peek-A-Boo Poncho; Closures a bit oxidized, some fraying on trim, armpit has a bit of wear on one side. Pants have been repaired in the crotch. 4.50   5  
Photo Dawn Silver Sparkler; Closure needs repair, neck ribbon are shortened and frayed at ends, looks kind of dull overall. Has a multicoloured look, not sure if it is stained or meant to be that way. 1.50   1  
Photo Dawn Singin' In The Rain; Boots and jacket, some dangly threads otherwise looks OK. 3.50   9  
Photo Dawn Singin’ in the Rain coat; good shape, beige.  1.50   3  
Photo Dawn Swing n' Sway dress, some tinsel strands have been pulled loose, bow on front needs to be fixed a bit. 2.00   1  
Photo Dawn Zig Zag Dazzler; Sadly all the gold tinsel has been removed, small mends required on armpit seams.  2.00   2  
Photo Flatsy, Filly; Missing one plug of hair, hair a bit puffy, comes with most of outfit and shoes, a bit dusty, doll herself is very clean. 6.00   35  
Photo Flatsy, Rally. Has a wire broken through palm, legs feel ok (wires) but one shoulder feels broken. Missing some hair, what is there is quite fluffy, good face paint, clean except for two dots on bottoms of feet, comes with pants (small tear on waistband) and one black shoe. 1.75   29  
Photo Flatsy: Brown hair. Nude, nice shape, feet have been stained a bit pink from being in shoes for too long. 2.00   28  
Photo Miss Matchbox, brunette #1; nude, nose has faded a bit, foot has a chew mark, feet have lost most of their paint, has a few spots on body (mostly on hands) 0.75   18  
Photo Miss Matchbox, brunette #2;  has bite marks on hands and feet, some faint green marks in body, some hair looks a little thin but not too bad, comes wearing a top, not sure if it's original or not. 1.00   18  
Photo Miss Matchbox, nude. Blonde hair, face has a little fading, otherwise good shape, nice hair. 1.75   18  
Photo Rock Flowers Heather pantsuit, bodice has frayed a bit on the ends, has closure in back. 1.00   1